U. S. Coast Guard Academy Football-1952

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Extracted from the U.S. Coast Guard Bulletin, Volume 8, Number 3 - September 1952

On the brink of its 1951 football success, the Academy team faces a rugged 7-game schedule in which tough Norwich serves as the opener on September 27th. A new-comer, Colby, is the second game on the schedule followed by Wesleyan. Wesleyan has a veteran team save for one of its defensive backers-up. Amherst, abetted by the addition of its undefeated 1951 frosh squad, is the fourth game. Worcester, Trinity, and R. P. I. round out the schedule.

Supplement desire on the part of the above opponents to have revenge, with our heavy loss particularly on defense by graduation or separation otherwise from the Academy of certain of our key personnel, and one clearly notes a hard job lies ahead. From the offensive unit, we shall miss the drive and leadership of 1951 Captain, Billy Black, our fullback; and the blocking punch of Olin Lively, our biggest man at left tackle, who also did our kickoff work for us. However, it is possible to move Bill Tillo into Lively's berth and either Guy Mizell or Billy Russell into Black's spot without too much impairment in operational efficiency. Graduation took a fine interior line when Steve Murphy, Bob Carlston, Johnny Steinbacher, and George Stickle left cadet ranks; and we suffered tremendously when Don Archer, our all New-England backer-up, decided to leave the Academy to enter the University of Washington; and Bruce Laing, our stellar left end on the same unit, made up his mind to enter the priesthood.

Therefore, from a defensive viewpoint, certain junior varsity personnel or newcomers from the incoming class will have to fill these vacancies. Chuck Hahn, veteran right end, and Dwight Ramsay, handicapped by injury last year are the most likely end prospects defensively. At the moment, Darrell Babcock and Dan Olson, up from the jayvee squad, appear to have the inside track on the defensive tackle positions. To strengthen the guard positions, Roger Madson and Chuck Stadtlander have been moved from offensive berths. With Archer gone and an extra offensive end, Dick Lewis, available, and to assure us of an experienced competitor at that all-important backer-up position, Lewis will be tried there along with Curran, who played some at fullback with the jayvees. Guy Mizell and Billy Russell will share offensive and defensive duties at the fullback position with Mizell carrying the greater part of the defensive load but still to be used off and on for his prowess as a runner. Bobby Hollingsworth, the only other 4th class cadet to make the starting units last year, will again hold forth at safety. In recognition of certain of their past experience with football and for the fine defensive work done last year in basketball, Ross Day and Gene Hammerquist were called out for football and at the present writing will, along with Dick Nielsen, a converted guard, work at the defensive halfback positions. Vic Robillard at guard and Henry Suski at fullback are two others who loom as fairly good defensive potentials.

On offense, Dave Stryffeler and Mike Boggs have the edge on the end positions;

Bill Tillo and George Seamen the tackle posts; and Joe Kelly and John Moseley the guard spots. At center, Ed Daniels, also our place kicker, will again hold forth, while Billy Reilly will again direct the team activities and do most of the passing.

The same two little but driving halfbacks, Captain Nat Spadafora and Rick Cueroni, will fill those berths and Bill Russell and Guy Mizell will alternate at fullback. Dick, Lewis will be used some as an alternate end along with working at the center slot unless an especially fine 4th class candidate appears on the scene. Also, contingent on what material the 4th class offers, will be the return possibly of Roger Madson to an offensive guard position; Darrell Babcock to an offensive tackle slot; and Bill Russell to a defensive halfback where he played last year.

Coach Nitchman will again serve as Head Coach and work jointly with officer-in- charge Bob Waldron in coaching the ends as well as in handling the overall. Lieutenant Bill Hammer will work with the line and also serve with the defensive unit which specialty he did in phenomenal style last season. Beryl Follet, backfield coach the past two years, will again handle the backs. It is contemplated to again have a junior varsity unit which will be handled by Lieutenant (jg) Joe Dorsky if he can sacrifice the time from his math teaching job. At the moment, a former football player employed in New London is negotiating with his employer to be available in the late afternoon so he can volunteer his help with the jayvee unit.

Last year we had three days of double session prior to the opening of school for preliminary training. This year the schedule prevents our having initial practice until the day school opens academically, so we shall have but fourteen single sessions to ready ourselves for the Norwich opener.

It can be safely said that the success of the 1952 team will depend much on tile caliber of our opposition, our freedom from injuries, and our ability to develop adequate replacements for key men no longer available.

Academy Football Schedule 1952

Norwich September 27 at New London, Conn.

Colby October 4 at Waterville, Maine

Wesleyan October 11 at New London, Conn.

Amherst October 18 at Amherst, Mass.

Worcester October 25 at Worcester, Mass.

Trinity November 1 at Hartford, Conn.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute November 8 at New London, Conn.


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