By Barbara Doyle Ward


I recall the memories of my childhood in the cottage

by the lighthouse near the beautiful sea.

Times that I spent fishiní my father and me &

picnics we shared together with

 my mother just us three .


Days I spent walking along the sandy beach

Leaving my foot prints behind,

Picking up shells  & driftwood

While the sun glistened and shined.

Listening to the sea gulls

With their funny calls & whines.

As I waded the pools of water

that the tide left behind.


As a storm would come in

With the fog & the wind,

The foghorn would bellow & blow

Back from the mist the wind would hiss

with the bellowing echo.

I remember how Iíd sit

With the fire place lit

And into the fire Iíd stare.

I would enjoy the warmth

Of the fire in my mothers

old wicker chair.


The fire would roar

With colors galore,

From the driftwood we found,

at the near sandy shore.

Now I live in the country

Thatís so peaceful & serene

With my flowers & wild life

Painting a different scene.


My children are close by

With their families of four

With lifestyle that differs,

from days of yore.

There is a special place in my heart

As will always be

Of the cottage by the lighthouse

Near the beautiful sea.


Barbara Doyle Ward   1972 (A Coasties Wife)


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