By Donald H. Ward

Dedicated to my Father In Law, Daniel James Doyle who served in the U.S. Lighthouse service on Spring Point Light, Portland, Maine and to the U.S. COAST GUARD who shared this service to the end.

A Grand lady stands,
on a knoll or ledge.
Peering through the fog,
with eyes like a wedge.

Looking deep into the dark,
through the black of night.
For a wind swept Barque,
or Steamers runnin' light.

Standing high on knolls,
searching storm drenched nights.
Reaching dark foggy holes,
guiding ships to their site.

Sailors on watch strain eye & ear,
listen' for horn or whistle to hear.
Lookin' & listeng for horn or light,
hoping the tower will soon be in sight.

A sigh of relief is felt by all hands,
when high on the knoll the Grand Lady stands.
Shinin' her light far out to sea,
Like a guidin' hand saying follow me.

These Grand Lady's stand day & night,
Sounding a horn or flashhing her light.
High on a knoll or ledge they stand,
reaching to sea with a guiding hands.

Grand Lady's dress vary attired,
painted & colored by keepers were hired.
Their Style & Design apart from each,
like beautiful lady's standin' on the beach.

You know each by color or flash of light,
Sunshine of day or dark of night.
In hands of keepers the lady's are preened,
Trimmin' the wicks & the lenses are cleaned.

Each keeper is proud of the lady's of light,
Keepin' her trimmed for the dark of night.
Shinnin' her light far out to sea,
like a guiding hand sayin' follow me.

All sailors knew each lady of old,
As proudly they stood upon their knoll.
Their colors displayed at day so bright,
At dark they'd shine their ray of light.

Each lady had a special name,
her flash's said from where she came.
A lonely ledge,reef or shoal,
In thick of fog her horn would toll.

The lights of old will soon be dimmed,
The Lady's wicks no more to trim.
The horns or bells no more to toll,
to guide the ships from reef or shoal.

I'll miss the sight of flashing light,
The sound of a horn on a foggy night.
No more a light shinin' out to sea.
Like A Guidin' Hand Saying Follow Me.


Donald H. Ward 1972
U.S.C.G.R. SM3c 1945

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