Not quite Coastie but otherwise applicable.


By Bob Gaut

Our Poet Laureate strikes again

Joe had been a seafaring man.
He was crusty and was bold.
Now Joe's tamed up a'might.
(And that's what I've been told.)

He teaches math to college kids;
don't want math nincompoops.
Seafaring men are never like
earth bound land loving dupes.

Now recently in a state of angst
Joe's belly began to pain 'em.
Felt as if he'd swallowed bilge
causing internal mayhem.

Joe went to see a sawbones
to discover what was the matter.
The doctor quickly surmised
it was Crusty Joe's gall bladder.

The doctor took that brigand out.
Joe said, "Don't hurt at all."
This explains why he's now peaceful;
he's lost a lot of gall.

Old sailors know a lot of stuff,
and have a lot to say.
Now Joe can spin yarns about
gall bladders that go away.


Some regret what they are not,
and it keeps them thinking.
Must be things thought about
keeps them drinking.

Bob Gaut  3-3-01

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