Eons ago we proudly displayed this decal on a window our homes and on our cars. We were as one. Our pride showed. Not the "Gung-Ho" pride of the Marine Corps but the pride of being a part of a unique family of military people who dedicated their lives to the preservation of life and property at sea. We trained for war by doing our peacetime missions every day. Our jobs were different; we were sailors, surfmen, lighthouse keepers, loran-men, staff personnel, marine inspectors, we were people who could be depended upon to go anywhere and do anything - A "Can Do" organization that was in it's entirety, " A Coast Guard Family."

The children and grand children have disowned their parents and grandparents. The "New Guard" dressed as "sea cops" seems to have forgotten their ancestory. It is far more than a generation gap; it is a change in culture. The "Old Guard" with their sailor suits, and Donald Duck hat's are made fun of. There is no common languaage between old and new. The "New Guard" considers the old geezers as "Hooligans from a disreputable Shanty Irish family." The "Old Guard" doesn't understand the New Guard and really doesn't want to. One group talks Turkish,. the other Greek.

Let's do something about it.

The Marines are proud of The Halls of Montezuma and the Shores of Tripoli.

We have a lot to be proud of old and new that should be bringing all of us together as a family -

But I don't hear it!!!