What Goes Around Comes Around

During my early years in the Coast Guard medical care was non-existent for our dependents. Only those fortunate few that lived near Marine Hospitals were assured of any care at all. Those were the days of free dental care (Mobile Dental Units) and costly babies. We begged to have a health insurance program such as Blue Cross. The other services took mercy on us in the mid-fifties and we were given medical privileges. Champus came and it was a Godsend for those out in the boonies. Now we had no dental care but got free babies.

Today with Tricare those out in the boonies can't even get a Doctor because of the extremely low fees being paid to them. Without belaboring the point any further, we have come almost full circle with our active troops particularly. From no medical care to almost no medical care. At least in the good old days we had USPHS contract physicians.