Horace Marvin Lewey jr

If you are a young man of 17 or so,
and to the sea you would like to go.
Then listen to my tale and you shall see
it's not as simple as it appears to be.

First you must be willing, courteous and brave,
and willing to work as hard as a slave.
To take orders and issue them too
and be obedient whatever you do.

To be away from loved ones year after year
and be ready for battle without shedding a tear.
and saying goodbye at the station track,
recalling the phrase
"you have to go but you don't have to come back".

If you possess these qualities which few of us do,
then a good Coastguardsman you'll make through and through.

Horace Marvin Lewey jr RM3 wrote this on Ocean Station Echo in 1961 while stationed aboard the USCGC Mendota


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