At last, a recipe for Navy Bean Soup submitted by an Old Salt, CS2 Jim King of Pembroke, Mass. The quantities used are intended to feed the crew of a weather ship.


Yield 100 Portions (6-1/4 Gallons)

Beans, White Dry 6 lb (3-1/2 qt)

Water, Cold (2 gal)

1. Pick over beans, removing discolored beans and foreign matter. Wash thoroughly in cold water.

2. Cover with cold water; bring to a boil; boil two minutes. Turn off heat. Cover, let stand one hour.

Soup & Gravy

Base, Ham 20 oz (3 cups)

Water 5 gal

3. Combine soup and gravy base with water. Add to beans; bring to a boil; cover; simmer two hours or until beans are tender.

Carrots, Fresh,

Shredded 1 lb (1 qt)

Onions, Dry,

Chopped 2 lb (1-1/2 qt)

Pepper, Black 2 tsp

4. Add carrots, onions and pepper to bean mixture. Simmer 30 minutes.

Flour, Wheat,

General Purpose,

Sifted 12 oz (3 cups)

Water, Cold (1 qt)

5. Blend flour and water to form a smooth paste. Stir into soup; cook ten minutes.

Note: 1. In step 4, 1 lb 4 oz of fresh carrots A.P. will yield 1 lb of shredded carrots, and 2 lb 4 oz dry onions will yield 2 lbs. chopped onions.

2. In step 4, 4 oz (1-1/3 cups) dehydrated onions may be used.:


1. BEAN SOUP WITH SMOKED, CURED HAM HOCKS: Follow Steps 1 through 3. Place 2 lb 8 oz thawed, smoked, cured pork hocks in enough water to cover. Simmer for an hour; remove from heat, cool. Remove lean meat; chop into small pieses. In Step 4, add chopped ham hocks to ingredients. Follow step 5.

2. KNICKERBOCKER SOUP (BEAN TOMATO, AND BACON): Follw steps 1 and 2. In Step 3 reduce water to 3-1/4 gal. In step 4, lightly brown 1 lb (3 cups) chopped raw bacon. Add carrots, onions, and 5 lb (3-3/4 qt) diced fresh potatos (6 lb 2 oz A.P.) Cook 10 minutes stirring occasionally; add to bean mixture. Add 6 lb 6 oz (1-No. 10 can) canned crushed tomatoes; simmer 25 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Omit Step 5.

3. OLD FASHIONED BEAN SOUP: Follow steps 1 and 2. In Step 3, reduce water to 4-1/4 gal. In Step 4, add 6 lb 6 oz (1-No 10 can) canned crushed tomatoes. Follow Steps 4 and 5.


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