By William J. Hahn



Though the sky is dark and the clouds are gray

And the wind is too strong for the gulls to play

You won't hear us gripe, or worry or care,

Simply because ....... WE'VE BEEN THERE.


We're in the Coast Guard, you've heard the name,

And we say it proudly, not with shame,

These ribbons on our chest we wear ....

That's right, Mister, WE'VE BEEN THERE.


We don't make headlines or ask for praise

We do our job in our particular ways.

It's an honored custom to serve as we dare,

And in the end we can say ... WE'VE BEEN THERE.


They've found us in Africa, Italy and France

And in the Pacific we didn't miss a chance,

Our transports, our barges were seen everywhere!!!

And our shipmates all smiled and said ... WE'VE BEEN THERE.


We've convoyed the armies, marines and supplies;

We've blasted the enemy from the depths of the skies,

We didn't wait for red tape to point out our share,

We fought as it came ... Aye, we've been there.


SoM3c Hahn, USCGR served on the USS Forsyth.

First published in the Coast Guard Magazine, republished in the 13th District Newsletter and We've Been There by Esther Stormer 1992


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