A Fish Story.....



The Big Catch


By Megan Andrews




I spent the first two years out of boot camp on the CGC MELLON (WHEC-717), a 378-foot cutter out of Seattle, Washington. On my third patrol to Alaska, during the summer of 1997, we spent the 4th of July working and flying the helicopter. The Captain granted us a day to celebrate the very next day.


Our Captain just loved to fish for Halibut and that was our holiday routine.


I was walking around the fantail watching the action when our operations officer got called to the bridge. I volunteered to take her line for her. After holding the pole for five minutes I got a huge bite that almost pulled me overboard. The guys next to me saw what was happening so they quickly pulled in their lines and started to help me. I couldn’t pull the line in myself.


That fish wanted to take me for a swim.


The Captain came over with a belt to put on me so I could rest my pole.


I had two guys plus me pulling on the pole and two more guys looking over the side trying to spear the fish. When we finally got it onboard it was just huge. It weighed approximately 150 lbs. and was at least 6 in taller then my 5' 2". Wow was I amazed.

The Operations officer came back and saw what I caught and I never heard the end of it. At least she had a good sense of humor about it.


I learned my lesson -- I never took the Operation Officer’s fishing pole again.


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