Box Lunches

By George Bruhl



Here's a story my father, Keith R. Bruhl, CWO4, USCG (ret)  told me many years ago. 

Dad was working up in the great lakes region after WWII; he was stationed out of Station Charlevoix and was maintaining electronic equipment up there. His crew was on the road a bit and as result had to eat box lunches quite often. 

One day his crew told him that they were getting pretty tired of eating baloney sandwiches day after day and asked dad to have a word with the cook about some variety.

So dad went into to speak with the cook, explaining that the crew was getting tired of baloney sandwiches everyday and asked for some variety in the menu.  The cook, being the understanding person that he was, told dad he would "take care of it."

They picked up their box lunches after breakfast, headed out to the various sites for work and at lunch took a break. 

They opened the box lunches and sure enough, the menu had been adjusted. 

Instead of baloney sandwiches or other cold cuts they had been supplied with........................................ cold oatmeal sandwiches.

Dad indicated that they never complained again.  Baloney was just fine.


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