May 21

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SAR SITREPS: 5th District: The Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Centre Norfolk coordinated medical assistance for a diabetic man who ran out of insulin after he and another man were rescued from their sailboat by crewmembers of the vessel Crusader 380 miles east of Bermuda. Crusader responded to the sailboat's distress call. One of the men, a 41-year-old diabetic, became ill after not taking insulin shots for over two days. A Coast Guard flight surgeon recommended immediate medical assistance. RCC Norfolk requested assistance from the New York Air National Guard Pararescue Jumpers aboard their C-130 out of Gabreski, N.Y. The Pararescue Jumpers successfully deployed to the Crusader and rendered medical assistance. The Crusader is en route to Bermuda to deliver the patient, who is in stable condition, to the hospital and offload the PJs and remaining survivor from the sailing vessel Emma. RCC Bermuda notified RCC Norfolk that the sailing vessel Emma had been adrift and demasted when the motor vessel

A Coast Guard helicopter crew from Air Station Elizabeth City, N.C., found 2 men who were reported missing after their 15-foot johnboat ran out of gas and got stuck in the mud in Plum Tree Marsh. Two other passengers had been dropped off at Salt Pond Marina to purchase food Sunday night and when they returned to the pier, the boat was not there. The 2 men at the marina contacted Coast Guard Group Hampton Roads. An HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter was launched as well as 41-foot rescue boats from Coast Guard Station Cape Charles, Station Portsmouth, Station Little Creek and the Coast Guard Cutter Albacore. A Langley Rescue boat and Poquoson Fire and Rescue also assisted in the search. A Langley Rescue boat crew pulled them out of the marsh.

14th District: - A Coast Guard C-130 airplane from Air Station Barbers Point on Oahu located a missing boat with 3 persons aboard who had remained unlocated for nearly 6 days. Three people went fishing off the southwest side of Kosrae Island (FSM) in a 19-foot skiff and were last seen by other fishing boats about two miles from shore on the evening of Apr. 17 (FSM time). After the skiff did not return to the island as planned, the Coast Guards rescue coordination centre in Guam was notified and began coordinating a search which included a boat from FSM, a Navy P-3 airplane, Air Force and Coast Guard C-130s and several civillian small boats. The skiff was spotted by a Coast Guard C-130 on the morning of Apr. 23. The Federated States Ship Independence took the skiff in tow and was scheduled to arrive in Kosrae later that evening. The condition of the 3 people on board was not available. The skiff reportedly had no radio, reflective gear, flashlight or flares that would have aided in the search. [Or brains, either. Ed.]

17th District: - A Coast Guard helicopter crew transported a 27-year-old Kake mother, with postpartum complications, and her infant to Sitka Saturday night. A health aid from the Kake Clinic called the Coast Guard for help. A helicopter crew from Air Station Sitka picked up Latanya Friday and her three-day-old baby in Kake and transported them to Sitka for treatment.

7th District: - Coast Guard Group St. Petersburg received a phone call from the District 12 Medical Examiner's Office in reference to a man found floating in the Gulf Saturday. The District 12 Medical Examiner's Office positively identified the man as 47-year-old Dixon Harper who had been missing from his fishing vessel the Fat Kat since Tuesday April 17. The boat was 60 miles off of John's Pass at the time of his disappearance. Coast Guard Station Cortez was notified Saturday April 21, about a man floating in the Gulf. The station retrieved the man and transferred him to the District 12 Medical Examiner's Office for positive Identification. According to the Medical Examiner's Office there was no trauma to the body and the cause and manner of death is pending further investigation, including toxicology testing.

14th District: - The Coast Guard received the call of a person overboard the W.S.F. Puyallup. The ferry was transiting westbound from Seattle to Bainbridge Island. Witnesses, who were interviewed by the Coast Guard and Washington State Patrol, reported the man was sitting or leaning on the port side aft rail. The man fell overboard as the ferry made a starboard turn approach to Eagle Harbor. A Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin helicopter from Air Station Port Angeles, a 41-foot patrol boat from Coast Guard Station Seattle, the Chief Seattle, and Bainbridge Island Fire and Rescue conducted an immediate search from Eagle Harbor south to Decatur Reef. The incident is under investigation by the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Office Puget Sound.

DECOMMISSIONING: [de George E Vincent, WA5GEV]. POINT ESTERO will be decommissioned soon & transferred to the Colombian Navy. The 82-ft. WPB was commissioned in December 1963 at the CG Yard. Meanwhile, the crew will be familiarising themselves with the operations of the replacement Cutter, the 87-ft. RAZORBILL of the Predator class, which are built to accommodate mixed crews.

Which college is the Choosiest? The most selective college, accepting only 9.6% of its applicants, is the USCG Academy!

CGC IRONWOOD: After 57 years of service, eight homeports & more than a half-million nautical miles past the propeller, the CGC IRONWOOD retired from military service. The 180-foot "B" Class (also known as Mesquite Class) buoy tender was decommissioned during a ceremony at the Northern Lights Recreational Facility at Integrated Support Command Kodiak, Alaska, 6 October 2. The IRONWOOD was commissioned Oct. 11, 1943, primarily to conduct aids to navigation duties for the Coast Guard. It was stationed in Boston, San Francisco, Monterey, Calif., Guam, Honolulu, & Homer, Adak & Kodiak, Alaska. The Cutter served in World War II, the Korean War & Vietnam War, & was the only U. S. ship left on active duty awarded the Korean Service Medal. It was the second oldest commissioned Cutter in service behind the CGC STORIS. It also held the distinction of being the only 180-foot buoy tender built at the Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore, Md. The IRONWOOD & its crew departed Kodiak Oct. 7 for San Pedro, Calif., where the ship will await the final paperwork before being sold to the Nigerian navy for tender work in the country's oil fields.

COAST GUARD CLUB CALL BOOK: It is bound in a spiral binder & includes the latest changes. As of today the book is 1 thick186 sheets of paper. If you want a copy of the call book, send a cheque for $15. payable to Don Gardner.

COAST GUARD NETS: The Coast Guard Radio Amateur SSB Net is on the air each Saturday from 12-13 ET on 143 (14313 alternate). At 13 ET the Net shifts to 14327 & continues, usually for about 3 minutes. Dick Anderson, KE7A, in the Dallas-Ft Worth area, is the NCS. A CW Net with Fred Goodwin, K7LF, as NCS, is on 1452/752 & runs simultaneously.

NEW COAST GUARD BOOK: D R Peterson, our vessel historian, reports his book U.S. Lighthouse Service Tenders, was released 7 August 2. This is the first book to feature all of the lighthouse tenders & auxiliary craft of the USLHS. 9.5x9.5 hardbound, ISBN 1-885457-12-X, price $39.95 + $5.00 shipping. I bought the book & recommend it. You may order direct from the Eastwind Publishing, 4302 Baildon Road, Trappe, MD 21673, fone 41 476 4469, e-mail: or web page or

COAST GUARD STORIES: Check Out: Jacks Joint,, which has interesting Coast Guard short stories & scuttlebutt. I used selected short stories from this site for my version of Coast Guard Stories. I will print the stories on my printer, put it in a spiral binder & send you a copy if you will pay $19.95, which includes the cost of postage also.

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CGC ABSECON & CHINCOTEAGUE: First reunion October 2001 at Norfolk, VA. For info. contact John R Peters, 1831 Volvo Parkway, Chesapeake, VA, fone 757 479 , e-mail: or Harry S Huggins, 5411 Greenfield DR, Portsmouth, VA 2373, fone 757 484-37, e-mail: (Info from EMCM J R Peters)

BERING SEA PATROL-ALASKA VETERANS: 11-14 September. Contact Dicj Juge, Chairman 21, 3871 Red Cypress, New Orleans, LA 7131 or fone 54 394 2221, fax 54 393 669, e-mail:

CGC CASCO: Any former crewmembers who would like to be placed on a mailing list of shipmates & activities that includes a reunion every several years, contact: Gordon C Kelly, P O BOX 141, Lyon, WI 53148.

CGC DUANE: Next reunion 13-15 September. Gala banquet Saturday 15th aboard USS Yorktown. Special rates available if you mention DUANE REUNION. For more information & to receive the free newsletter & membership information, contact Paul Turner, USCGC DUANE Assn., HCR2 Box 15A, Summit, NY 12175, e-mail:

CGC EASTWIND: At Boston, MA, 25-28 May. Contact:; Joseph Quintiliani 58 548 329, e-mail:

CGC SPENCER: 11-15 October at Williamsburgh, VA. Contact Jack Shampine, 7393 Route #21, Cicero, NY 1339, fone 315 699 3127, or Hank Rogers, Jr., #342 Freedom CT, Baltimore, MD 2122, fone 41 335 6826.

GUADALCANAL CAMPAIGN VETERANS: 13-15 September at Wilmington, NC. Contact Ernest M Phillips, 1537 Larchmont Ave., Lakewood, OH 4417-343, fone 216 221 8256, e-mail:

83 FOOTERS: Check out A reunion of 83 WPB sailors 11 August at Ft Worden, Port Townsend, WA. For additional info, e-mail Wink Weber at, or fone 53 848 3276, FAX 53 848 848. Wink needs head count NLT 11 June.

Navy Patrol Squadron 18 (VPB-18) annual reunion will be hosted in Mobile, AL 9-12 October by Warren Locklin, N4RUC. Interested parties may contact him at 334 479 2961.

Patrol Frigates: 16 to 21 September in Reno. For further info: Roberta Shotwell, e-mail:

USCG LIGHTSHIP SAILORS ASSN: Reunion 4-6 October 21 at Port Huron, MI. Contact Jerry Radloff, 12 Woods Lane, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1157, fone 1-313 884 371, e-mail: de K6IRR

USCG CW Operators Assn: The 3d annual reunion for the CG CW Operators Assn. will be Charleston, SC, from 17 to 21 October. Celebrities MCPO CG Vince Patton & Fred Siegel (Freds Place) will be there. For more info. contact: J J Huffman, POB 55388, North Pole, AK  99705, e-mail:

255 Foot Cutters: 3d reunion of all 13 from 6-1 May 21 at the Union Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas. For info write: USCG 255 Reunion Committee, PO Box 33523, Juneau AK 9983, fone 1 97 789 2579 (note from GMCS R A Morgan, Ret.)

MEMBERSHIP: There are 47 members in our Club. We are striking for 5 by the end of 21!        de AD4PT