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June 23

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STATISTICS (13 May): DRUGS SEIZED: Cocaine, 73,323 lbs, Marijuana Products, 11,577 lbs; LIVES SAVED: 1,701; MIGRANTS INTERDICTED: 3,589.)

Search and Rescue SitReps

JACKSONVILLE, FL VADM James Hull, Commander of CG Atlantic Area in Portsmouth, VA, will formally commissioned HITRON Jacksonville at the Cecil Commerce Centre (the former Cecil Field) in Jacksonville. The HITRON is Americas first, & only, airborne law enforcement unit trained & authorised to employ Airborne Use of Force. Recently, Dept of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge approved the use of armed HITRON Jacksonville helicopters for specialised security missions in the nations ports & waterways. HITRON was initially given the mission of interdicting & stopping drug-laden, high-speed vessels known as go-fasts in the Caribbean, & more recently the Eastern Pacific Ocean. The MH-68A are the newest helicopters in the CG inventory & are capable of cruise speeds of up to 14 kts. The actions of the men & women of HITRON have been instrumental in stopping over 25 tons of illegal drugs, worth over $1.5 billion dollars, from reaching Americas neighbourhoods. Due to HITRONs unique capabilities & training, the unit was additionally tasked to develop Airborne Use of Force tactics to counter possible terrorist threats to the US.

SOUTHPORT, NC A boat crew from CG Station Oak Island on a routine patrol in the area of the Old Yacht Basin rescued a woman from her submerged car. The boat crew of a 25-ft CG boat was on a routine patrol when they received a call over their radio that a car had just driven into the water, striking a boat moored to the pier when it fell. Bystanders at the scene told the boat crew that there was a woman trapped in the car. Immediately PO1 Jacob Carawan & PO2 Class Rusty Sink took off their gun belts & boots & jumped in the water & swam 8-ft down to the car. The doors of the car were locked, so Carawan & Sink attempted to break the windows with one of their retractable batons. After several tries, the Coasties reached the woman, but couldnt get her out because her seat belt. Carawan came to the surface & asked the bystanders for a knife; Carawan & Sink took turns diving & cutting the belt. After she was freed, PO2 Michael Freeman, who was waiting at a nearby floating dock, began first aid on the woman until local EMS arrived. The woman was not breathing when brought to the surface & did not have a pulse. After a few minutes of first aid she regained consciousness. Meanwhile, the Hunter Lynn, the pleasure craft that was struck by the car, was taking on water fast & the 3 people on board were yelling for help. An offduty Coastie, PO2 Ed Martin, had been the area & heard the commotion. He jumped on board the moored CG boat with Freeman & Sink to save the crew of the foundering Hunter Lynn. Carawan could not drive the boat due to gashes on his arm & finger he sustained from the broken glass of the car. Tow Boat U.S. ran the Hunter Lynn aground so it couldnt sink in the waterway & is in charge of salvage of the boat. The woman is in stable condition at Dosher Medical Centre. Carawan is at home & is in good condition.

NEW ORLEANS A CG helicopter crew from Aviation Training Centre Mobile, AL rescued 3 boaters from the water 1 mile S of Cape San Blas, FL. The sailing vessel Southern Breeze reported they were taking on water & had to abandon ship before CG crews could arrive on scene. All of the boaters were wearing life jackets & they hung on to the boats emergency position indicating radio beacon after the vessel went down. Due to 1-mile visibility, the pilots had to use night-vision goggles to find the boaters.

ARABIAN GULF CGCs BOUTWELL & WALNUT have begun heading home after completing their missions in support of Operations Enduring Freedom & Iraqi Freedom. Both Cutters conducted a wide range of missions while serving in the Gulf, including maritime force protection, coastal & terminal security, & maritime interception & marine environmental response. The Cutters also assisted in the post-Saddam economic recovery by securing vital oil infrastructure & improving the safety of the navigational approach to its only international seaport. The CGs role in Operation Iraqi Freedom represents its largest overseas deployment in support of military operations since the Vietnam War. Cutter BOUTWELL at one point in the deployment spent 7 days at sea without a port call. The WALNUT was originally deployed to the North Arabian Gulf with an oil spill recovery system in the event the regime of Saddam Hussein committed any acts of environmental terrorism. When those threats did not materialise the Cutter conducted maritime interdiction operations enforcing UN Security Council resolutions, participated in the search for 2 downed UK helicopters, & patrolled & provided assistance to captured Iraqi offshore oil terminals being secured by CG port security personnel. When the coalition's efforts shifted to humanitarian assistance & economic recovery, the WALNUT was ideally suited to provide a valuable service through her aids to navigation capability. The Cutters crew completely replaced 3 buoys & repaired an additional 5 along the 41-mile Khawr Abd Allah Waterway. This 2-day mission vastly improved the navigational safety of the waterway for humanitarian aid, commercial, & military vessels sailing to the port & was a critical step to economic recovery for the people of Iraq. CG Port Security Units from San Pedro, CA, Port Clinton, OH, & Tacoma, WA., along with 4 East Coast-based 11-ft patrol boats, remain in the region to provide maritime security in the Northern Arabian Gulf.

PORTSMOUTH, VA The CG saved 3 people from a distressed sailing vessel in 8- to12-ft seas 16 NM E of Cape Henry. A CG C-13 an HH-6 from CGAS Elizabeth City combined rescue efforts with a 67-ft container vessel, the Horizon Hawaii, to bring 3 people to safe ground. The CG received a call that the deck of the 44-ft sailing vessel Gina was awash. The boat had lost its sails and steering, and its fuel system had been contaminated. The Horizon Hawaii was on the scene, but couldnt bring the sailors safely aboard the container ship. The ship immediately called the CG for assistance. A rescue swimmer from the HH-6 assisted the 3 sailors, 1 by 1, into a rescue basket & hoisted into the hovering helicopter and then flown to the CGAS and released. Life jackets save lives. All 3 people onboard Gina were wearing their lifejackets, and illustrates the importance of wearing your life jacket while on the water.

WASHINGTON, The CG has awarded a contract totaling approx $13 million to Integrated CG Systems for the design & delivery of 2 Maritime Patrol Aircraft. The aircraft would be the first of a multi-year, multi-aircraft acquisition in the Integrated Deepwater Systems modernisation programme. Also announced was the purchase of 3 Response BoatMedium test boats. These boats are the first of a class that will replace the ageing fleet of 41-ft Utility Boats, which have been the workhorse of the coastal stations for the past 25 plus years. The 41-ft Utility Boats are in operation throughout the United States.


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CG NETS: The CG Radio Amateur SSB Net is on the air each Saturday from 12-13 ET on 143 (14313 alternate). At 13 ET the Net shifts to 14327 & continues, usually for about 3 minutes. Dick Anderson, KE7A, in the Dallas-Ft Worth area, is the NCS. A CW Net with Fred Goodwin, K7LF, as NCS, is on 1452/752 & runs simultaneously.



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