July 21

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ALASKA: The CG rescued 4 people from a beach near Cape Junken, about 25 miles SE of Seward & flew them to Seward. The 37-foot pleasure boat Puffin II radioed a distress call to the CG CommSta in Kodiak reporting the vessel was taking on water. The CommSta issued an Urgent Marine Information Broadcast asking mariners in the area to come to the Puffin II's aid. Several Good Samaritans answered but were unable to get in close enough to assist. The Puffin II's master intentionally beached the vessel & the four persons walked to shore. The helicopter & crew arrived on scene & secured the Puffin II to a shoreline tree & dragged the boat's inflatable boat above the high-tide mark. Bromley said he intends to salvage the vessel.
An Allentown, Pa., native was recently honored for his efforts during a perilous mountain rescue in Alaska. Lt. Cmdr. Russell H. Zullick III received the Distinguished Flying Cross from Rear Adm. Tom Barrett, Cdr, 17th CG District, for his efforts in rescuing 2 people from a mountainside airplane crash Aug. 24, 2000. Zullick piloted a Jayhawk helicopter through near zero visibility, freezing rain & snow showers for 125 miles to reach a plane crash located on a 2,700-foot high cliff face. Once there he held the aircraft steady in high winds while a crewman was lowered to the cliff face. Zullick then flew a short distance & landed the aircraft on the side of the mountain on rock outcropping 700-feet below the crash site & dropped off more crewmembers to assist in rescuing the 2 crash victims. He then flew the helicopter by himself to a remote field 20 miles away to pick up members of a mountain rescue team. When he arrived back on scene he picked up one survivor & flew at top speed to King Salmon, Alaska.
A CG helicopter crew & boat crew responded to a fishing charter vessel taking on water with 6 people on board near Vitskari Rocks, 7 miles NW of Sitka. The 29-foot charter vessel Hakuna Matata began flooding while in Sitka Sound & lost engine power. The CG launched a Sitka-based helicopter crew & a rescue boat crew to respond. Good Samaritans aboard the charter vessels, Black & Blue & Fish Tales also responded. A crew aboard the charter vessel Black & Blue off loaded 4 of the 6 people from the Hakuna Matata & transported them to Sitka. The Hakuna Matata's captain & a crewmember remained on board to control the flooding using a pump the helicopter crew lowered to them. Meanwhile crewmembers aboard the charter vessel Fish Tales attempted to tow the Hakuna Matata, but the Fish Tale's towline snapped. The rescue boat crew rendezvoused with the Hakuna Matata about 2 miles off shore & towed the Hakuna Matata into Sitka Harbor. No one sustained any injuries.
Crewmembers from CGC NAUSHON assisted Canadian authorities in providing medical treatment to a 22-year-old man suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning on a boat in Dixon Entrance. Canadian authorities requested assistance from the CG with an unconscious man aboard the fishing vessel Lady Alice in Dixon Entrance. Two emergency medical technicians from NAUSHON helped transport Simpson on a RCMP boat to Port Simpson, BC before transferring to an ambulance for further transportation to a hospital.

Florida: The crew of the CGC MONHEGAN delivered approximately 3,000 pounds of marijuana, a go-fast vessel & its 5-member crew to U.S. Customs officials in Key West, Fla., following a high-speed chase & gunfire on the high seas. The suspected drug-smuggling vessel was spotted by the crew of a CGAS Clearwater, Fla., HH-60 "Jayhawk" helicopter, which was flying from U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The crew of the helicopter relayed the position of the vessel to the MONHEGAN, which was transiting the Windward Pass. A C-130 "Hercules" airplane was also diverted to the scene to assist in tracking. The crew of the C-130 located the go-fast as it rounded the eastern tip of Cuba & continued to covertly track the vessel from international air space as it proceeded along the north coast of Cuba at a high rate of speed, keeping the MONHEGAN aware of the vessel's location. When the go-fast altered course north toward the Bahamas & entered international waters, the MONHEGAN intercepted the go-fast about 22 miles N of Los Angeles, Cuba. The detainees refused to stop for the Cutter. Thereafter, the crew of the MONHEGAN fired dozens of rounds of warning shots across the vessel's bow. Finally, the detainees stopped & the MONHEGAN's crew boarded the go-fast. The master of the vessel claimed Bahamian registry but had no documentation or proof of registry on board. After consulting with the Bahamian government, it was determined that the go-fast was a vessel without a nation, the boarding team found approximately 3,000 pounds of marijuana on board. The crew was detained, the drugs were confiscated & the vessel was taken into tow for transport to Key West. The MONHEGAN is a 110-foot patrol boat homeported in Key West.

USCGC MAPLE MAIDEN VOYAGE: From Radioworld magazine. The Ogdensburg ARC will operate special event station K2RUK, 21 July to celebrate the visit of the USCGC MAPLE (WLB-27) at Ogdensburg on her maiden voyage to Sitka. The new buoy tender is visiting Ogdensburg in honour of its namesake, the old USCGC MAPLE (WLB-234), homeported there for 17 years. The event will run 18Z to 2359Z. Suggested frequencies are 7.24 & 14.24 MHz. For a certificate, send a SASE to Walt Brady, N2YMY, 17 Birch Hts. Edwards, NY 13635.

DECOMMISSIONING: George E Vincent, WA5GEV, reports POINT ESTERO will be decommissioned soon & transferred to the Colombian Navy. The 82-ft. WPB was commissioned in December 1963 at the CG Yard. Meanwhile, the crew will be familiarising themselves with the operations of the replacement Cutter, the 87-ft. RAZORBILL of the Predator class, which are built to accommodate mixed crews.

COAST GUARD CLUB CALL BOOK: It is bound in a spiral binder & includes the latest changes. As of today the book is 1" thick-186 sheets of paper. If you want a copy of the call book, send a cheque for $15. payable to Don Gardner.

NEW CGC ASPEN & WOODRUSH: Al Mans, KG9BI, reports that the crews for ASPEN & WOODRUSH are undergoing training at Marinette, WI. The ASPEN will go to Northern California; the other crew sailed the old WOODRUSH from Alaska through the Canal Zone up to the East Coast of Maine then flew to Marinette where they will be until 27 June, then take the new 225-footer to Alaska. The guys like the new 4-man berthing quarters & said the old 18 got pretty ripe in the Canal Zone.

COAST GUARD NETS: The Coast Guard Radio Amateur SSB Net is on the air each Saturday from 12-13 ET on 143 (14313 alternate). At 13 ET the Net shifts to 14327 & continues, usually for about 3 minutes. Dick Anderson, KE7A, in the Dallas-Ft Worth area, is the NCS. A CW Net with Fred Goodwin, K7LF, as NCS, is on 1452/752 & runs simultaneously.

NEW COAST GUARD BOOK: D R Peterson, our vessel historian, reports his book U.S. Lighthouse Service Tenders, was released 7 August 2. This is the first book to feature all of the lighthouse tenders & auxiliary craft of the USLHS. 9.5"x9.5" hardbound, ISBN 1-885457-12-X, price $39.95 + $5.00 shipping. I bought the book & recommend it. You may order direct from the Eastwind Publishing, 4302 Baildon Road, Trappe, MD 21673, fone 41 476 4469, e-mail: or web page or

COAST GUARD STORIES: Check Out: Jack's Joint,, which has interesting Coast Guard short stories & scuttlebutt. I used selected short stories from this site for my version of Coast Guard Stories, Vol. I (volume II is pending). I will print the stories on my printer, put it in a spiral binder & send you a copy postage for $19.95, or on a ZIP disk for $12., also postage paid.

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BERING SEA PATROL-ALASKA VETERANS: 11-14 September. Contact Dicj Juge, Chairman 21, 3871 Red Cypress, New Orleans, LA 7131 or fone 54 394 2221, fax 54 393 669, e-mail:

CGC CASCO: Any former crewmembers who would like to be placed on a mailing list of shipmates & activities that includes a reunion every several years, contact: Gordon C Kelly, P O BOX 141, Lyon, WI 53148.

CGC DUANE: Next reunion 13-15 September. Gala banquet Saturday 15th aboard USS Yorktown. Special rates available if you mention DUANE REUNION. For more information & to receive the free newsletter & membership information, contact Paul Turner, USCGC DUANE Assn., HCR2 Box 15A, Summit, NY 12175, e-mail:

CGC SPENCER: 11-15 October at Williamsburgh, VA. Contact Jack Shampine, 7393 Route #21, Cicero, NY 1339, fone 315 699 3127, or Hank Rogers, Jr., #342 Freedom CT, Baltimore, MD 2122, fone 41 335 6826.

GUADALCANAL CAMPAIGN VETERANS: 13-15 September at Wilmington, NC. Contact Ernest M Phillips, 1537 Larchmont Ave., Lakewood, OH 4417-343, fone 216 221 8256, e-mail:

NAVY PATROL SQUADRON 18 (VPB-18) annual reunion will be hosted in Mobile, AL 9-12 October by Warren Locklin, N4RUC. Interested parties may contact him at 334 479 2961.

PATROL FRIGATES: 16 to 21 September in Reno. For further info: Roberta Shotwell, e-mail:

USCG LIGHTSHIP SAILORS ASSN: [From Jim Gill, K6IRR] Reunion 4-6 October 21 at Port Huron, MI. Contact Jerry Radloff, 12 Woods Lane, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1157, fone 1-313 884 371, e-mail:

USCG CW Operators Assn: The 3d annual reunion for the CG CW Operators Assn. will be Charleston, SC, from 17 to 21 October. Celebrities MCPO CG Vince Patton & Fred Siegel (Fred's Place) will be there. For more info. contact: J J Huffman, POB 55388, North Pole, AK 99705, e-mail:

WINONA REUNION: A committee is in the process of setting up the 3rd WINONA Reunion to be held in Port Angeles, WA on Friday, 7 through Sunday 9 September 2001. For a registration form and a current roster of attendees, contact: Cliff Rocheleau, WINONA Reunion Committee, 215 Applegate Lane, Sequim, WA 98383-3082, e-mail, or fone 36 582 925.

83 FOOTERS: Check out A reunion of 83' WPB sailors 11 August at Ft Worden, Port Townsend, WA. For additional info, e-mail Wink Weber at, or fone 53 848 3276, FAX 53 848 848. Wink needs a head count NLT 11 June.

MEMBERSHIP: There are 482 members in our Club as of 22 June. We are striking for 5 by the end of 21! On 16 June of last year, we had 47 members de AD4PT