September 21

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  Search & Rescue Events

  7th District (Miami): The CGC GANNET intercepted a 39-foot pleasure craft carrying Refrigerant-12 freon & detained two people on board about 12 miles SW of Freeport, Bahamas on suspicion that they were trying to smuggle the R-12 into the US. The GANNET, conducting a routine safety inspection of the Blue Melody, discovered more than 16 thirty-pound canisters of the refrigerant. During the inspection, the master of the vessel could not find documents or paperwork to support the transportation of the R-12 freon canisters to the US. During the inspection, the boarding team counted numerous freon bottles. The cylinders were white 3-pound, dichlorodiflouromethane, manufactured in the UK. Crewmembers of the GANNET transferred 16 canisters & suspected smugglers to the Customs Service who estimates the street value of each canister is $8 per bottle.

The Cutter SAPELO conducted a boarding of the 79-foot fishing vessel Capt. A. L. Milliken, north of Marquesas Key, FL. During the initial safety inspection of the vessel, the CG boarding team detected a strong smell of marijuana throughout the mess deck & pilothouse. After gaining permission to search several staterooms, a marijuana cigarette, which tested positive for THC was located in open view. A crewmember from the Milliken informed the boarding officer that there was a container of marijuana hidden in his stateroom. A subsequent search revealed 5 used hypodermic syringes with a visible unknown residue, 1 scorched spoon with residue that tested positive for amphetamines, a small plastic container with approximately 4 marijuana cigarettes, & an 8 oz V-8 can with numerous pin holes & cocaine residue. The SAPELO escorted the vessel to the CG seizure pier in Key West, where a joint dock-side boarding was conducted by the CG, Monroe County Sheriff's Department & Key West Police Department Canine Unit. Additional marijuana, (bringing the total to 1 pound) & a cocaine crack rock were located. The master & a crewmember were arrested by the MCSD for felony possession with intention to distribute. The owner of the Capt. A. L. Milliken, homeported in Shallotte Point, NC was not on board during the incident. The vessel was seized by the Monroe County Sheriff's Department.

8th District (New Orleans):  A fisherman who fell overboard while working on his boat was rescued by the CG 25 miles SW of Freeport after spending almost 4 hours in the water clinging to a life ring. The captain of the fishing vessel Dragon Wagon, was reportedly working on a boom while at anchor when he fell off the boat. When the crew realised he was missing they notified the CG Group Operations Centre in Galveston. A Dolphin helicopter from Houston, a 41-foot utility boat from Freeport, & the CGC MANOWAR from Galveston were launched on the search. The Dolphin arrived on scene & searched for almost 2 hours before locating the captain clinging to the life ring & tangled in some rope. The helicopter crew vectored in the 41-foot boat, which was only minutes away, & safely recovered him from the water. He was in good condition & was returned to his vessel.

A woman had begun recovery from a liver transplant when Tropical Storm Allisons raging floods cut power, shutting down the ventilator that kept her alive. A team of CG pilots plucked a woman from chaos at the Texas Medical Center & ventilated her by hand while rushing her to a suburban hospital in time to hook her back up to working machines. We know you saved her life her daughter Cathy told PO1 Armstrong, who was both a paramedic & a flight mechanic with the team that airlifted the woman to safety. The storm dumped 36 of rain in just a few hours, killing 22 people & causing $5 billion in damage.

Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta thanked the 12 officers & 6 Houston-area CG units presented with awards for adapting offshore rescue procedures to urban areas, where they navigated around trees, power lines & other hindrances. Time and time again, America has called on the United States Coast Guard. Time and time again, you have answered the call, Mr Mineta said.

13th District (Seattle): The 13th CG District will commission its newest 87-foot Cutter Friday at CG Group Port Angeles. The CGC ADELIE, a Marine Protector Class Cutter, will be the second coastal patrol boat commissioned in the Pacific Northwest. Since its arrival in Port Angeles more than a month ago, the ADELIE has been patrolling its area of responsibility that includes the waters of Washington & Oregon including the Straight of Juan de Fuca & Puget Sound. SCPO Timothy Schwab will be the ADELIES first officer-in-charge.

14TH District (Honolulu): The missing men helped the crew of the C-13 locate them by launching a flare. The C-13 dropped food, water & a radio to the men & relayed their position to the CGC ASSATEAGUE, a 11-foot patrol boat home ported in Honolulu, who will tow their boat to the Big Island.

17th District (Anchorage):  A CG Station Juneau rescue boat crew transported a 58-year-old man to Juneau after he went into diabetic shock. Randy Felt, of Seabeck, Wash., was on his boat in Gastineau Channel when he began experiencing problems. His wife contacted the CG for help. The rescue boat crew departed Station Juneau, retrieved Felt & transported him to an awaiting ambulance crew at the CG dock. The ambulance crew transported Felt to Bartlett Regional Hospital. Hospital officials said Felt was discharged in good condition.

The CG medevaced an ailing man from a car carrier about 48 miles south of Adak. Rento Madrista, 37, of the Philippines, suffered from a possible appendicitis aboard the motor vessel Morning Prince. The CG Command Centre in Juneau received a request from the captain of the Morning Prince when it was about 36 miles south of Adak. The CG instructed the skipper to turn the ship toward Adak. An HH-6 from Air Station Kodiak flew about 9 miles to arrive in Adak. The Morning Prince was about 15 miles off shore. A C-13 with an additional helicopter crew, met the helicopter in Adak. A fresh helicopter crew flew out to the Morning Prince but couldn't hoist Madrista at that time because of fog & cloud cover. The helicopter crew returned to Adak to await better weather. The Morning Prince continued on its rendezvous course to Adak. The helicopter crew departed Adak againthe Morning Prince had closed the gap to about 48 miles south of Adak. The helicopter crew arrived on scene & lowered a rescue basket for Madrista. The rescuers hoisted him aboard the helicopter & transported him to Adak. An awaiting Life Flight airplane & crew transferred Madrista from the helicopter to the airplane for further transport to Anchorage.

WASHINGTON, DC: USCG helicopter rescue swimmers now have their own special uniform insignia to recognise their unique & dangerous duties. The first set of the newly authorised helicopter rescue swimmer insignia, or wings, were presented to the senior rescue swimmer in the CG, Master Chief Aviation Survival Technician (AST) Keith Jensen, at CG headquarters in Washington, D.C. today. Its an honour to receive these wings on behalf of all Coast Guard rescue swimmers, said Jensen. This special insignia recognises the unique position of the helicopter rescue swimmer &Im proud to wear them, he said. The new rescue swimmer wings were authorised by the Commandant on July 13. The insignia depicts crossed rescue swimmer flippers superimposed on a cross of life (widely used as a symbol for EMTs) representing the swimmers EMT skills, &gold wings denoting aviation.

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