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September 22


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STATISTICS: DRUGS SEIZED: Cocaine, 111,873 lbs, Marijuana Products, 29,361 lbs, LIVES SAVED: 2,72, MIGRANTS INTERDICTED: 3,447

The crew of the CGC MANITOU rescued 3 people from a group of 5 that had capsized near Carysfort Reef, FL. CG Group Miami watchstanders despatched the MANITOU & an HH-65 helicopter from AS Miami to the scene after they received a report from a Good Samaritan of an overturned 2-ft pleasure craft. The Good Samaritan recovered 2 of the 5 people, but 3 were still missing. Shortly afterward, the helicopter crew came across the 3 people clinging to the overturned hull of their boat & vectored the MANITOU's deployable small boat to their position. All survivors were found to be in good health. All 5 had reportedly been treading water for more than 6 hours without the aid of lifejackets.

The CGC PADRE repatriated 31 Cuban migrants to Bahia de Cabanas, Cuba. The migrants are from 4 separate incidents. CGAS Miami launched a HH-65 to search for a 32-ft vessel with 2 people on board after receiving a May Day call. The helicopter located the vessel 15 miles SE of Key Largo & a Station Miami Beach rescue boat embarked the 18 migrants & 2 suspected smugglers, took the vessel in tow & transferred it & the suspected smugglers to Border Patrol agents. The migrants were embarked by the CGC MANITOU & later transferred to the PADRE. A group of 5 migrants on a raft was spotted by the MV Perseverance 11 miles N of Caibarien, Cuba. The MV embarked the migrants & later transferred them to the CGC BLOCK ISLAND for further transfer to the PADRE. Similarly, the cruise ship Disney Magic located 5 migrants on a raft 2 miles S of Islamorada, Fl., embarked the migrants, & transferred them to a CG Station Islamorada rescue boat. 3 of the migrants were transferred to the PADRE & 2 migrants were transferred to Guantanamo Bay for further processing by the INS. Earlier, a Good Samaritan spotted 6 migrants on a raft 5 miles S of Key West. They were embarked by the CGC TAMPA & 1 adult male was medevaced to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. The remaining 5 migrants were transferred to the PADRE.

The CGC KEY BISCAYNE was relocated from Corpus Christi as part of operation "steel cascade," an initiative to group like Cutters in the same port to provide streamlined & efficient logistical support. The Cutter has been based in Corpus Christi since its construction & has had a distinguished career serving the citizens of that region. The Cutter is also the first in the CG to have a drug-sniffing dog onboard. With KEY BISCAYNEs arrival, the CG now has 4 Island-Class patrol boats operating out of Bayboro Harbor conducting maritime homeland security & other operations along Floridas gulf coast & into the Gulf of Mexico.

The CG is once again assisting in the search for an Angoon man missing in SE Alaska. CG SAR received a request from an Alaska State Trooper after the trooper learned that 3 people spotted a man matching his description near Salt Lake on Admiralty Island. The group told the AST that they saw a man wearing a light-coloured shirt under a makeshift shelter before he fled into the woods. The CG is assisting the AST by providing helicopter support from its air station in Sitka.

The crew aboard the Ketchikan-based CGC ANTHONY PETIT is credited with saving a charter boat from a possible sinking after it grounded near Sisters Island. Crewmembers heard someones plea for assistance on VHF FM radio after the 28-ft vessel Fish N Fool grounded, puncturing a hole in its hull. A repair & assist team from the ANTHONY PETIT diverted to the scene aboard one of the Cutters small boats & used patches & plugs to seal the hole in the hull then began dewatering the vessel. The team completed dewatering & took the Fish N Fool in tow alongside. A Station Juneau 47-ft rescue boat crew relieved the tow & took it to Auke Bay.

The search continues for missing boater as far as 33 miles west of the Big Island. The CG is searching with 2 C-13 long-range aircraft from CGAS Barbers Point. The USN is assisting with a P-3 Orion from PATRON 9 stationed at MCB in Kaneohe. So far, the CG has searched more than 18, square miles (an area larger than California) & is expecting to search another 4, square miles. The search aircraft are reporting excellent search conditions. Henderson was reported missing after he failed to return from what was planed to be a daylong trip. A local fisherman last spotted Henderson about a mile from shore.

CGC MORGENTHAU completed a successful 5-month Western Pacific deployment with the USN, the first Cutter to complete the full Cooperation Afloat Readiness & Training (CARAT) deployment, which consisted of a series of bilateral exercises conducted with US & other foreign navies in the Western Pacific & 6 SE Asian nations. CARAT focussed on enhancing regional cooperation, building friendships between the US & other nations, & strengthening professional skills. MORGENTHAU also participated in the 2-week SE Asia Cooperation Against Terrorism exercise that tested intelligence-gathering skills & culminated in the boarding of a mock suspect vessel harbouring weapons for a terrorist organisation. The Cutters SAR expertise was instrumental in the recovery of a sailor who fell overboard from the USS Salvor on 18 June. MORGENTHAU was the first ship underway & as on-scene commander, was responsible for organising the response & directing the other CARAT ships. MORGENTHAU steamed for 9 NM miles before finding the sailor, who had spent more than 11 hours adrift in the Gulf of Thailand. In addition to successfully completing their military duties, MORGENTHAU crewmembers volunteered many hours of community service during foreign port calls & helped distribute $14, in humanitarian relief items to charities.

A CG Station Juneau small boat crew assisted a boater then took him into custody on suspicion of boating while intoxicated. The crew on patrol heard boaters on the radio stating that they became lost in the fog near Fritz Cove. Using their radar, the lost boaters were located, operating a 15-ft pleasure craft that became disabled. The boaters attempted to reach Auke Bay using a kicker. The boat crew took the disabled vessel in tow along with the 2 boaters & their dog & upon mooring in Auke Bay, performed a boarding on the disabled vessel & charged the vessel operator with boating while intoxicated. The CG turned him over to the Juneau PD for investigation.

The CG searched extensively in the Florida Straits for a 24-ft migrant smuggling boat to rescue the approximately 2-25 people on board. The search covered an area of 25, square-miles, or half the size of the island of Cuba. The search included more than 7 hours of flight time on multiple sorties by aircraft including 2 HH-65 helicopters and an HU-25 Falcon jet from AirSta Miami & 2 C-13 from AirSta Clearwater. CGCs also patrolled the Florida Straits. The search was suspended. Calls from family indicated that the vessel had departed Key West 17 Aug for the purpose of picking up migrants from Cuba. According to families of the missing, the last reported position of the vessel was its departure from Cuba at approx midnight 18 Aug. for the trip across the Florida Straits. This info was not provided to the CG until 22 Aug. The 4-day delay in reporting the vessel's situation greatly complicated the CGs search planning & hampered the efforts of search crews. "A delay in reporting like this makes the search effort much more difficult," said LT Tony Russell, 7th CG District PAO. "Every hour of delay significantly increases the size of the likely search area & decreases the chance of locating those in distress." In the past, similar illegal migrant smuggling voyages have ended in tragedy. In Nov. 21, a smuggler vessel capsized while en route to the US with the loss of 29 lives, including 12 small children. "We are deeply concerned for the well-being of those missing," said Capt. James Stark, Chief of Operations for the 7th CG District. "But we are also angered by the continued disregard for human life shown by the ruthless criminals who seek to profit financially from these inherently dangerous voyages."

FRIENDS OF LONG ISLAND WIRELESS HISTORY are preparing an exhibit for the Long Island Maritime Museum & would be interested in hearing from anyone who served on a land DF or Huff-Duff station, or aboard a ship using Huff-Duff. Contact Van R Field, W2OQI, at <WRECK_AND_RESCUE@JUNO.COM>. T-11-B built for the USCG. Van would like a diagram of the equipment to display shipboard radio gear from the 3s & 4s for a local Long Island maritime museum. E-mail Van at the above address if you have any information.

CGC McLANE RESTORATION: Jim Gill, K6IRR, is trying to obtain information regarding the types of radio gear about the WSC (125-ft. Cutter class) during the 194s & where replacement equipment for this period may be found. Jim may be contacted at <PDP@CTS.COM>.

CG NETS: The CG Radio Amateur SSB Net is on the air each Saturday from 12-13 ET on 143 (14313 alternate). At 13 ET the Net shifts to 14327 & continues, usually for about 3 minutes. Dick Anderson, KE7A, in the Dallas-Ft Worth area, is the NCS. A CW Net with Fred Goodwin, K7LF, as NCS, is on 1452/752 & runs simultaneously.

ALL COASTIE RANKS & RATINGS who served aboard buoy tenders, 21-ft. Cutters & Radio/CommStations: If you would like to help determine interest for a reunion, please e-mail me at <E.GARCIA@ADELPHIA.NET>, snail mail: Ernest Garcia, W4EG, 3734 Holloway St., Newbury Park, CA 9132-5339. I will gather the info & depending on the response, will keep you updated via the CGC Newsletter, e-mail or, if you like, by telephone.

CUTTERS: Reunion 27 to 31 October at Wilmington, NC for DILIGENCE, McCULLOCH, MENDOTA, & NORTHWIND. Further info: Joe Pickens, Lighthouse Road, Given, WV 25245, fone 34 372 5648, e-mail <N8UXE@CITYNET.NET>.

CGC CASCO: Any former crewmembers who would like to be placed on a mailing list of shipmates & activities that includes a reunion every several years, contact: Gordon C Kelly, P O BOX 141, Lyon, WI 53148.

CGC COURIER: Reunion 11-18 October for all who served aboard. Further info: Rev. Gil Riggs, POB 828, San Rafael, NM 8751, fone 55 287-3338, e-mail <DNEWE113@CHARTER.NET>. Approx attendance at this time is 8.

255 FOOT CUTTERS: 4 to 8 May 23 Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. Contact Doak Walker fone: 97 789 2579, FAX 97 789 278, e-mail: <DOAK17@GCI.NET>, web HTTP://255WPG.11NET.COM, snail mail: P O Box 33523, Juneau, AK 9983. Registration forms will be mailed in June 22.

MEMBERSHIP: There are 527 members in our club as of 28 August 22. At this time last year it was 47. DE AD4PT 73 & Semper Paratus

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