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September 23

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BOOKS: Operating Signals (Q & Z). JANAP131, ca 1949, & ACP131, March 1997, for sale. Each book is bound with a plastic spiral binder with a dark green cover & printed on 24 lb paper. $7 each, & I pay the postage.

Search and Rescue SitReps

NORTH BEND, OR The CG rescued 2 people whose vessel capsized while transiting back to Brookings, OR in rough seas. The men radioed the CG on channel 16, the hailing & distress frequency, asking what was the best route to transit to shore. CG Station Chetco River lost comms abruptly with the vessel & immediately launched a 23-ft rescue boat to the vessels estimated position. The CG then received a call from 911 operator reporting a capsized vessel with people in the water in a rocky area E of the vessels estimated position. The 23-ft rescue crew located the 2 men & pulled them from the water. They were brought to shore where awaiting EMS took the men to Sutter Coast Hospital in Crescent City & then treated for hypothermia.

GRAYS HARBOR, WA A CG Law Enforcement Boarding Team from Station Grays Harbor assisted in the Westport Police Dept's seizure & arrest of a working methamphetamine laboratory on a fishing vessel & its crew. Westport Police requested CG Station Grays Harbor conduct a boarding of the FV NU-C. A CG team operating from a 47-ft motor lifeboat boarded the FV while the vessel was operating outside the jetty at Grays Harbor. The CG team found numerous violations to include discovery of products used for drug distribution, large amounts of drug paraphernalia, marijuana & methamphetamine. These issues prompted the vessel's return to port & subsequent police involvement. All 3 crew members of the NU-C were arrested by Westport Police.

TACOMA, WA Magistrate, Judge Karen L Strombom sentenced Ryan M Symonds this week for his role in vandalising & rendering unusable a CG navigational aid servicing maritime traffic on the Columbia River. The range marker he destroyed was designed to keep vessels operating safely near the centre of the river near the town of St Helens, WA, where the Lewis River branches off the Columbia. For the case, the CG pointed out that the Symondss actions not only incurred a cost for replacement parts & man-hours, but also put the Columbia Rivers busy navigation system in peril. Symonds pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of Destruction of Government Property & will be serving 2 community service hours with the CG, serve 5 years probation & pay full restitution. Had he been charged with a felony, based on the damage costs, could have received a prison term of 1 years & a $25 thousand dollar fine.

NORTH BEND, OR The CG picked-up 2 boogie boarders after they were pulled out to sea & unable to swim back to shore. CG Group North Bend received a call from the Florence Police Dept  & immediately launched a 23-ft rescue boat & a 47-ft motor lifeboat from Station Siuslaw River, & an HH-65 helicopter from Air Station North Bend. The 2 men were picked-up by the 23-ft rescue boat 1 NM N of the Siuslaw River just offshore of the Driftwoods Shores Motel, were treated for mild hypothermia & released to their parents.

LOS ANGELES - A pleasure cruise turned into a disaster for 7 people when their sailing vessel struck the breakwall at Queens Gate. An exhausted Coast Guardsman, CWO William Stacey, returning from a 5-hour tanker ship inspection & on board a civillian water taxi jumped into the water & assisted the 4 adults & 3 children to a safe area on the breakwall. The people on the sailboat werent aware of the danger they were in, said Stacey. The mast was swinging all around & the stern was banging hard against the rocks. CG & Long Beach rescue units soon arrived on scene & transported the people to Long Beach Marina. The sailboat was towed to the Marina Ship Yard in Long Beach.

NEW ORLEANS CG law enforcement personnel seized more than 11, pounds of illegally caught fish & terminated the voyage of a FV 11 NM S of Mobile, AL. The STINGRAY crew attempted to hail the fishing vessel Red Fin, but when radio call-outs were unsuccessful, the Cutter sent a law enforcement boarding team to investigate. The master requested to be allowed to haul back his long line gear. During the 2 NM, the boarding team witnessed Red Fins crew bring aboard 35 to 4 large yellow fin tuna. The boarding team then terminated the Red Fins voyage & towed them back to Venice, where a National Marine Fisheries Service agent met them to take custody of the catch, which was then sold to Sharkos Fish House in Venice. The evidence package for this seizure has been forwarded to NMFS, who will determine if a formal Notice of Violation will be issued. This seizure illustrates the important multi-mission aspect of the CG: While our crews are constantly on patrol protecting the homeland, we are also enforcing fishing & safety violations on our waters. The STINGRAY is an 87-ft patrol boat from Mobile, Ala.

TAWAS, MI CG Air Station Detroit medevaced a 33-year-old male from the 68-ft laker Adam E Cornelius. Yusaf Omar fell & broke his ribs while on board the cargo ship. He requested to be medevaced when he began having trouble breathing & his pulse increased. Air Station Detroit was diverted from other tasking. After the helicopter arrived on scene, a rescue swimmer was lowered & Omar was hoisted. He was then transferred to Bay City Medical Centre where he was listed in stable condition.

NEW ORLEANS CG rescue crews from New Orleans & Mobile are searching for a man who fell from his boat near the Fort Morgan, AL ferry entrance when the boat he was riding in hit a submerged barge. A CG crewmember from Station Dauphin Island, AL, reported that another person that fell from the boat was taken to South Baldwin Hospital with minor head injuries & a third boater had no injuries. According to a local fisherman who witnessed the accident, the small fiberglass boat was traveling at a high rate of speed when it struck the barge. Two rescue boat crews from the station, a helicopter crew from Air Station New Orleans, & local emergency personnel are searching for the missing man.

KODIAK, AL A helicopter crew assisted the crew of a vessel that was taking on water after it ran aground in Alitak Bay, about 6 miles SE of Kodiak. The crew of the 86-ft fishing tender Chichagof made a radio distress call reporting the accident. The CG communications centre at Kodiak issued an urgent marine assistance broadcast (UMIB) asking mariners in the area to assist. Two Good Samaritan FVs responded. An HH-6 with 2 dewatering pumps on board, departed Kodiak. Low-lying, thick fog hampered the crew locating the Chichagof when they arrived in Alitak Bay but was able to locate the stricken vessel within minutes. The crew lowered the pumps to the vessel & remained on scene until the crew successfully had the pumps running. The tender Ermine was alongside the Chichagof assisting the 3-person crew. The Chichagof was on the beach & not in danger of sinking when the helicopter crew departed scene. The helicopter crew reported a small, but noticeable sheen in the water. Marine Safety Detachment Kodiak is investigating the accident.

NORTH BEND, OR A young male caller broadcast multiple transmissions on VHF-Channel 16 for a period of 3 hours. After the initial broadcast, Group/Air Station North Bend issued an UMIB to all boaters to potentially assist in locating the mayday transmitter. The call was eventually deemed a hoax by the CG & strongly advised the caller to stop broadcasting. False alarm cases put the boating public in danger by depleting valuable CG search and rescue resources for real distress cases. It puts CG air & boat crews needlessly in harm's way when searching for the "distressed" caller. Further, false hoax cases waste taxpayer dollars. For instance, an HH-65A helicopter has an operating cost of more than $5,173 an hour. Knowingly & wilfully transmitting a false distress call is a felony offence under 14 USC, Sect. 88, & punishable up to 6 years imprisonment, up to $25, fine & liable for all costs.

GOODBYE RM SPARKS: On 1 July CAMSPAC retired the historic sparks from the rating badge as the CG restructures its work force, replacing that specialty with 2 others: Operations Specialist & the Information Technology Specialist, neither of which will carry the symbolic sparks in its insignia.

COAST GUARD CLUB CALL BOOK is bound in a 1-1/2 spiral binder & will include a Certificate of Membership in the Coast Guard Club suitable for framing. If you want a copy, send a cheque for $15., which includes postage, payable to Don Gardner.

CG NETS: The CG Radio Amateur SSB Net is on the air each Saturday from 12-13 ET on 143 (14313 alternate). At 13 ET the Net shifts to 14327 & continues, usually for about 3 minutes. Dick Anderson, KE7A, in the Dallas-Ft Worth area, is the NCS. A CW Net with Fred Goodwin, K7LF, as NCS, is on 1452/752 & runs simultaneously.


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