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October 24


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Search and Rescue SitReps


KODIAK    Air crews from CGAS Kodiak safely recovered the 7 occupants of a floatplane that crashed in Hallo Bay on the Alaskan Peninsula. Two HH-6 helos were diverted from training missions to respond to the crash of a Homer Air Service plane. They returned to the AS briefly to refuel & pick up additional equipment & personnel, including a base physician. The 1st helo returned with several patients including 1 woman who was in critical condition with a injury but was conscious. She was immediately taken by ambulance to Providence Kodiak Island Medical Centre. The 2nd helo arrived 1 minutes later with the rest of the patients. The other 6 patients were ambulatory, some with minor injuries & minor hypothermia. CG Fire Dept, CG Military Police & Kodiak Cite Fire Dept personnel worked cooperatively to safely transfer all patients from the helos to the triage area & on to the medical centre. The cause of the crash is unknown.

HOUSTON    CGAS Houston medevaced a fisherman 5 miles E of Freeport. The patient was hoisted from the fishing boat Doctor Bill & transported to awaiting medical personnel at the U. of TX Medical Centre in Galveston.

SEATTLE    The CG terminated the voyage of 2 more FVs for multiple safety violations near La Push & Grays Harbor. CG Station Port Angeles launched a 47-ft motor lifeboat in response to a Mayday call from the FV Julie near La Push. The FVs crew was able to get the bilge pumps & engine started as the 47-ft motor lifeboat arrived. The CG escorted Julie to the La Push Marina & conducted an inspection. The safety violations found included: no vessel name on immersion suits, inoperative strobes, life rings that lacked reflective tape & an expired EPIRB. The vessel was also considered to be unseaworthy. In the other inspection case, CG Station Grays Harbor diverted a 23-ft response boat to conduct an inspection of the 78-ft FV Bainbridge as it entered Grays Harbor. The boarding team found violations that included a missing life raft, an expired EPIRB, missing fire extinguishers & other minor violations. The Bainbridge was the 2nd FV to have its voyage terminated recently.

NEW ORLEANS    CG MSO New Orleans, along with other state & federal officials, are working to clean up an oil spill near Raphael Pass, LA. Approx 17 gallons of crude oil were released from a Gulf Production, Inc storage tank, damaged by Hurricane Ivan, located in the Delta National Wildlife Refuge. MOS, Fish & Wildlife, NOAA & Louisiana Dept of Environmental Quality officials have determined that the safest way to remove the oil from the marshes is to cut the plant life in the contaminated area & then clean up the oil. The recovery is estimated to take a week. There have been no reports of injury to animals as a result of this spill.

ST. PETERSBURG    Crews from CGAS Clearwater, HH-6 Jayhawk helo & a C-13 airplane, began searching for 2 men after their 31-ft longliner Rogue became adrift. The helo crew was able to locate the vessel 7 miles W of Anclote Key, but the fishermen were not on board the vessel. Both aircraft searching for the missing fishermen but had to suspend the search due to heavy weather. Once the high winds of Tropical Storm Jeanne subsided, the crew of the helo was able to resume the search. Only an hour after the helo crew arrived back to the last known position of the fishermen, the 2 men were located inside a liferaft approx 2-1/2 miles off Anclote Key. The men were hoisted & flown to CGAS Clearwater where they were examined by medical personnel & released. This case, & another involving 2 sailors adrift off Fort Myers Beach, illustrates the importance of planning before the arrival of a major storm. Luckily, the CG was able to send out rescuers in the heavy weather & all 4 boaters were rescued. However, CG response during heavy weather can be delayed & should not be anticipated by boaters who remain underway prior to the arrival of hazardous conditions.

JUNEAU    The CG received a telephone call from an official at the Akhiok clinic requesting a medevac for a female suffering from migratory arthritis & possible neuromuscular complications. A CGAS Kodiak Jayhawk helicopter crew despatched to the scene. The crew transferred the patient from the Akhoik clinic to an awaiting ambulance crew in Kodiak. The ambulance crew transported the woman to Kodiak Providence Hospital for further treatment.

GALAPAGOS ISLAND    CG law enforcement teams seized 26,25 lbs of drugs on the FV San Jose, 5 miles W of the Galapagos Islands. The CG seized a record 24,518 lbs of cocaine, worth approx $7.7 billion during fiscal year 24. The previous annual record of 138,393 lbs was surpassed May 29 with the seizure of 4,3 lbs of cocaine off a go-fast vessel in the Eastern Pacific.

NEW ORLEANS    Drums, displaced by Hurricane Ivan, along both banks of Tiger Pass in Venice, LA, were discovered by CG Marine Safety Office. The pollution team recovered 321 drums, 299 were empty, 2 contained petroleum products & 2 contained corrosive acid.

SEATTLE    CGC MELLON returned to its homeport of Seattle after a 4-month deployment to SE Asia to conduct joint exercises with the Navy & 5 Asian countries. MELLON deployed with the USS Fort McHenry, Russell, McCampbell, & Salvor in support of the 1th anniversary Exercise CARAT (Combined Afloat Readiness and Training) 24. Generally one large CGC on each coast is deployed overseas every other summer to support this exercise. CARAT is an annual series of bi-lateral exercises held sequentially at various host counties throughout SE Asia. This year CARAT was hosted in the countries of Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Malaysia, & the Philippines. MELLON participated in each phase of CARAT, conducting training with foreign nations & the USN. The CGs background in international maritime law enforcement & homeland security was utilised during each of the training sessions. MELLON crewmembers provided training in shipboard damage control, maritime law enforcement & SAR. Shipboard engineers from MELLON conducted several professional exchanges with engineers from foreign navies & coast guards. In addition to professional exchanges & training, MELLON crewmembers also interacted socially with dignitaries & members of foreign navies at receptions held in each country. Many crewmembers also participated in community service projects, which included repairs to a home for the mentally disabled in Thailand & repairing the roof & blackboards of a school in the Philippines. For some crewmembers, this was their first visit to a foreign country. While the CG normally performs its homeland security, maritime law enforcement & SAR close to home, the service is also called upon at times to support Dept of Defence missions like CARAT. MELLON typically operates off of Central America & Alaska conducting law enforcement operations, so CARAT 24 marks MELLONs 1st overseas deployment since 1991. MELLON is a 378-ft high endurance Cutter with a crew of 175 that protects Americas interests at sea.

LOS ANGELES    Two men face federal criminal charges after being intercepted by officers from the Dept of Homeland Security as they attempted to smuggle 5 Mexican nationals into the US by way of Los Angeles Harbour on board a 44-ft sailboat. The interdiction of the rented French-built yacht by the CG earlier this week represents the largest incidence of maritime human smuggling uncovered in the Los Angeles area in recent years. The migrants, including a 3 yo-old boy & a woman in her final month of pregnancy, were crowded into the vessels small cabin, which was designed to sleep 8 people. The 2 men facing charges in connexion with the smuggling plot allegedly picked up the migrants in the Mexican port city of Ensenada for the day-long trip to Los Angeles. The migrants told ICE agents they paid $3, each in smuggling fees. CG officers interdicted the yacht near the Angels Gate entrance to Los Angeles Harbour. The intercept was the result of a CG investigation. The vessel was stopped by a 41-ft utility boat crew from the Station Los Angeles, 2 25-ft response boat crews from the Maritime Safety Security Team (MSST) 9113, & the crew of the CGC BLACKFIN. The sailboat was then escorted to the CGs Integrated Support Command boat basin in San Pedro. The 5 smuggled migrants will remain in ICE custody until authorities determine how many will be needed as material witnesses in the criminal case.




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