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November 22

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CGC MEMBERS, LET US SEE YOU. You may add your picture(s) to the clubs call book by sending it (them) as an email attachment or by mail to me. A few of the guys have sent pictures of when they were in the Guard and a current picture. The book has become more interesting with the added pictures.


STATISTICS: DRUGS SEIZED: Cocaine, 117,78 lbs, Marijuana Products, 4,316 lbs, LIVES SAVED, 3,69, MIGRANTS INTERDICTED: 4,14.


PORTSMOUTH The CG rescued 2 people from the waters of Bogue Inlet after their 16-ft pleasure craft capsized in the surf. A 27-ft rescue boat from CG Station Swansboro pulled 1 person onboard that was not breathing & did not have a pulse. PO 2nd Class Jason Daughtry & Seaman Tedd Anishkoff immediately began CPR. The other person, who had gotten his leg wedged between the transom & out-board motor of the pleasure craft, was pulled from the water & taken onboard. The people were transported to Bogue Inlet Point. The CG crewmen beached their boat & the 2 people were transferred to Emerald Isle Emergency Medical Services. One person was declared DOA & the other is listed in stable condition.

NEW ORLEANS   Three CG units in Texas are continuing their search for a crewman from the FV Leon who reportedly entered the water 89 miles S of Galveston. An HU-25 rescue jet crew launched from AS Corpus Christi was on scene 4 minutes later. An HH-65 rescue helicopter crew from AS Houston & the crew of CGC MANOWAR from Galveston assisted in the search. The crewman was last seen wearing a black shirt, shorts, work boots, & no life jacket. Aircrews from AS New Orleans & Aviation Training Centre Mobile worked together to search for a downed single-engine plane. The aircrews located the pilot deceased within the wreckage of the aircraft. The initial search pattern was modified once Brookley Airport gave CG SAR personnel information regarding the aircrafts last known position on radar & eyewitness accounts. The CG then located a debris field leading to the wreckage about 7 miles N of the airport.

NEW ORLEANS CG Station Gulfport received the report of a swimmer who entered the waters off Biloxi Beach near White Ave. & had not been seen for about 3 minutes. Crews from Station Gulfport immediately launched in a 26-ft rescue boat & a truck to search the beach & get information from the reporting source, James Edward Banks. Gilbert, who was pretending to be Banks, has active warrants for his arrest & awaits transport back to Texas. An HH-65 rescue helicopter crew from AS New Orleans diverted from another case to join the search as well as 2 boats from the Biloxi Police Dept & 1 boat from the Dept of Marine Resources. Hoax or prank distress calls put lives of rescuers & other boaters in danger as SAR resources may not be available to save someone who is really in danger. The maximum penalty for making a false distress call is 6 years imprisonment, total restitution of expenses caused by the call & a $25, fine.

JUNEAU Officials at the Seward Police Dept requested CG assistance to help rescue a man & his dog after floodwaters trapped the pair in his trailer near the Seward Highway. Six CGC MUSTANG crewmembers responded within 3 minutes & after assessing the situation, crew launched a small rescue boat led by POs Eamon McCormack & Scott Palmer. Palmer, a Gunners Mate, used a line-throwing gun to shoot a line to Moores trailer. Moore attached the line & secured it to the trailer. McCormack & Palmer used a hand over hand method to pull themselves in the boat to the trailer under cloudy, rain-soaked skies, reaching Moore & his dog. The MUSTANG men completed the rescue & took the uninjured Moore, the dog & the mans belongings to drier ground.

MIAMI CGC MANITOU will bring 63 bales of marijuana to the port of Miami to be turned over to Customs. The drugs were onboard a go-fast boat that was spotted by the aircrew of a Customs P-3 aircraft from Jacksonville. The P-3 crew, who were working for Operation Bahamas & Turks & Caicos, vectored the MANITOU to the location. When the suspected smugglers spotted the Customs aircraft, they immediately began tossing the bales of marijuana overboard. The boat was lost as it continued north into shallow water. The MANITOU was able to recover 63 bales. The MANITOU is a 110-ft patrol boat from Miami Beach.

HONOLULU The 180-ft FV Galaxy exploded & erupted into flames 3 miles SW of St. Paul Island, Alaska forcing 2 of its 26 crewmembers to abandon ship. Six others became stranded on the burning ship before a CG Jayhawk helicopter crew hoisted 4 of them to safety. There is 1 confirmed dead with 5 reported in critical condition & 2 remained missing. Crews aboard the Good Samaritan FVs Blue Pacific, Glacier Bay & Clipper Express assisted in the rescue of 2 Galaxy crewmen. Responding to the scene to help with the SAR of the survivors is the Honolulu based CGC JARVIS. The JARVIS was on patrol in the Bering Sea acting as a SAR platform & to enforce commercial fishing regulations. The JARVIS arrived on location with the survivors & are assisting in the search for the 2 missing crewmembers. Also helping with the search are 2 CG Jayhawk helicopters, a Dolphin helicopter, 2 CG, 1 USAF & 1 ANG C-13 Hercules airplanes. The weather on scene is reported to be 3-to-4 knot winds, seas are 1-15 ft with freezing spray, freezing rain & snow. The air temperature is 35 degrees, with a water temperature of 43 degrees. The Galaxy is reported still afloat & on fire.

NEW ORLEANS Texas CG rescue crews successfully rescued 3 crewmembers from their disabled sailboat in the waters S of Freeport, TX. AS Houston hoisted all 3 crewmembers from their disabled vessel, the 3-ft Get My Drift, about 15 miles SW of Freeport. The 3 men were participating in the Harvest Moon Regatta. The vessels crew was transiting from Port Aransas, TX to Galveston & requested assistance once they entered the Freeport Jetties, reporting damage to the vessels mast & sail & that they were attempting to anchor. Once communication with the vessels crew was lost, Station Freeport launched a 41-ft utility boat to respond. The rescue boat crew was forced to return to the station due to the weather conditions. CGC HERON diverted & a Dolphin rescue helicopter launched to assist. Once communication with the crew of Get My Drift was restored, the master of the vessel requested their removal from the vessel due to weather & sea state. The HERON is an 87-ft patrol boat from Sabine, TX.

SAN DIEGO The crew from a CG Station San Diego 41-ft patrol boat intercepted a 2-ft aluminum boat carrying 6 Mexican nationals just off Point Loma. The crew suspected the nationals were trying to enter the United States illegally. The crew brought the 6 people into CG Activities San Diego, where Border Patrol agents took custody.

POINT JUDITH, R.I. Pending further developments, the CG has officially ended its search for a 55-year-old diver missing off Watch Hill, R.I. Joseph Pasquale of Mansfield, Mass., was diving from the 23-foot pleasure craft Endeavor about 5 miles SE of Watch Hill with 2 other divers in 125 feet of water when he failed to resurface with the rest of the group. The decision to suspend a search is never an easy one," said LCDR Seth Van Essendelft of the CG Command Centre in Boston. However, we have saturated more than 8 square miles with rescue and air assets for 28 hours &, based on that information, we feel that if Mr. Pasquale was on the surface, we would have detected him. The CG's efforts included searches by 2 rescue helicopters from AS Cape Cod & 2 rescue boats from Station Point Judith. The Rhode Island Dept of Environmental Mgt & police from Narragansett, Westerly, & Charlestown, R.I., also assisted in the search. Mr. Pasquale is known to be an experienced, safety-conscious diver with no known medical conditions. The incident is under investigation by the CG's Marine Safety Office in Providence.

FRIENDS OF LONG ISLAND WIRELESS HISTORY are preparing an exhibit for the Long Island Maritime Museum & would be interested in hearing from anyone who served on a land DF or Huff-Duff station, or aboard a ship using Huff-Duff. Contact Van R Field, W2OQI, at <WRECK_AND_RESCUE@JUNO.COM>. T-11-B built for the USCG. Van would like a diagram of the equipment to display shipboard radio gear from the 3s & 4s for a local Long Island maritime museum. E-mail Van at the above address if you have any information.  

CGC McLANE RESTORATION: Jim Gill, K6IRR, is trying to obtain information regarding the types of radio gear about the WSC (125-ft. Cutter class) during the 194s & where replacement equipment for this period may be found. Jim may be contacted at <PDP@CTS.COM>.

BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS! Coast Guard Club CALL BOOK (Sold to CGC members only.) is bound in a 1-1/2 spiral binder & will include a Certificate of Membership in the Coast Guard Club suitable for framing. If you want a copy, send a cheque for $15., which includes postage, payable to Don Gardner. JANAP-131 (1949 version) $7.; ACP-131 (March 1997) $7.. Or you can download your own ACP-131

COAST GUARD STORIES: Check out, which has interesting CG short stories I selected short stories from this site for my version of Coast Guard Stories, Vol. I & II. I will print the volume(s) for you on my printer, put it in a spiral binder & send you a copy postage paid for $15. each. These volumes are on file at USCG Hq. in care of Dr Browning, the CG Historian. Dr Browning advised they are kept in a place of honour in the Public Affairs Office. I have begun Volume III & need stories from Coasties to complete it. If you have something interesting to write regarding an incident or memory of your time in the Guard, please send it to me by e-mail, diskette, or a paper copy. Dont worry about spelling or punctuation.

CG NETS: The CG Radio Amateur SSB Net is on the air each Saturday from 12-13 ET on 143 (14313 alternate). At 13 ET the Net shifts to 14327 & continues, usually for about 3 minutes. Dick Anderson, KE7A, in the Dallas-Ft Worth area, is the NCS. A CW Net with Fred Goodwin, K7LF, as NCS, is on 1452/752 & runs simultaneously.


ALL COASTIE RANKS & RATINGS who served aboard buoy tenders, 21-ft. Cutters & Radio/CommStations: If you would like to help determine interest for a reunion, please e-mail me at <E.GARCIA@ADELPHIA.NET>, snail mail: Ernest Garcia, W4EG, 3734 Holloway St., Newbury Park, CA 9132-5339. I will gather the info & depending on the response, will keep you updated via the CGC Newsletter, e-mail or, if you like, by telephone.

CGC CASCO: Any former crewmembers who would like to be placed on a mailing list of shipmates & activities that includes a reunion every several years, contact: Gordon C Kelly, P O BOX 141, Lyon, WI 53148.

255 FOOT CUTTERS: 4 to 8 May 23 Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. Contact Doak Walker fone: 97 789 2579, FAX 97 789 278, e-mail: <DOAK17@GCI.NET>, web HTTP://255WPG.11NET.COM, snail mail: P O Box 33523, Juneau, AK 9983. Registration forms will be mailed in June 22.

MEMBERSHIP: There are 526 members in our club as of 28 October. DE AD4PT 73 & Semper Paratus.


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