April 21


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SAR SITREPS: CGAS Atlantic City received a report from the FV Cape May requesting a medevac for a crewmember suffering from seizures. The man was safely hoisted & taken to Jersey Shore Medical Centre for treatment.

A 47-ft. boat from CG Station Ft Macon medevaced a German woman from the sailing vessel Thor Heyerdahl after the vessel rolled, causing her to possibly fracture her ribs.

CGAS Atlantic City medevaced an unconscious man with a gunshot wound from the FV Heather Anne off Manasquan Inlet. The man allegedly was shot by another man aboard the FV Baby Doll after an exchange of gun shots between the vessels. Also launched were CGC POINT HIGHLAND from CG Station Barnegat Light & a New Jersey Police boat carrying a CG law enforcement team. Baby Doll was taken to CG Station Shark River & Heather Anne went to station Manasquan Inlet to begin the investigation.

CGC STORIS terminated a commercial processors voyage for extremely hazardous conditions near St George Island in the Bering Sea. During a routine boarding the boarding team members noted lifesaving equipment aboard the processor Northern Glacier had expired hydrostatic releases & expired distress signals. The STORIS then escorted the vessel to Dutch Harbor. Inspectors from the CG Marine Safety Detachment in Unalaska met the boat to discuss correcting the discrepancies.

CCGD SEVEN SAR: USCG & DEA working for Operations Bahamas Turks & Caicos, along with U.S. Customs and Joint Inter-agency Task Force-East, seized 1,65 pounds of cocaine & three assault weapons after a high-speed chased ended in the Bahamas. The go-fast made it to North Andros Island where 3 suspects were seen in the water trying to offload large bales; one suspect remained on board the vessel, proceeding northbound, where the vessel ran aground. All 4 suspects eluded capture by using nightfall as their cover.

CGC CONFIDENCE returned to Port Canaveral after spending 48 days at sea operating with USCG & DOD ships & aircraft. During the patrol they saved a sinking Haitian vessel & its crew of 5 in 1-ft. seas. They also found a Honduran fisherman clinging desperately to his swamped fishing canoe 45 miles from land.

A CGAS Miami HU-25 Falcon jet, CGC JOSHUA APPLEBY, and MV A.V. Canster combined efforts to rescue 4 people after they abandoned their sinking fishing vessel Miss Maryln Louise, about 9 miles E of West Palm Beach.

ACADEMY CADETS: One of the Academy's commissioned instructors & several cadets helped Station New London get speedy medical attention to a woman with a broken ankle. Lt. Greg Hall, a chemistry professor here & several cadets were returning from a regatta , when they overheard a distress call to the Coast Guard. A 57-year-old woman aboard a pleasure boat had fallen & broken her ankle. A quick position fix showed the crew that they were only 1 NM away. After checking with Station New London, they set sail to the injured woman's boat. Hall, a qualified EMT, boarded the vessel with Cadet Paul Schurke. Hall gave the woman first aid, but decided it would be too painful to move her to the Coast Guard small boat, which arrived shortly afterward. He opted instead to remain with her, her husband & Schurke aboard their vessel & head for the hospital at Orient Point, N.Y. The woman was delivered safely to a waiting ambulance.

AIRSTA KODIAK: The Coast Guard received a report of the downed Piper Cub from the Kenai Flight Service Station. A Jayhawk helicopter was immediately launched with two aviation survival technicians qualified as emergency medical technicians. The crew located the crash site, removed the man & began performing & maintained CPR throughout the 50-minute flight to the Spruce Cape helicopter pad in Kodiak. The man was transferred to an ambulance for further transport to Providence Kodiak Island Medical Centre but died of his injuries that evening.


DECOMMISSIONING: [de George E Vincent, WA5GEV]. POINT ESTERO will be decommissioned soon & transferred to the Colombian Navy. The 82-ft. WPB was commissioned in December 1963 at the CG Yard. Meanwhile, the crew will be familiarising themselves with the operations of the replacement Cutter, the 87-ft. RAZORBILL of the Predator class, which are built to accommodate mixed crews.



                CGC VENTUROUS, based at St Petersburg, carried Rex & the King of Zulu to their traditional Lundi Gras meeting at Woldenberg Park, LA. It is a rite in which the Coast Guard has participated since the 1980s.

                SAR Cats. LT Timothy Grimes, a helicopter rescue pilot, became the lead man of the SAR Cats for the 2nd year of the Coast Guards Carnival Cutter float. The SAR Cats, a 12-member jazz outfit is unlike other service bands, whose members are full-time military musicians, the SAR Cats mostly features Coast Guard members who play music strictly as a sideline. The band has become part of the Coast Guards community outreach programme, a way to give back to the community & share in the local celebrations. It also brings a new element to the Coast Guards Cutter float, used as a recruiting tool from which Coast Guard members throw trinkets.


SILENT KEY: The April 21 edition of QST magazine reported that John M Vasicak, W9ZEN, is now a Silent Key. A moment of silence was conducted on the CG SSB Net Saturday, 24 March.


Which college is the Choosiest? The most selective college, accepting only 9.6% of its applicants, is the USCG Academy!


CGC IRONWOOD: After 57 years of service, eight homeports & more than a half-million nautical miles past the propeller, the CGC IRONWOOD retired from military service. The 180-foot "B" Class (also known as Mesquite Class) buoy tender was decommissioned during a ceremony at the Northern Lights Recreational Facility at Integrated Support Command Kodiak, Alaska, 6 October 2. The IRONWOOD was commissioned Oct. 11, 1943, primarily to conduct aids to navigation duties for the Coast Guard. It was stationed in Boston, San Francisco, Monterey, Calif., Guam, Honolulu, & Homer, Adak & Kodiak, Alaska. The Cutter served in World War II, the Korean War & Vietnam War, & was the only U. S. ship left on active duty awarded the Korean Service Medal. It was the second oldest commissioned Cutter in service behind the CGC STORIS. It also held the distinction of being the only 180-foot buoy tender built at the Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore, Md. The IRONWOOD & its crew departed Kodiak Oct. 7 for San Pedro, Calif., where the ship will await the final paperwork before being sold to the Nigerian navy for tender work in the country's oil fields.


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NEW COAST GUARD BOOK: D R Peterson, our vessel historian, reports his book U.S. Lighthouse Service Tenders, was released 7 August. This is the first book to feature all of the lighthouse tenders & auxiliary craft of the USLHS. 9.5x9.5 hardbound, ISBN 1-885457-12-X, price $39.95 + $5.00 shipping. I bought the book & recommend it. You may order direct from the Eastwind Publishing, 4302 Baildon Road, Trappe, MD 21673, fone 41 476 4469, e-mail: or web page or


COAST GUARD STORIES: Check Out: Jacks Joint,, which has interesting Coast Guard short stories & scuttlebutt. I used selected short stories from this site for my version of Coast Guard Stories. I will print the stories on my printer, put it in a spiral binder & send you a copy if you will pay $19.95, which includes the cost of postage also.


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CGC ABSECON & CHINCOTEAGUE: First reunion October 2001 at Norfolk, VA. For info. contact John R Peters, 1831 Volvo Parkway, Chesapeake, VA, fone 757 479 , e-mail: or Harry S Huggins, 5411 Greenfield DR, Portsmouth, VA 2373, fone 757 484-37, e-mail: (Info from EMCM J R Peters)


CGC BIBB: (from The Chief) The 16th annual reunion of BIBB (W-32-W-99) will be held 9-12 May 21 at the Holiday Inn, New Orleans West Bank, Gretna, LA. For more details contact James Kelly, USCGC BIBB Assoc., 4 Lisa Lane, Uncasville, CT 6382, fone 86 848 116, e-mail:


CGC CASCO: Any former crewmembers who would like to be placed on a mailing list of shipmates & activities that includes a reunion every several years, contact: Gordon C Kelly, P O BOX 141, Lyon WI 5314.


CGC DUANE: Next reunion 13-15 September. Gala banquet Saturday 15th aboard USS Yorktown. Special rates available if you mention DUANE REUNION. For more information & to receive the free newsletter & membership information, contact Paul Turner, USCGC DUANE Assn., HCR2 Box 15A, Summit, NY 12175, e-mail:


83 Footers: Check out A reunion of 83 WPB sailors 11 August at Ft Worden, Port Townsend, WA. For additional info, e-mail Wink Weber at, or fone 53 848 3276, FAX 53 848 848. Wink needs head count NLT 11 June.


Navy Patrol Squadron 18 (VPB-18) annual reunion will be hosted in Mobile, AL 9-12 October by Warren Locklin, N4RUC. Interested parties may contact him at 334 479 2961.


USCG LIGHTSHIP SAILORS ASSN: Reunion 4-6 October 21 at Port Huron, MI. Contact Jerry Radloff, 12 Woods Lane, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1157, fone 1-313 884 371, e-mail: de K6IRR


USCG CW Operators Assn: The 3d annual reunion for the CG CW Operators Assn. will be Charleston, SC, from 17 to 21 October. Celebrities MCPO CG Vince Patton & Fred Siegel (Freds Place) will be there. For more info. contact: J J Huffman, POB 55388, North Pole, AK  99705, e-mail:


USCGC RUSH: CWO John Vogel is planning a reunion for those who served aboard RUSH during the 197-71 deployment to Vietnam. If you are interested or know anyone who was aboard during that period please contact him at e-mail address: [from COMM ONE, November 2.]


255 Foot Cutters: 3d reunion of all 13 from 6-1 May 21 at the Union Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas. For info write: USCG 255 Reunion Committee, PO Box 33523, Juneau AK 9983, fone 1 97 789 2579 (note from GMCS R A Morgan, Ret.)


MEMBERSHIP: There are 466 members in our Club. We are striking for 5 by the end of 21!        de AD4PT