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April 23

SPECIAL NOTICE: If anyone is interested in taking over the Coast Guard Club, please notify me & I will provide needed details, plus all the files.

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CGC MEMBERS, LET US SEE YOU. You may add your picture(s) to the clubs call book by sending it (them) as an email attachment (JPEG format, please) or by mail to me. A few of the guys have sent pictures of when they were in the Guard & a current picture. The book has become more interesting with these added pictures.

NEW CUTTER: Al Mans, KG9BI, advises the CG has accepted the HICKORY, a 245 ft. Juniper-class seagoing buoy tender for service. HICKORY will homeport out of Homer, AK.

STATISTICS (2 March): DRUGS SEIZED: Cocaine, 48,958 lbs, Marijuana Products, 9,757 lbs; LIVES SAVED: 1,134; MIGRANTS INTERDICTED: 2,788.

Search and Rescue SitReps

The CG, in partnership with the Alaska State Dept of Transportation, is moving forward with a proposed project to build a helicopter-landing pad at Wolff Point, on the North Tongass Highway in Ketchikan. The pad is to be used by helicopters bringing rescued mariners & medical patients to Ketchikan &, since it is on the Ketchikan side of the Tongass Narrows, will give patients quicker transportation to the hospital. The planning phase is in full swing, however construction of the pad is still about a year away. Currently when a person is brought in to Ketchikan from a vessel at sea, an outlying village or other remote area, the helicopter delivers the patient to the Ketchikan airport on Gravina Island. There they have to wait for either a ferry or some other waterborne transportation across the Tongass Narrows. This delays the patient receiving medical attention by up to an hour or 2 & is especially problematic at night when ferry service between the airport & downtown Ketchikan is closed. By building a helicopter pad at Wolff Point an ambulance crew can pull directly alongside the helicopter, attend the patient & transport the person immediately to the hospital saving valuable time.

CG rescue crews airlifted 3 people from various Alaska locations who required medical assistance during the weekend. The CG received a request from an official at the Dutch Harbor Clinic to airlift a 57-yo man who suffered a broken neck. A Dolphin helicopter crew aboard the Cutter ALEX HALEY in Dutch Harbor loaded Ivan Olsen aboard the aircraft while 6 knot gusting winds & whiteout conditions blanketed Western Alaska. The aircrew also airlifted 5-yo Michael Hazen for medical transport after he experienced possible internal bleeding. The helicopter crew transported the men to Cold Bay where a commercial air transport team awaited. The team took the men to Anchorage for additional medical assistance. Also, the CG received a request from Global Maritime Systems in Seattle to airlift 41-yo Maria Zuno in Akutan. The non-English speaking Zuno reportedly suffered possible appendicitis. The helicopter crew from the ALEX HALEY stopped in Akutan after dropping off Hazen & Olsen. In Akutan they took Zuno & her husband aboard & transported them to Dutch Harbor in the inclement weather.

Aircrews from AS Cape Cod transported 3 people in distress to area hospitals. The crew of an HU-25 transferred a 17-yo from Nantucket to Providence Hospital in RI. The boy had injuries from a traffic accident. Group Woods Hole received a call for help from an injured fisherman 8 miles E of Chatham. A rescue boat was despatched from Station Chatham. The crew of the rescue boat arrived on scene & transferred the injured 5-yo to the deck of their boat. An HH-6 airlifted the man from the rescue boat & took him to Cape Cod hospital for treatment. The CG received another call for help. Boston Children's Hospital requested a flight for a 2-day old with pulmonary distress. The crew of an HU-25 picked up a medical team at Boston's Logan Airport to assist in transporting the infant from Albany back to Boston. In all 3 cases, commercial medical transport was not available due to weather conditions.

CG aircrews were kept busy performing a series of medical evacuations in the Caribbean. An AS Clearwater, FL HH-6 was despatched to the cruise ship Sovereign of the Seas to airlift a 59-yo woman. The U.S. citizen was suffering from possible internal bleeding. The duty flight surgeon recommended an immediate medevac, & she was safely transferred to local emergency medical services in Nassau, Bahamas, for further transfer to Doctor's Hospital. Later, an AS Miami HH-65 was despatched to the cruise ship Volendam 15 miles SE of Islamorada, FL, to airlift a 42-yo male suffering from stomach problems. After the flight surgeon's recommendation, the U.S. citizen was safely transferred to local EMS at Marathon Intl Airport, FL for further transport to Fisherman's Hospital. Later that afternoon, an AS Clearwater HH-6 was again despatched to the Sovereign of the Seas to airlift a female suffering from possible appendicitis. The duty flight surgeon recommended an immediate medevac, & the 25-yo was transferred to local EMS at Executive Airport Nassau for further transfer to Doctor's Hospital. An AS Miami HH-65 was launched to the cruise ship Enchantment of the Seas to provide a medevac for a male suffering from diving injuries. An HH-2 Falcon jet was also launched to provide overhead cover during the hoisting evolution. The patient was safely transported to Key West Intl Airport where he was transferred to awaiting EMS. The CG is committed to providing a wide range of services ranging from law enforcement to search & rescue, including medevacs.

The CG has rescued at least 4 people & more than 14 others are safe, after a sudden squall pushed through Galveston Bay with 4-65-knot winds. The Group Operations Centre in Galveston was notified that 9 sailboats had capsized & at least 14 people were in the water when the squall pushed through a sailing class in Offuts Bayou. A 25-ft rescue boat from Station Galveston arrived on scene to discover that everyone had either righted their boats, had been picked up by their classmates, or assisted by Galveston County Sheriffs officials. About the same time, another distress call was received from a 21-ft pleasure boat with 4 people aboard reporting that they were disabled, adrift, & were being pushed into the Galveston jetties by heavy seas & wind. The 4 people abandoned ship & swam to the rocks where a helicopter from AS Houston picked them up with a rescue basket, took them to Group Galveston, & turned them over to awaiting local EMS personnel.

CG explosion-detection canine units are conducting shipboard search & helicopter deployment training here this week as part of the CGs role in homeland security. The 6 bomb-dog units will be able to detect explosives, for example those that are found in dirty bombs, & will be a force multiplier in the CGs effort to safeguard the nation. These canine detection units will deploy with quick reaction forces, known as Maritime Safety & Security Teams & Tactical Law Enforcement Teams, stationed in Chesapeake, VA., Seattle, Miami, & Los Angeles/Long Beach, where they will incorporate the canine programme into CG missions, like port security, drug interdiction & illegal migrant interdiction. The explosive dogs, as well as 2 narcotics dog units, have been undergoing a rigorous 8-week training course in techniques for searching ships, vehicles & buildings, as well as deploying from boats & helicopters. Personnel from Auburn Universitys Canine Training Centre near Anniston, AL are conducting the initial training for the 8 CG canine units.

COAST GUARD CLUB CALL BOOK (Sold to CGC members only.) is bound in a 1-1/2 spiral binder & will include a Certificate of Membership in the Coast Guard Club suitable for framing. If you want a copy, send a cheque for $15., which includes postage, payable to Don Gardner.

CG NETS: The CG Radio Amateur SSB Net is on the air each Saturday from 12-13 ET on 143 (14313 alternate). At 13 ET the Net shifts to 14327 & continues, usually for about 3 minutes. Dick Anderson, KE7A, in the Dallas-Ft Worth area, is the NCS. A CW Net with Fred Goodwin, K7LF, as NCS, is on 1452/752 & runs simultaneously.


CGC/USS BURTON ISLAND: 9-13 June 23, Reno, NV. Contact

CGC CAMPBELLL: 13-16 May 23. Hamtpon, VA. Contact or

CGC CASCO: Any former crewmembers who would like to be placed on a mailing list of shipmates & activities that includes a reunion every several years, contact: Gordon C Kelly, P O BOX 141, Lyon, WI 53148.

CG CW OPERATORS: 29 October-2 November 23 at Honeysuckle Inn, Branson, MO. Contact Paula Lee 1-8 942 3553 for reservations, email for details.

CGC DUANE: 12th annual reunion in Baltimore, MD 25-27 September 23. More details & free newsletter contact Paul Turner, 113 Wharton Hollow RD, Summit, NY 12175 or

CGC EASTWIND: Memorial Day weekend 23 at Boston, MA. Contact USCGDIVER@WEBTV.NET.

CGC JARVIS: 15-17 May 23 Ft Lauderdale, FL. Contact

CGC KUKUI: 9-14 October 23 at Alexandria, VA. Contact CAPT Jim Donahue, retired, 38 N Oakland ST, Arlington, VA 2227, Fone 73 522 217.

LIGHTSHIP SAILORS ASSN: Reunion 2-4 October 23 at Lewes, DE. Any questions contact Lou Toobert, 111 Sonant Drive, Newark, DE 19713, Fone 32 738 92, e-mail:

CGC MACKINAW: The Once In Every Five Years Mackinaw Reunion is planned for the 2nd week of August 24 in Cheboygan, Michigan. The once Great White Mother of the Great Lakes, now sporting a red coat of paint, will be 55 years old. More info about the gathering will be posted as received.

CGC MORGANTHAU: 18-2 July 23 Durham, NH. Contact

CGC ROCKAWAY: 2-5 October 23 Cape May, NJ. Contact or

ULITHI ATOLL: 21-24 May 23. Further info call Deborah M Arnold 52 747 3727.

255 FT CUTTERS: 4-8 May 23 Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. Contact Doak Walker fone: 97 789 2579, FAX 97 789 278, e-mail: DOAK17@GCI.NET, web HTTP://255WPG.11NET.COM, snail mail: P O Box 33523, Juneau, AK 9983.

MEMBERSHIP: There are 531 members in our club as of 27 March. DE AD4PT 73 & Semper Paratus.