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September 24


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Search and Rescue SitReps

NEW ORLEANS    CG rescue crews, local law enforcement agency personnel & Good Samaritans continue their search for a man in Irish Bayou. Elliot Fredricks & Dennis Villneurve, of Slidell, were attempting to prime the motor of their boat when it suddenly took off, throwing both men into the water. Villneurve, clinging to a crab pot float, was picked up a short time later by a Good Samaritan boater. Both men were trying to swim to shore when Fredricks reportedly became tired & went below the surface. A CG helo crew from CGAS New Orleans & a boatcrew from CG Station New Orleans searched into the night Sunday & returned at first light to continue searching near the Highway 11 Bridge. Also searching are 2 boatcrews from St Tammany Sheriff's Office, New Orleans PD divers, a boat crew from Louisiana Fisheries & Wildlife & several Good Samaritan boaters.

HONOLULU    CGC KUKUI & technicians from NOAA repaired a weather buoy that was no longer properly transmitting information, located approx 2 miles NW of Kauai. The weather buoy, also known as the surf buoy, is operated by NOAA & is one in a string of 4 buoys located throughout the Hawaiian Islands. These buoys record information, such as wave & sea heights, air & sea temperatures, barometric pressure & wind speed direction, all of which are essential to tracking current weather conditions. The data is transmitted directly from the buoy to the Stennis Space Centre in Mississippi where it is used primarily for public marine information broadcast & early hurricane warnings. Kukui is a 225' buoy tender home ported in Honolulu that services aids to navigation throughout the Hawaiian Islands & the western Pacific Ocean. NOAA also uses the information for maritime forecasting & makes the data available at

MIAMI    CGC KODIAK ISLAND repatriated 11 Cuban migrants to Bahia de Cabaas, Cuba. The migrants were from 2 separate groups intercepted since 19 Aug. In the first group of migrants, 3 people were located on a rustic raft by a Good Samaritan & rescued by a small boat from Station Islamorada, FL, 1 mile S of Rodriguez Key. The 2nd group, consisting of 8 migrants, was rescued from their rustic raft 18 miles N of Havana 21 Aug. Once on board CG Cutters, all migrants receive food, water, lifejackets & any necessary medical attention. Determination of a migrant's status is made by the US Govt & coordinated by Homeland Security immigration officials. CGC KODIAK ISLAND is a 11-ft patrol boat from St Petersbug.

SEATTLE    A 36-yo Able Seaman on board the Panamanian-flagged freight ship Far East Silo died after falling overboard about 1 miles W of Astoria. The Far East Silo radioed a Mayday & a nearby harbour pilot vessel heard the call & relayed it to CG Group/CGAS Astoria. An HH-6 helo from the CGAS & 2 47-ft motor lifeboats from CG Station Cape Disappointment were launched to assist. The man was located & hoisted into a helo where a CG Aviation Survival Technician performed CPR. He man was transported to an awaiting ambulance & taken to Columbia Memorial Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. CG MSO Portland is investigating the incident.

LINCOLN CITY, OR    Two exhausted surfers who were stranded on a cliff side near Otter Rock in Lincoln City are safe after a helo hoisted them to safety. Wyman Lee, 26, & Jason Vanwinkle, 25, were surfing when they became exhausted & were stranded on a cliff. A 3rd surfer was able to swim to shore where he was assisted from the water by the Depoe Bay Fire Dept. CG Station Depoe Bay received a call from a Lincoln City County 911 despatcher reporting 3 surfers who were in distress. An HH-6 from CG Air Facility Newport, OR, a mobile land unit, a 47-ft motor lifeboat & a 23-ft response boat from Station Depoe Bay were launched to assist the 2 Idaho natives. In addition, Lee & Vanwinkle were located & hoisted by the helo's rescue swimmer, which then transported them to a nearby park. Both men were turned over to awaiting EMT where they were examined & released. The CG would like to remind individuals taking part in water sports that the currents off the coast of Oregon & Washington are unpredictable, strong & extremely dangerous. People are advised to check local weather, tides & surf conditions before heading out.

JUNEAU    The CG coordinated a 39-yo British man's rescue in the Pacific Ocean about 1, miles SW of Kodiak. The CG received an electronic positioning indicating radio beacon signal (EPIRB), for a vessel registered to Great Britain. SAR in the UK provided information about the 23-ft ocean rowing vessel, Mrs D's Viking Spirit & its crewman Mick Dawson of Lincolnshire, who tried his 2ND attempt to row from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco. According to LT Asheley Bodkin, who coordinated the rescue, Dawson equipping his vessel with 2 EPIRBS greatly contributed to his safe rescue at sea. CGAS Kodiak launched a C-13 & coordinated with the crew aboard the German cargo vessel Hanjin Philadelphia to assist Dawson. The Hanjin Philadelphia is a 925-ft freighter that participates in the CG-sponsored Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue system (AMVER). AMVER is a computer-based, voluntary global ship reporting system used worldwide by SAR authorities to arrange for assistance to persons in distress at sea. With AMVER, rescue coordinators can identify participating ships in the area of distress & divert the best-suited ship or ships to respond. AMVER's mission is to quickly provide SAR authorities, on demand, accurate information on the positions & characteristics of vessels near a reported distress. An additional C-13 launched in order to arrive on scene when the first C-13 would need to depart. The first Hercules crew located the Mrs D's Viking Spirit when it spotted the flares Dawson fired from atop the capsized rowboat's hull. With his vessel capsized & his radio inaccessible, Dawson couldn't communicate, so the C-13 crew attempted to drop a VHM-FM radio to him. However, the radio landed out of reach. At about the same time, the Hanjin Philadelphia arrived on scene & plucked the uninjured Dawson from his boat's hull. Dawson will remain aboard the cargo vessel until it arrives in Long Beach, CA. The HC-13 Hercules is a long-range surveillance & transport, fixed-wing aircraft that is used to perform a wide variety of missions. CG C-13 aircraft costs about $4,244 an hour to operate. During this case both Hercules aircraft flew for a combined 2 hours.

BOSTON    CG Station Gloucester responded to a report of a 55-yo unconscious diver off Kennel Island near Gloucester. A diver resurfaced from 5-ft of water complained of exhaustion & collapsed on deck. The vessel Dream Girl called CG Station Gloucester via channel 16, which then launched their 25-ft response boat. Emergency Services was waiting at the station, & the patient was taken to Addison Gilbert Hospital.

The CG is the lead federal agency for maritime drug interdiction & shares lead responsibility for air interdiction with the Customs Service. As such, it is a key player in combating the flow of illegal drugs to the US. The CG's mission is to reduce the supply of drugs from the source by denying smugglers the use of air & maritime routes in the Transit Zone, a 6 million square mile area, including the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico & Eastern Pacific. In meeting the challenge of patrolling this vast area, the CG coordinates closely with other federal agencies & countries within the region to disrupt & deter the flow of illegal drugs. In addition to deterrence, CG drug interdiction accounts for nearly 56% of all U.S. government seizures of cocaine each year. For FY 2 the rate of CG cocaine seizures alone had an estimated import value of approximately $4.4 billion.

KODIAK    The CG MSO in Valdez is investigating a fire aboard the vessel Klondike Express in Prince William Sound. The Whittier-based Klondike Express travelled just S of Outpost Island & W of Glacier Island when fire broke out in the engine room. Crewmembers quickly extinguished the fire with the ship's on board fire suppression equipment & reported no injuries. The crew transferred the 57 passengers aboard to the vessel Nunatak that took them to Whittier. The Klondike Express is a 137-ft catamaran used for glacier & wildlife tours in Prince William Sound.


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