Eternal Father, Lord of Hosts 

Watch o'er the ones who guard our coasts 

Protect them from the raging seas 

And give them light and life and peace. 

Grant them from thy great throne above 

The shield and shelter of thy love. 

Lord, guard and guide the ones who fly 

Through the great spaces in the sky 

Be with them always in the air, 

In darken storms or sunlight fair, 

Oh, hear us when we lift our prayer, 

For those in peril in the air! 

Grant to them Your eternal peace, Oh Lord, 

For they have followed your commandment, 

That No Greater Love has he, who would give up his life for another. 


Note: The MIDI file song, Navy Hymn was available to insert in this file. The Coast Guard Hymn and the Navy Hymn share the same music.  - Jack -

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