By G. R. Newman

From a daily news sheet of the CGC KUKUI in the fifties, Republished by the Retiree Newsletter May, 1983.


The band was gaily playing,

As the ship pulled into place.

Folks gathered close to watch her,

And observe a dear ones face.


Some voice called, "Welcome Heroes,"

It's been rough for you so long,

No one realized the heroes

Were on the dock where they belong.


The children scrubbed and shiny,

Every hair in perfect place.

'Twas hard to imagine,

How the families stood the pace.


While the men were gone consider ...

Who cared for all they loved,

Nursed kids, changed tires, reared infants,

Washed cooked and scrubbed.


A broken arm was tended,

Many mid-watches were stood,

No one relieved the duty,

Of the watch of love.


Who kept morale alive,

With letters by the score?

Spent lonely nights and weekends,

Counting just how many more?


Handled bills, and spent the money?

Made decisions great and small?

So this fellow, now so near here,

She could easily hear him call.


Who kept all this going?

A hero.. You bet your life!!!

But when asked, she'd calmly say,

"I am just another Coasties wife."


From "This - *?#!@*? Was The Coast Guard" by Esther Stormer 1985

Reprinted by permission.


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