By Jeff Lindstrom



T’was the night before Christmas,

And all around the boat

The Coasties were struggling

To keep her afloat.


The waves were a-pounding

The seas wouldn’t wait!

But this crew was ready;

‘Cause THEIR boat had a date!


Santa was waiting

Since his sleigh, don’t you know

For the first time was bogged down

In drifts of deep snow.


The sea suddenly calmed

To the crew’s great relief.

No one knew why,

Not even the old Chief.


Calm seas prevailed

Though the snow was still falling.

The wind had died down;

Then they heard Santa calling!


The boat pulled alongside

A monstrous ice floe,

And on board hopped Santa,

His sleigh and reindeer in tow!


The storm hit again –

The wind it did howl!

The Cutter slashed onward,

Slicing the seas with her bow!


After a while

The sky cleared and then,

The ocean was quiet;

It had happened again!


The crew yelled, Santa, you’re in luck!

There’s the pole star, Polaris!

Santa fired up Rudolph’s nose and said,

Thanks to the Coast Guard, nothing can scare us!


The sleigh flew into the night sky

With stardust a-twinkling,

And everyone on the crew,

Well, each had an inkling.


That they had saved the tradition

Of Santa and Christmas for children.

The timing, and conditions –

Well, they WERE bewilderin’!


As the cutter pulled into port

Ready for docking,

The crew found hanging on the rail

For each member, a stocking.


The surprise, don’t you know

Was from Santa, of course.

It was his way of saying,

Thanks for steering the course.


That storm was just terrible;

Of our direction, I lost track.

Nonetheless, you went out –

Tho’ you knew you might not get back.


Merry Christmas, you Coasties!

And to all of you, smooth sailing!

Keep up the good work!

You just don’t think of failing!


The public won’t know

Of your mission that night.

But that’s your standard procedure;

Just keep doing things right!


You saved Christmas this year,

Not to mention my life –

I guess it’s needless to say,

‘Thanks,’ from my wife.


See you next Christmas, Coasties!

Maybe Mother Nature will be

Friendly - kind - gentle

And you’ll not be at sea.