March 15th, 2003
"News Letter and Updates"
Edition #2

A News letter for the Coast Guard Cutter CHASE WESTPAC Tour Crew Members and Friends.

Now Available

Alan Ricker's personal tape recorded letters, have been transferred to compact disk.  These audio files, "Audiograms," can be played on any CD player or can be heard by playing on your computer. 

Thanks to Alan, his personal audio files provides a rare recorded audio account for the CHASE WESTPAC Tour, and  gives us a chance to hear some of the actual sounds from all of those years ago. Pay close attention to these recordings, you will hear his hopes and plans for the future, a glimpse of life as a seaman on CHASE, a gun fire support mission, and news from the family back home. A rare peek of a WESTPAC tour from the voice of a seaman.

To order your copy:  E-mail the address you want the CD sent to,  A donation of  $5.00 is asked to cover cost of the CD. All extra monies will be donated to a worthy cause decided by you the WESTPAC CREW.  


I guarantee, this CD will bring back the memories. 

The Poet's Circle
by FN Larry Healey 
Stars remind me of people and I feel like a star. So close to some, yet galaxies apart from others. Some blocked out by the clouds others by cities. Mans existence is but an instant in a star's life time.

Sometimes I wish I was a star,  no worry of death, no worry of life. Yet you make me thankful I'm not a star,  with your ocean wide smile and beautiful face.  A star knows nothing of love, you make me glad I'm me. 

ca.  1970  The SHORT TIMER, Woody's Cover edition. 

News Letter Second Attempt

I have received word, that my first attempt at sending a News Letter of this type, did not go through to all of our crew.  I am trying again to get this off of the ground and hope I can hit on a file system that will work for all of the crew.  This is one of the problems an in-expericened computer News Letter person, like myself has. 

I say again, any feed back on this News Letter will be appreciated. I will continue to send the regular updates, at various times.  Items, articles, pictures, and help. Your welcome, this is your News Letter. 

Question:  How do you find the information on various crew members and subjects?

I have various resorce's that I use.  The good old search engine, and lots of reading is a good way to start.  The second and most productive is e-mail.  One letter can lead to two and I think you would be surprised at what you can learn if you ask for help. 

Always beware of false information, the internet is a good source for incorrect information.  I am the first to admit to many mistakes. Rodney

Why is it ??? 

That when an "all hands" evolution is announced , all hands don't participate.   Surely AMMUNITION, and STORES could be stored more quickly IF all hands participated.  When all hands abandoned ship is announced,    ALL HANDS   abandon ship!


4/4/1970 The SHORT TIMER, Under Water Issue.

Greenpeace confronts US military escort ship leaving for the Mediterranean
Thu 13 March 2003, Madrid, SPAIN 

At 0900 CET today, activists in inflatable boats from the Greenpeace flagship 'Rainbow Warrior' confronted the US  Coast Guard ship 'Dallas' as it left the Rota naval base in Spain armed with guns, torpedoes and harpoon missiles. Four activists brandished banners saying "No War" and chased the Dallas for two miles before being intercepted by three police boats and a helicopter. There were no arrests. The Rainbow Warrior remains anchored near the port's entrance on the edge of an exclusion zone established by the military authorities overnight to prevent the ship from entering the port. 

"President Aznar is dragging this country into a war that the Spanish people don't want. Day and night tanks and helicopters are streaming though our ports as part of the build up of the military machine in the Gulf. Greenpeace is determined to do all it can to stop this headlong rush into a war that will only make the world a more volatile and dangerous place," said Greenpeace campaign in Spain, Carlos Bravo, from the scene.


2003-03-13  SPAIN-Cadiz   ©Greenpeace/Pedro Armestre 

Inflatables from the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior protesting alongside the US Coast Guard vessel 


Greenpeace considers that President Aznar and the Spanish Popular Party are making a serious mistake by ignoring the overwhelming public opposition to an impending war against Iraq. It is urging the Spanish government to pursue a peaceful solution to the Iraq crisis and to promote this position in the UN Security Council, as well as in other international fora.

"The Security Council meeting is the Spanish government's last opportunity to stand for democracy, listen to the majority of Spanish people and oppose this illegal war. If Foreign Affairs Minister, Ana Palacio, wants to avoid political suicide she will veto the new resolution, stop supporting the Bush Administration's march to war and stop allowing Spanish ports to be used as arteries to war," said Bravo.

Greenpeace is calling on all members of the United Nations to prevent Spain, the UK and the US from undermining the UN Charter by waging an illegal war on Iraq. Greenpeace said all 191 members of the UN General Assembly should use UN resolution 377, known as 'Uniting for Peace', to call an emergency session because the Security Council is split on the issue of how to maintain international peace and security. (1)

"The UN must fully exercise its mandate and unite as a whole to defend its founding principles to preserve international law and multilateralism. It's now up to all the world's countries to avert this war," added Bravo. 

Since its inception in 1971, Greenpeace has advocated global disarmament through peaceful means and has challenged the testing and proliferation of nuclear weapons around the world. The international environmental organization is opposed to all wars, including a war in Iraq because, as well as tragic loss of life, war causes environmental degradation and pollution and leads to the use of weapons of mass destruction. (2)

"If the United States is motivated to war by Iraq's oil reserves then the solution is to reduce dependence on oil through the development and use of clean energy, such as hydrogen, wind and solar energies. If the motivation is to disarm Iraq, then the US, the UK and Spain must work for peaceful disarmament, and disarm at home as well. The world must recommit itself to multilateral global arms control and peaceful disarmament to promote real global security," concluded Bravo. (3)