April 1st, 2003
  "News letter and Updates" 
Edition #3

A News letter for the Coast Guard Cutter CHASE WESTPAC CREW, Past and Present Crew Members, Families, and Friends



"We're on the Internet"

"We're on the Internet"
March 17th,  2003  by Rodney O. Young

You will now have easy access to our News Letters, via the web sight, Jack's Joint. While most of the News Letters were able to be viewed by our crew members and friends,  some members could not open the files to view our publication.

Jack's Joint, for those who have not visited this site, it is a great collection of writings by fellow Coast Guard Veterans, and currently serving Coast Guard Personnel.  "An unofficial Coast Guard Library,"  But wait there is more,

" An Unofficial library of Coast Guard stories, articles, poems, essays, and downright lies. There are links to other Coastie sites, lighthouse sites, military sites, and lots of other stuff. Stop in and visit for awhile. Look at the pictures if you can find them. Most pages have a musical background. New features have just been added."

I guess we fall under the section of, "Lots of other stuff"!  If you want to find our page(s), it will be in the Coast Guard News Letters section. I am truly honored we can be apart of this GREAT SITE.

For easy access to Jack's Joint, you can follow this link, http://www.jacksjoint.com/newsletters.htm
Once there, you can bookmark the page or add to your favorites.  Do not forget to visit the rest of the site.  You will, "I guarantee," discover other items of interest.

Many thanks to JACK A. ECKERT.

Questions to the Editor
Rodney O. Young,  March 25th, 2003

QUESTION:  Why did you just include the WESTPAC CREW members in your News Letter,  when the USCGC CHASE has a good many crew members from other years that would be happy to be involved with such a publication.

ANSWER:   This was a hard decision.  I offered to help with the newly forming CHASE ASSOCIATION, News Letter. The newly forming group is planning a reunion for this summer, Boston, Massachusetts, August 8th thru August 10th.   They are a small group and have been working very hard on this project. They are to be commended. Their  News Letter was put on hold until a later date.

I think most of you reading this letter can understand that in any organization a few people make it go. My first goal has been trying to keep the ties of our WESTPAC CREW together. While the name suggests specific years of CHASE, that is when  I  served on CHASE, and it relates to my era in the COAST GUARD.  I am to date, the contact for our informal group.  I get the word out, what ever it is.  Most, if not all projects,  like this article are produced by me. I hope that gives you an idea as to why this News Letter exist.

I offer,  to anyone who has interest in  the USCGC CHASE,  space in our publication.  Many of our MEMBERS are PLANK OWNERS, and relate to those years. Some are MEMBERS that served on CHASE  just prior to, or after the VIETNAM TOUR. I guess what I am trying to say,  to be a member of our group,  you have to have the interest.  I WELCOME ABOARD any of you reading this message.  Who knows, maybe in the future, the WESTPAC NEWS LETTER will evolve into a CHASE NEWS LETTER, but for today, what you see is what you get!
Semper Paratus,   Rodney


Editor, KEN COADY and Assistant Editor, RON HOBBIE
REPRINT from: CGC CHASE Ships News Paper,  SHORT TIMER,  16 November 1968

During our up-coming in port period we will again be losing a member of our original crew.

One of the most popular CO’s in the Coast Guard today, CAPTAIN JAMES DAVID LUSE, who served at some sixteen different units during his twenty-six year career, is at last a Coast Guard SHORT-TIMER. Yes, this man, who has piloted our ship since it was commissioned last March, is finally calling it quits. The Captain will be going back to California to rejoin his family.

CAPTAIN LUSE spent most of World War II at sea in the North Atlantic on the USS PC 467, CGC STORIS, USS LOWE (DE-325), and USS GLADWYNE (PF-62). While serving as AWS officer on the LOWE, he was awarded the BRONZE STAR with COMBAT V for Anti-submarine action off Sable Island. He was graduated in 1949 with a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has been Commanding Officer of the CGC UNIMAK, CGC ESCANABA, and finally the CGC CHASE.

Although serving aboard the CHASE only nine months, he has showed us all that he possesses the experience, knowledge, and leadership that are needed to be an outstanding "SKIPPER".

We feel that this is the proper time to announce the popular decision of the Yearbook Committee to dedicate its first year book*  to him as token of our appreciation. We hope the Captain will treasure this book throughout his lifetime.

Because this is almost his last look at a SHORT-TIMER, and because he has shown great interest and given much moral support to the ship’s paper, we would like to “honor” him with a gift of a lifetime subscription of the SHORT-TIMER as long as the paper exist. Of course there is one string attached, he will have to promise that every time he receives it he will share it with his son, JIMMY, who we understand is also one of our regular fans.

In closing, Captain, we know that the entire crew joins us in wishing you and your family the best in the future. It has been a privilege to have served under you during these past months.

May your memories of the CHASE be fond memories, and may your retirement be a most happy and rewarding one.

* The first year book was never completed.

Special thanks to JEROME P. GACA, for supplying rare copies of the SHORT-TIMER.

Memorial, For those who have passed before us, gone but not forgotten.
USCGC CHASE, Crew Members, Family, and Friends.
March 18th, 2003

RM3 Gregory F. Clark - 12 June 1970
Lt. John R. Long - 6 April 1971
GM2 David A. Coffin - 6 April 1971
QMC Thomas J. Madey - 6 April 1971
RD1 Nicholas L. Stokes - 6 April 1971
RD3 David J. Bratsch - 6 April 1971
QM3 David P. Zalewski - 6 April 1971
GM1 Douglas L. Burr - 25 September 1976
Rosalie MacDonald - 2 February 1977  -   Wife of Collin A. MacDonald.
MK3 Nicholas V. Berei - 8 May 1985   -    Died from ship board fire on CGC CHASE.
SN Peter J. Sansone - 3 November 1991
CWO2 Donald F. Littel - 12 April 1999  -  HM1/HMC CHASE WESTPAC Tour.
Captain James D. Luse - 6 January 2001  -  Commissioning Commanding Officer.
Joshua L. Wood - 5 January 2003   -  Son of Christopher and Shawnee Wood.

If you have a correction or an addition to our memorial list, please contact the Editor, Rodney O. Young.

March 25th, 2003

Audiograms  Now Available
SN Alan Ricker’s tape-recorded letters to his family and letters from the family back home. These sound tracks were recorded from the time period, between  February 1970, thru May 1970.  The subjects covered on these recordings include, a gun fire support mission, CHASE dropping anchor, a good account of the daily routine of a seaman, and many historical mentions.  He covers many long forgotten issues, and it is worthy  to be added to anyone’s collection of CHASE memories.  These tape recordings have been converted to audio compact disk and will play in any compact disk player. They can even be played through your computer, if you are equipped for audio play.  For those members of our group, we ask for a $10 donation, this covers the cost of materials and mailing.  Any extra moneys will be donated to a worthy cause at a later date. Special note, Alan Ricker does hold the copyright to these recordings. Please ask him before copying or using these recordings for other purposes.  His address is on the cover booklet.

To Order, contact the Editor at the e-mail address, at the bottom of the page. Limited time offer.

CHASE Projects
The projects, the people working on the projects, and the help needed.
If you have a CHASE related Project, contact me and I will add your project to the list.  A list of the completed CHASE  projects will be posted in a future Issue of the News Letter.

2003 CHASE REUNION  Posted 4/2003
August 8th / 10th, Boston, Mass.  Need head count ASAP. Any and all help would be appreciated.  Pete Levine, Lisa Brown, Carol Johanningsmeier,  and Collin MacDonald.  E-mail,  Cutterchase718@yahoo.com

I am writing a history of known facts about the Patches of the CGC CHASE.  HELP NEEDED,  any information, all patches and all years. Scans and pictures, who made and designed.  What years they were in use, any and all information is important.  I have a good start, and I will give credit to all who help.  Rodney Young  E-mail,  Royoung2@yahoo.com

The CHASE Ships News Paper.  1968 thru ?
Thanks to  JEROME P. GACA  for sharing these rare issues.

From,  THE LAST SHORT TIMER  ca. June 1970
WELCOME ABOARD!!!!  ( Unknown Editor )

The Staff of the SHORT TIMER would like to welcome a new member to the “CHASE Family”.  He is Jim Caldwell, son of our leader.  We hope that on this trip aboard CHASE he has gained some insight to the workings of a Coast Guard cutter and of life at sea.

We wish him well in all his future endeavors including, hopefully, the Coast Guard Academy.  Good luck to a salty sailor from the crew of the CHASE.

From,  The SHORT TIMER ,  2 November 1968, 7th Issue
Editor: Ken Coady,  Ass. Editor:  Ron Hobbie

It appears that our little party at “Your Fathers Mustache” was a fine success with all hands having a good time.  About 85 persons were on hand to represent the CHASE.  The management complimented on how everyone seemed to have a good time without tearing the joint down.  It seems in the past Navy and especially Marines have caused a few incidents in the establishment.  They were indeed glad to have us.  But why shouldn't they, we drank about 5 kegs of beer.

"News Letter and Updates"

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