May 1st, 2003
"News Letter and Updates"
Edition #4
A News letter for the Coast Guard Cutter CHASE WESTPAC CREW - Past and Present Crew Members - Families and Friends. 




By  Rodney O. Young  April 4, 2003

When I view a painting, I always get the feeling that there is a story being told.   When in fact, a good painting will suggest many stories to the viewer.

I have recently acquired a copy of, The USCGC CHASE, painted  by CATHY PEEK.  Yes, a painting of our beloved CHASE.  The CHASE is depicted sailing  WNW in the George's Bank, just north of  Cape Cod and south of Nova Scotia.  My first thought was returning home to Boston, from Ocean station duty, but many more stories come to mind.   This is a very well thought out painting, and is done beautifully.  The colors and fine detail makes this painting a classic.  Note, the file picture does not do the painting justice.

The USCGC CHASE, painted by Internationally renown artist CATHY PEEK, was commissioned in 2000 by a person, that will remain nameless, but does have a COAST GUARD background.  The painting is actually  part of a much larger painting entitled,  "SAILORS SAVIORS." This painting depicts the US Coast Guard Ice Breaker WESTWIND,  Cutter BIBB, Cutter CHASE, and Coast Guard Cutter BRIDLE. Painted with acrylic paint, on a nautical chart of Canada and the northeast coast of New England, the SAMBRO ISLAND, and POINT AMOUR lighthouses are painted in the background. Special note, the Newfoundland dog, that is painted on the island of Newfoundland, was commissioned in the painting.  Cathy stated, both she and her client are partial to that breed of dog.

CATHY PEEK, a resident of Westport, Washington, is Internationally renown for her paintings.  She has painted over 230 commissioned  paintings of fishing and Coast Guard vessels.  Her fishing boat calendars, nautical, maritime, tropical paintings and prints are quite impressive.   She is a self taught artist. “A gift I was born with.  I have felt the need to draw and paint for as long as I can remember.”  Working in and around the commercial fishing industry for over 28 years,  CATHY is the owner and operator of NORDIC NETS,  and before retiring, was a commercial diver for the fishing fleet, with over 6537 commercial dives in her career. “Most of the fishermen in Westport call her the MERMAID, if anybody needs a diver to dive under their boat, they just call the MERMAID WOMAN.”

CATHY wrote,  “I have a deep appreciation for the Coast Guard. Working in the commercial fishing industry for a good many years, many of my friends have been assisted by the COAST GUARD.”

Her art business, CATHY PEEK PRODUCTIONS, has her paintings displayed in museums, galleries, gift shops throughout the Northwest United States and via the Internet, the WORLD!

A print of the USCGC CHASE by CATHY PEEK, is a must for any collection of CHASE memorabilia. I have browsed through her collection of pictures, and find many, I would be happy to have displayed in my home.

In closing, I want to say, yes there is a story to the picture.  There are also many stories this picture brings to mind.  Some will only be known to you the viewer, while others will be shared, by all of those who were, and are, apart of the Coast Guard Cutter CHASE History.  A hundred years from now, some where,  possibly a museum, there will be a picture hanging depicting our ship, the USCGC CHASE.  Thank you  CATHY PEEK,  WE SALUTE YOU.

To contact CATHY PEEK for a commissioned painting,
or for a good source to buy an original CATHY PEEK painting or print, go to her EBAY sight at,

To buy a print of the USCGC CHASE,

All PEEK pictures and items are copyrighted, permission required before copying or publishing.
This article has been posted with permission from Cathy Peek.

P.O. BOX 158
WESTPORT, WA.  98595



Boston - Revere Courtyard by Marriott
100 Morris Street, Route 1
North Revere, MA 02151
Phone, 1-781-324-1900
Marriott toll free, 1-800-321-2211
Web page:

When making reservations, please inform them you are making a reservation for the COAST GUARD CHASE REUNION. This will allow you to receive the group rate. Any questions should be directed to DEBBIE MILLER, who is handling our function at the hotel level.

The room rates are $ 99.00 per night plus tax, to approximately  $108.00 per night. Depending on room and number of people.

If  you arrive by plane, via Boston Logan Air Port,  at the baggage claim there is a courtesy phone, for the Boston - Revere Courtyard Marriott. Pick it up and ask for a shuttle ride to the hotel. This is a free service.

People booking after July 1st, 2003 will be on a per person basis, the hotel will not hold rooms after that date.

*A  Participation Deposit,  of  $60.00 per person, $10.00 per child, 12 years and under is required. Make checks payable to, CGC CHASE ASSOCIATION,  and send to:

Peter Levine/CHASE Reunion Fund
C/O CHASE Reunion
PO Box 66144
Auburndale, Ma. 02466

We will also require, Your full name, Your Address, and Number of guests. Follow this link, to the CHASE Web pages for a printed version of the participation form and planned itinerary.

* See the printable participation application at the CHASE Association Web pages for reimbursement terms.

 Public Service Announcement

To all Coast Guard Personnel, Active Duty, Reserve and Retirees:

The Coast Guard Combat Veterans’ Association (CGCVA) is now raising funds for a monument honoring all Coast Guardsmen who served in Vietnam, with special emphasis placed on those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  The monument will be permanently displayed at USCG Training Center, Cape May, NJ.   Details will follow regarding the dedication and unveiling ceremony.

The idea for this monument came from CAPT Donald Taub, USCG (Ret.), a Vietnam veteran.  The CGCVA has approved the concept and accepted responsibility to raise funds and produce the monument.  Cape May was selected as the site for this monument since nearly all enlisted personnel entering the Coast Guard process through the training center.  If sufficient funds are obtained, a second similar Vietnam Veterans Monument will be erected at the Coast Guard Academy, where most Coast Guard officers receive initial training.

Fund-raising for the Vietnam Monument project is now underway and we are looking for all the help that we can get to make this worthy project a reality.  It’s time to step up to the plate and recognize the Coast Guard’s distinguished service during this most difficult time in American history.  What can you or your organization do to help?

Donations are tax deductible under IRS code 501c3.  Mail donations to: Baker Herbert, CGCVA National Secretary-Treasurer, P.O. Box 544, Westfield Center, OH  44251 (Attn: Vietnam Veterans Monument).  For additional information, contact Robert MacLeod at 704-455-6868.

Thank you for your interest and support.  Semper Paratus!

LCDR Ed Swift, USCG (Ret.)   CGCVA National President

1970 Bob Hope USO Tour,and the CGC CHASE.
By Rodney O. Young  April 24, 2003

Memories, it is strange how we remember some thing’s, while others things draw a complete blank.

Last week I watched the tribute show to Bob Hope and his 100th birthday.   The memories, I have no doubt,  came back to each and everyone of those he touched.  It was one of the best shows I have seen in a very long time.  A great man and a worthy tribute.

The fifth of seven sons, Bob was born Leslie Townes Hope in Eltham, England on May 29, 1903. His English father, William Henry Hope, was a stonemason and his Welsh mother, Avis Townes Hope, an aspiring concert singer. In 1907, Leslie's father brought the family to Cleveland, Ohio. In 1920, by virtue of his father's naturalization, Bob, the name by which the world would later know him, and his brothers became US citizens.  Bob Jokes, "I left England at the age of four when I found out I couldn't be king."

In November of 1970, Bob Hope left the United States for another one of his many USO Holiday season tours.  The tour took it to England, Germany, Crete, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and Alaska. The guests on the 1970 tour included, Ursula Andress, Johnny Bench, Lola Falana, Gloria Loring, Jennifer Hosten, Bobbi Martin, The Golddiggers, and The Dingalings.

This is where our story begins.

November 1970, ocean station Charlie, the CGC CHASE was on patrol half way between the United States and England. Many of the air flights passing over the various ocean stations would contact these ships via radio. After receiving contact from a flight crew, the CGC CHASE was informed that a Mr. Bob Hope wanted to talk to those on the CGC CHASE.

BM3 Richard Zettel, who was on mid watch bridge duty, recalls being invited into the CIC room, talking to Bob Hope and a couple of the girls on the tour.  The co-pilot took a few of the CHASE crew’s families address’s, and sent Christmas Cards to them from Germany.

SN Christopher Wood also remembers, I was on watch in CIC at the time and believe they flew over during the mid watch. After working up the flight info for the navigator. The pilot told us that he had Bob Hope and the Golddiggers on board. They talked to us and gave us a mini show as they flew over. We recorded the mini show so it could be played back for the rest of the CHASE crew at a later time.

FN Rodney Young, my personal memories are of the excitement it generated, and the playing of Christmas carols over the PA. The saying, “you made our day,” comes to mind.

Thirty two years after the event, our memories are varied, but we all agree, it was an event  we shall never forget.  I am sure it is a story, many of the 170 CGC CHASE crew members have told over and over.

BOB HOPE, on your 100th birthday, the past and present crew members of the CGC CHASE, wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.   “Thanks for the memories,”  We Salute You.

References: Bob Hope Web pages, biography. Bob Hope USO Tours, USO Web pages. Memories from, Richard Zettel, Christopher Wood, and Rodney Young.  The CGC CHASE Short Timer, thanks to Jerry Gaca for providing these rare copies.

Memorial Update

CS3 Kimball G. Davis - April 7, 2003 - Plank Owner CGC CHASE.

Kimball G. Davis, 55, of 245 Middle St., Portsmouth, NH,  died Monday, April 7, 2003. Memorial contributions may be made to Dana Farber Cancer Institute, 1309 Beacon St., Brookline, MA 02446-9918.

CHASE Projects
By Rodney O. Young April 6, 2003

What are CHASE projects?  Just what it implies.  Any project you are working on that deals with the CHASE or CGC CHASE History.  This News Letter is a CHASE Project.

I am sure there are more projects to be added to the list.  While more work can and will be done on these various projects, we do have a good start.

If you have a CGC CHASE Project, and want to have it listed in our News Letter,  any questions on various projects, or input, please contact me at the E-mail address listed below.

By Rodney O. Young  April, 2nd 2003

When telling Coast Guard Cutter CHASE stories, you will always get a few questions, that lead into other stories. What did you do for fun?  There you go!

Well, if I must say, one of the most popular activities on the CGC CHASE, was playing cards.  In the late sixties and early seventies, the CHASE crew members played  various card games.  Poker, pitch, hearts, and the most popular of all, cribbage.  Yes CRIBBAGE!  I had never even heard of such a game, and coming from Ohio, one might think that it was a place to store corn.

The game cribbage is a card - board game, that two or more players can play. The board is used to keep track of points made while playing the game. First to go around the board twice is the winner.  That is a basic idea.

Tournaments were held while on ocean station, and many of the crew participated for bragging rights.  The ships news paper, SHORT TIMER,* made note of a game between EM2 KEN MUTER and EN1  George V. LUSSIER.

“EM2 MUTER put EN1 LUSSIER’S big crooked foot right in his mouth. LUSSIER, who since arriving on the CHASE has never stopped bragging about being the WORLD CHAMPION in cribbage, was knocked down to defeat by MUTER.  We were fortunate enough to be on hand for the live play by play coverage.  MUTER won easily two games to none. KEN MUTER can now brag about being the new CHAMP OF THE WORLD.”

 If not for various recreation activities, such as cribbage, many of the crew members might not have had much in common.  I would say at times it was a good social game, but stress the point, some of the crew did take the game serious.

While I will not be remembered for being much of a card player, I did have my lucky moments, and this statement comes to mind, “your not shuffling the cards right!”

Well, I forgot what the question was,  Oh yes,  what did we do for fun?

*SHORT TIMER, Reprint from, CGC CHASE News Paper, Editor & Chief K.R. COADY, Assistance Editor R.T. HOBBIE, Issue, 30 DAYS OF YOUR TIME, ca. Fall of 1968. Thanks to Jerome P. Gaca for the rare copies of the Short Timer.  Photo of Ken Muter is from 1970 CGC CHASE WESTPAC Tour book.

Items of Interest
CGC CHASE Memorabilia
By,  Rodney O. Young   April 11, 2003

The ship’s store, in the late 60’s and early 70’s, was located on the main deck, amid ship right next to the scullery. This was a high traffic area, due to the crew’s mess deck was only a short distance from the store.  The store sold many items of personal need, as well as snack food and one of a kind items.

CGC CHASE  Stationery.

If you have any CGC CHASE Items of Interest you want to share,
send them in, and I will post in an up coming edition of the News Letter.

CGC CHASE Stationery, is from the Rodney Young collection of CGC CHASE Memorabilia.

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