By Jim Oss


This cutter surely knew how to win friends as you shall see….. 

Back in 1967 while the KIMBALL (WSC-143) was tied up at the Coast Guard moorings at the north side of the Brownsville, Texas ship channel it became evident that the opposite side of the channel was a popular parking spot for lovers.

Duty nights were boring, which helps explain why we decided to have some fun. Cars began arriving at dusk and, given enough time, the lovers would become deeply involved—the sounds of ecstasy would begin drifting across the cut.

We were prepared to enlighten them, which our Coast Guard background taught us. On command went the spotlights, revealing naked bodies entwined in the arms of love. As we caught them in our lights, they scrambled to the cover of their cars, cursing and threatening bodily harm to us from across the sea of love, which almost drowned our laughter.

This may have been the only time that a Cutter served as a birth control device.


* * * *


From Coast Guard Story's Part II by Don Gardner - Reproduced by Permission

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