AT3 Goodwin had a well-developed sense of humor.

The Confused Swimmer

by Don Gardner


While stationed in Bermuda in the mid '50s, I discovered that AT3 Goodwin had a well-developed sense of humor.

One bright spring afternoon, Goodwin saw a young woman sunning alone on Horseshoe Beach. Putting on his fins, face mask and snorkel, he slipped into the water unseen, swam from shore a short distance, then surfaced and began splashing loudly toward the beach. Reaching shallow water, Goodwin stood up and, with chest heaving in mock exhaustion, asked, "Is this Miami Beach?"

Shaking her head in amazement, the woman replied, "No, this is Bermuda."

"Damn, missed again," Goodwin exclaimed impatiently, then turned and dove back into the water and swam out of sight, leaving the poor woman to wonder what to say to her friends about the swimmer she met on the beach.


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