By Al Siegrist


The author claims to have first heard this story in 1923 ...

Years ago an Admiral had an illicit affair with a woman of low morals. It turned out this union produced an illegal and illegitimate baby boy. The Admiral being an honorable man, agreed the baby was his and promised to provide all of the expenses for the baby's upbringing.

By the time the boy was 18 years old, the Admiral who by this time was Commandant of the Coast Guard decided the boy must be shipped into his service. The Admiral decided that since the boy was born out of wedlock, he wasn't good enough for the Coast Guard Academy to become a line officer; but being the son of an Admiral, he was too good to be shipped in as a mere enlisted man.

So the Admiral decided he would create what he called the warrant rank. This he did. The services now have that rank that is just above the highest enlisted grade and a step below the Ensign rank.

That is why the warrant rank from then on been called the "Bastard Rank."

From "This - *?#!@*? Was The Coast Guard" by Esther Stormer 1985

Reprinted by permission.


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