A Coast Guard Fairy Tale........

Once upon a time on a Coast Guard Station on the Western Shores of Lake Michigan lived a BM1 who didn't know what he didn't know!

It was late Fall and the 36' MLB was laid up for the season.

Came a call, as it inevitably would, when the needed boat was laid up for the season. "Disabled boat in the surf, Two and a Half miles North of your Station," said the official dispatch.

The OinC was ashore, The Group Commander was in Cleveland and the BM1 was on his own.

The crew was mustered, meaning everybody, including the tower watch.

All were briefed, the crew donned life jackets and foul weather gear. The boat was ordered launched from the boathouse and CRASH..............

The boathouse doors were not open as the boat rolled like a Juggernaut down the marine railway towards the water.

On the following week the BM1 was the mess deck Master at Arms on the Mackinaw.



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