Never let it be said that the crew, even if they were surfmen, could be outwitted by even the District Commander because 


Author Unknown

In the early thirties the men of the Coast Guard Life Savings Stations walked the beaches during the summer months keeping an eye seaward for ships that may have been in trouble.

This particular incident took place at a Great Lakes station.

Each man walked from the station to a point three to seven miles away. He carried a Detex time detector clock with him. When he reached his point of return, he found a post ... on this post was a key with which he punched the clock. The turning of the clock in fact proved that the man, in fact, had walked the miles.

On this station the men had formed the habit of bringing the key back to the station occasionally so the next man would not have to walk the distance.

One day the District Commander made an unexpected visit and caught the men with the key.

He informed them that they would walk the beach all winter (just for the exercise) and if caught with the key again, there would be courts martial for all.

The District Commander didn't check again during the winter.

On returning to the station in the spring he walked around a sand dune about a mile from the station ... and walked smack into the key post!!!

All winter each man had dug up the post and dragged it a few feet closer to the station. It was quite a feat since the post had over a hundred pounds of cement on it to hold it upright in the sand.


Reprinted by permission from "This - *?#!@*? Was The Coast Guard" by Esther Stormer 1985

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