By Roy Remley

Another story about boot camp just came to mind. As you may recall, one of the rewards for doing a good job on one thing or another, was to let that person ring the 2000 clock bell at 8:pm. I was selected and was so nervous when I started clanging the bell that I really blew it.

Instead of ding ding  ding ding  ding ding  ding ding.  I went  ding   ding ding ding  ding ding.

The chief came running out of the guard shack yelling! : "What the hell was that?  Do it right sailor or get your ARSE out of there and let some one else tackle that very difficult job." 

Boy did I feel like a  DING-A-LING  I was a dejected, disgusted, and demoralized 18 year old who couldn't even handle that simple job. For the rest of the night and into the next week I was the laughing stock of the entire boot camp. 

Some came up to me and asked if I knew how to tie a granny knot, perhaps it was more my speed.

Everytime I hear those bells toll, I remember how stupid I was once at the beginning of my Coast Guard life.    


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