By Dolly Juhlin

Enroute to Boston and standing at the boom controls, an old sailor on an old ship named "Evergreen" reminisces


On my night perch suspended between Heaven and sea

I hear the black velvet ocean say: "You are set free."

Lights below sparkle and dance on the foam

Winds sing through the rigging: "We are going home!"


From the lofty parapet of my castle at sea

My thoughts are tossed with past memories                               

The wind sings of home, but where can that be

The place left long ago may have lost reality


Each wave hits the bow and pushes me back

I'm remembering things now of which I'd lost track

I may no longer be welcome at that place called home

A price some sailors pay when they've chosen to roam


I've logged more nautical miles than many I know

I've seen sailors come and witnessed countless go

It's saltwater now that courses through my veins

Replacing my life's blood, till not much remains


I've sailed all the oceans, seen many ports of call

It's a wonder my memories still exist after all

But they're as strong as the current that pull swimmers astray

They rise to the surface and carry me away


As I watch from my tower at the blackening sea

Somehow it is calling out softly to me:

"Go home now my friend, you've served your time well."

Yes, my sea legs are tired and I'm lonesome as hell.


I've stories to tell, and loved ones to hold,

I'm no longer young, not as handsome or bold,

Yet I'll never forget the crashing of waves,

The shipwrecks I've seen, the lives I have saved.


The storms that have tossed our ships to and fro,

Or anchored in safe harbors where gentle winds blow,

The winds howling fiercely as hurricanes raged,

The dolphins accompanying our ship as they played.


The sights and the sounds will always be there,

The adventures and my pride are the badges I wear,

Though the ships and the sea may always claim my soul,

My heart longs for my family with whom I'll grow old


As I stand my last watch, my eyes fill with tears,

Looking back fondly on all of the years,

Though I sacrificed much and lost out on more,

I'm happy to be heading for a permanent shore.


And as memories are lovingly called me homeward,

I know I'll be welcomed and loved ever after,

By faithful friends and family as well,

Who'll listen with wonder to sea stories I'll tell.



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