By Dolly Juhlin

Following "Point-Counter Point" on "Fred's Place" inspired this bit of doggerel


O ld, decrepit, past their prime

L et them be the last in line

D on't listen to what they may say

G one are times when done that way

U ncle, dad, and grandpa too

A ll old farts who we can screw

R anting 'bout how things were then

D amn, there's naught to learn from them


N ow we're the future, watch us shine

E 's and O's, we're all just fine

W e'll do it my way, hell be damned

G ermany? Ocean Station? Vietnam?

U nless I fall flat on my face

A ll old coots must stay in their place

R eady always you may stand by

D o help me though should you hear me cry



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