By Dolly Juhlin


Past years the Soapbox sailed in its glory

Online, in tune, with many a sea story


It started out a Godsend, fun for one and all

Networking many lives, everyone had a ball


Time took its toll, it was decommissioned

- Fred sought a way to renew its mission


Can do, no problem, the old Coastie said

Overhauled & refurbished, don't call it dead


Understanding the need of info & sharing

Nine thousand plus members, most of them caring


Time-out was called for the old guard and new

Everyone wondered what ol' Fred would do


Rules were laid out for the Coasties to use

Point-Counterpoint was launched, recommissioned & new


October 1st was the day to go down in infamy

In a flash pals were back in a new-found unity


Never say never, it could happen again

Take time to smell the roses & thank Fred our loyal friend

- 10/1/97 -

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