Dolly Juhlin

A poetic glimpse of the "Old Guard"


Best in the service, those old Coasties are
Ever the heroes, ever the stars

Everyone was tough, strong, smart and courageous
Real men they were, though sometimes outrageous

Sweet are the memories they hold in their hearts
Wine, women and song and a couple of false starts

In or out of trouble, honest or shady
Long live the Coasties in Hooligan's Navy

Loveable sorts, a most likable lot
Into deep water they sailed, like it or not

Now they get flack from the likes of you and me
Gone are the days when things weren't quite so P.C.

Perhaps new folks are jealous, and some women too
Inside these old Coasties are more than true blue

Give 'em some slack and loosen the line
Semper Paratus they are, their stars will always shine

Reproduced with permission of author


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