by Dolly Juhlin


A girl worships her own special hero .....


My girlfriends didn’t understand,

Why I loved my Daddy so.

Theirs were always home with them,

Mine was always on the go.


My dad’s job was different,

He was a Coastie guy you see,

While other dads lived with their girls,

My dad was gone from me.


When he was sailing on his ships,

I’d write him nice long letters.

He always said he missed me so,

And my notes made him feel better.


We wrote letters back and forth,

Both our worlds in print we’d share,

Sometimes our mail was stained with tears,

I always knew he cared.


He missed a lot of special things,

That I would do with Mom.

One time he sailed into a war,

Far away in Vietnam.


He said I was his princess,

His little mermaid too.

I knew I was his favorite girl,

When he said "I love you."


When he came home he’d bring me gifts,

Neat things from where he’d been.

My Santa wore a suit of blue,

And then he’d be gone again.


We moved a lot, my Mom and I,

To stay close to my Dad.

We met new people all the time,

It wasn’t all that bad.


He never liked my boyfriends,

He’d say "Not good enough."

He taught me what a real man was,

Made out of the right stuff.


Sometimes he took me sailing,

In a little boat we had.

He was the Captain, me First Mate,

I was proud to be with Dad.


He was strict and rightly so,

He’d scold me and get mad,

Said I would never be ship shape.

And belonged in a "Lucky Bag"


He said I’d learn my lesson,

And though it took a long, long time,

I finally cleaned my act up,

Dad said I did just fine.

- 6/29/97 -

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