Old Guard Sailors Are Heroes

1997 by Dolly Juhlin


Oh how they love to tell those stories

Laughing as they weave their tales

Daring, brave and young at heart

Gone are the days of "only males"


Underway in killer weather

Action was their middle name

R and R meant total mayhem

Days of yore are not the same


Salutes were given without pausing

All the Chiefs were known as "God"

In the Guard meant brotherhood

Living for their CO's nod


Older ships no one has sailed

Rougher seas no one has seen

SOS meant gourmet dining

Ah-- the food they loved back then


Rescues done then without radar

Ever ready was their call

Hardly sleeping, always working

Each of them stood proud and tall


Real men always, friends forever

Old Coasties always pass the test

Ever wonder why they're bragging

Shit, they did it all the best


Reproduced with permission of author

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