by Dolly Juhlin

The sad tale of a Coastie lifer......


When I was young and joined the Guard

I was known as quite the sport

I had more fun than you could guess

And had a gal in every port


They assigned me to a Coast Guard ship

A great huge floating fort

We traveled all around the world

I met girls in foreign ports


A shore side station appeared great duty

With a girlfriend who baked a great torte

Before I knew what happened to me

I had a wife back home in port


Domestic duties came naturally

Me being a fatherly sort

I didn't want to sail again

While my kids were living in port


Money never seemed to stretch too far

With dependants to support

Sea duty paid a little more

But my family was lonely in port


The Coast Guard sent me here and there

I had many stories to report

But back at home I was missed so much

By loved ones waiting in port


The years went by and I found myself

With bills of child support

The marriage crashed, the kids are gone

My Ex is hounding me from port


I put in my time and retired quite proud

But my money's tied up in court

I'll spend the years that I've got left

Searching for a safer homeport


-10/4/97 -

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