An Introduction to Dolly Juhlin's Coast Guard Poetry

By Jack Eckert

I met Chief and Mrs. Juhlin at a Coast Guard Reunion in 1984. They agreed to take over the responsibility of putting on the 1985 Reunion in Sturgeon Bay. I didn't realize at the time what a talented poet she was and is. She probably didn't either. I saw her first poem posted on "Fred's Place" entitled "Father's Day." I saw right away the pathos within it and recognized that she wrote poetry from the soul. Recently I contacted her and asked here permission to post her Coast Guard Poems on this website. She graciously allowed me to. These poems have also been posted on Bill Well's page and he was contacted concerning their use.

Chief Juhlin has crossed the bar but will live on as will all old Coasties through this touching poetry, so ENJOY -- Jack

Dolly Juhlin 1999 Photo



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