The Eagle Has Awoken

By J.C. Carney

The Eagle who has slept along time now, is awoken. He looks around only to eye the destruction in New York and Washington. He sheds tears for the innocent eaglets [his people] that have been murdered in a senseless attack on his shores. His anger replaces his tears. And with a loud Kow . . . ree!, a scream of anger and rage, he lifts his mighty wings and thunder roars through the mountains, forests, and townships. The mighty warrior sharpens his massive talons until they gleam like razors. He then gauges his enemy. He lifts from his perch and soars thereupon seeking his target, those whom would dare attack his homeland, while the services arm and get ready to assist the great warrior in his fight -- our fight. Beware, you who seek our deaths. You haven't fought the august Eagle before. By God, now you will. . . .

JC Carney, Esq.
Veteran and Freelance Writer (Nautical)



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