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At last, the EM(Tel)s are heard from. No Coast Guard anthology would be complete without them.

Some stories have been told so often by so many people there just isn't a way to check their veracity. This is one of "those."

The EM(Tel)s, Coast Guard Telephone Men, had worked together for quite some time. One day, while they were in the repair shop, their telephone rang and the No. 1 man answered it. His side of the conversation went like this: "No, he's not here. He'd over at Black Maggie's (the local bar.)" It was the No 2. Man's wife and when he got home that night she took a strip off him wide enough to carpet the floor.

A few weeks later it was the No 2. Man who answered the phone. Man No. 2 says, "No he's not here. He has been on leave for a week." Wife of No. 1 says, "that can't be, he goes to work everyday." No. 2 man says, "I can't help that lady, he's not here."

There isn't any record of what happened to No. 1 at home that night but the next day he came in looking much the worse for wear and said, "OK, let's call it even."

It could have gone on forever.


From "We've Been There - The Coast Guard" by Esther Stormer ©1995 - Reprinted by permission.

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