ET's 1 -- Snipes 0

By Ned Stevens


I was on the Winnebago when this happened.

Back in the dayís when Mad Mac was on the Winnebago, and the ship, homeported at Honolulu, all of the ETís were classical music lovers. Of course the ETís had a speaker in their shop that was connected to the CMX amplifier in the crews Rec Deck.

In those days the ET shop was amidships right near the ladder going down to the mess deck on starboard side and near the ladder going to the crewís REC Deck on the port side. Of course there were other speakers in other compartments of the ship tied to the same CMX amplifier.

The ETís would change the station to classical music and within minutes the station would be changed back to Country Western.

The ETís had no proof it was the engineers, just reasonable thoughts.

One ET having extra knowledge of electronic filters, designed and built a filter inserting this filter in the antenna lead of the radio in the crews rec. deck. It seems that the offending station was KAHU in Wiapahu, and the place on the dial was 940.

From that time on, every time the radio was tuned to KAHU it was as if it were dead and no country music came forth.

It's a good thing the snipes never figured out what happened because they out numbered us.


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