You may send files consisting of a story, poem, article, outrageous lie or what have you by several means.



1. How do I know you have received and posted my story? All stories are imported into Front Page, edited, and uploaded, first to the  library and second to the top of the Coast Guard Stories page. You will be advised by email or snail mail that it is posted.

2. How long do you keep my story on the Main Coast Guard Stories page? New stories are entered at the top of the column and a story is deleted from the bottom of the column. In general the ten or eleven newest stories are posted. A secondary listing shows the next ten or twelve newest stories.

3. You have another series of stories listed on the Coast Guard Stories page, what is their purpose? There are several libraries of stories, Sea Stories, Sand Tales, Zoomy Stuff, etc. Every week or so several stories are rotated out of the library and placed on the Coast Guard Stories page. Gradually all stories are brought up to the CG Stories page and are reshown. All new stories in addition to being posted as new are put into library pages. Are you confused yet? You should be. The effort is to keep rotating the stories. If you want to read more, go into the library. There is also a numerical library where an article is given a permanent number.

4. I have story that either is copyrighted or I want to copyright it. Will you respect my copyright? Of course! The copyright will be displayed with the story. There is no intentional effort to plagiarize anything on this site. It is appreciated when an author will permit the showing of the work.

5. I have a story I would like to submit to you by mail. What is your home address? 312 W. Washington Street; Port Washington, Wisconsin 53074-1839.

6. I have a couple of good stories to tell but I am not a very good writer. I don't want to embarrass myself. Fear Not! The stories are reviewed and edited as necessary before posting. Sometimes a re-write is necessary but the essential facts and basic story are left intact. Often others besides the webmaster do the editing. So dash off your story, submit it by email, snail mail or pony express and you will like the results.


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