by Dolly Juhlin

Dolly's little poem says it all......................


My Dad is in the Coast Guard

I don't see him much

He's always sailing on his ships

Saving lives and such


But when we are together

We have more fun than most

He tells me how he loves the Guard

On that he likes to boast


He taught me how to tie some knots

How to watch the sky for storms

He tells me names of different clouds

And how the weather warns


He talks about the ships he loves

And the men who sail with him

He tells me lots of stories

And then we share a grin


He taught me what's important,

And what matters not at all,

He talks about the dangers

Of search and rescue calls


He tells me about his buddies

And all his sailor friends

He speaks of loyalty and love

And how friendship never ends


He talks of whitecaps on the waves

Of seas so high and rough

I love his stories, all of them

I can never get enough


He's taught me more than you could know

In his gentle, loving way

We're a team, my Dad and I

"Always Ready" for each day


He tells me jokes and secrets too

We share the best of times

I love the twinkle in his eyes

When he says that he is mine


The time we spend together

When he is home with me

Makes the times that he is gone

Melt in my memory


He is the best, my Coastie Dad

I couldn't love him more

I know I'm always on his mind

Whether he's on ship or shore


And every time that he goes out

I say a little prayer

"God watch over him today

Protect him everywhere"


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