Saturday January 29, 2005
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Free Photo Link West Kensington Studio, London
James van Etten
Photographer - Political Journalist - Consultant

 The FlightTimes
29 January 2005
Now you can run your PC at 1,350mph

Concorde Professional is out now! A state-of-the-art simulation of the world's greatest airliner from the experts at PSS is airborne in Flight Simulator 2004. It comes with a comprehensive 2D panel as well as a fully detailed virtual cockpit that includes high resolution gauges with reflective glass, animated control yokes, rudder pedals, throttle levers and engineer's panel. As you'd expect, there's an accurate flight model with re-heat effect and an authentic version of Concorde's unique INS (Inertial Navigation System). To help you master all this, Concorde Professional (Standard and Limited edition) comes with a 160-page printed manual and a tutorial on the CD. For the Limited Edition we've included a two-hour ITVV DVD of a Concorde Flight. Captain David Rowland and Senior Flight Engineer Roger Bricknell take you on a trip from London to New York with full commentary. Fly the last word in speed and style today!

Spitfire is approaching!

Hark! What's that distinctive noise coming across the rooftops? Could it be the sound of a Merlin engine on full song? What about that throaty growl - could it be the 2,000 horses of a Griffon? Yes! Spitfire is on its way and will be making a perfect three-pointer outside the Just Flight hangar on 4th February.  With 39 different aircraft spanning 14 variants of Spitfire from the Prototype to the Mk. 22, this is the DEFINITIVE Spitfire package for FS2004/2002/CFS3/CFS2. Roar over here to read the full specification and  order a copy or download a demo of the uniqe multimedia presentation that comes with Sptifire from here.

Become a High Flyer…
With Airliner Pilot!

By far the most popular aircraft types with flight simulation fans are commercial airliners. It’s quite an achievement to steer a few hundred tons of metal through the atmosphere. However, for many sim pilots this feat of expertise can soon become second nature and they yearn for something more. The popularity of virtual airlines (groups of sim fans that band together on the ‘net) demonstrates that simmers want to enjoy the whole commercial aircraft experience – not just piloting a plane from A to B. Up to now developers have concentrated on producing ever more detailed airliners, scenery and airport traffic, but there was nothing to replicate airline operations, apart from management games like ‘Airline Tycoon’, which lack the flying element.

Just Flight have now boldly stepped into this market gap and announced Airliner Pilot for FS2004/2002. The user is placed at the heart of a fictional airline and starts as a Junior First Officer in the right-hand seat of a turboprop aircraft and works his or her way up the pilot's career ladder. The simulated airline assigns routes to fly according to rank and aircraft allowances, and, if successful, the wannabe pilot finally achieves the coveted left seat. Airliner Pilot is being developed in-house by Just Flight and is scheduled for release in April. More details can be found at


Two-Day Workshops at Aircraft Designs! Last Call.

2005. In Monterey, CA.
Intended for all who have an interest in designing and building their own aircraft.  Receive a copy of the full blown NISA FEA Program with 1,000 DOF, for statics, dynamics, composites, thermal, and all new aircraft design programs that run on Windows 2000. Cost is $595. 

HANDS-ON FLUTTER ANALYSIS. Sat. and Sun, April 9-10, 2005. In Monterey, CA.
For all aircraft designers who have a need to solve subsonic aerodynamic flutter problems using a PC. Solve flutter problems by setting up an FEA model using NISA and entering modal and frequency data for the Subsonic Aerodynamic Flutter Program called SAF. Each participant will receive a full blown copy of the NISA FEA Program, 1,000 DOF and an Evaluation SAF Program. Cost is $680.

COMPOSITE BUILDERS WORKSHOP. Sat and Sun, March 12-13, 2005. In Monterey, CA. Learn how to work with vacuum bagging composite materials, wet lay up and assembling kit aircraft. Cost $495.

For more information look at our web-site at  under CLASSES or call 831-649-6212. Advanced registration is required!

Cockpit Concepts: January 25, 2005

An Authority/Leadership Issue.
I have always felt that the first aviation safety investigator was the philosopher Santayana who is famous for his observation: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Another quote, from a more contemporary aviation safety expert, C. O. Miller, goes: “The most egregious error in aviation today is not altitude busts or CFIT--it is the failure to fully benefit from the mistakes of others.”

An example. Clutter on the wings has been responsible for far too many accidents. The recent hi-profile corporate accident in Denver is the most recent in a long a list of similar accidents, including the F-28 at Dryden, Canada that received a great deal of attention. This latter accident produced a report the size of the Manhattan phone directory, plus a video that has been used extensively in training around the world. With this “history” of the dire consequences of disregarding the “clean wing” concept, I'd like to share the following story with you.

Less than two weeks after the recent Denver corporate accident, sources close to a flight attendant from one carrier say she encountered the following scenario: an early morning flight; there had been 4-6 inches of light fluffy snow; the aircraft had not been deiced. Passengers today have an increased awareness of flight issues and, as they boarded, the attendant was repeatedly asked if the aircraft was going to be deiced. After a number of these questions, she went into the cockpit and asked the captain if they planned to de-ice. This particular captain had received the full gamut of CRM, LOFT, joint flight attendant and AQP training, and yet--in spite of all
that--replied: “Why don’t you just worry about your issues in the cabin and leave the flying to us in the cockpit?”

That response demonstrates to me that all the CRM training he had ever received had little or no impact. However, this particular flight attendant, who has been around awhile, was not going to be put off so easily. She
stated: “The passengers are all asking about it.” The Captain replied: “That snow will blow off the wing,” and, with that astute observation, blew her off.

I wonder if readers of this Cockpit Concept are as stunned as I am to hear that one of our experienced “peers”--a senior captain with thousands of flight hours--would act in this manner and make such a decision. It recalls another observation: “Some people do something wrong for years and call it experience.”

As a person who attempts to enhance and promote flight safety, I find this scenario highly disturbing. We ask ourselves so many times: "What should be done differently in training to halt this inappropriate type of decision making?"

As an aside, after her question, the captain and first officer apparently decided that perhaps it would be prudent to de-ice, and they did so (with a resulting delay in departure).

The flight attendant showed more aviation savvy (and leadership) than the cockpit crew, so I guess CRM did ultimately work. What do you think?

--Norm Komich (

January 29 -- Latest Fine Scale Modeler and Scale Aviation Modeller
        International are indexed here
January 25 -- Pictures of the Convair CT-29 flown by the 170th Tactical
        Fighter Squadron, Illinois Air National Guard here
January 23 -- Two new C-46 pics added to the 40s Gallery

C-model A-10 takes first flight
EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. (AFPN) -- The newly designated C-model A-10 Thunderbolt II, modified with precision engagement technology, was flown for the first time here recently by a 40th Flight Test Squadron pilot.

Fighting Falcons tackle 'DEAD' mission
SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C. (AFPN) -- The CJ model of the F-16 Fighting Falcon offers cutting-edge war-time fighting capabilities. Three new upgrades have helped the aircraft here transform from suppressing enemy air defenses to destroying enemy air defenses.

Airman’s love of competition fuels rehabilitation
ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE, S.D. (AFPN) -- Competition more often than not brings out the best in people. Simply put, all parties involved must raise their effort levels to a point where they outperform the opposition; otherwise, they will fail.

Airman returns home to Thailand
KORAT, Thailand (AFPN) -- Military exercises like Cope Tiger 2005 -- involving the United States, Thailand and Singapore -- serve to highlight close relationships between countries, but for some servicemembers involved, the link hits even closer to home. Tech. Sgt. Siamrad Maher, a public health technician and translator is such a person.

Air Force works to meet QDR challenges
WASHINGTON -- Air Force strategic capabilities are already working to meet the challenges outlined in the Quadrennial Defense Review, officials said.

Help available for troops facing adjustment issues
WASHINGTON (AFPN) -- The Defense Department's senior medical adviser said that troops redeployed from combat zones should suffer no stigma for seeking help for emotional problems.

Officials launch 'Healthy Choices for Life' program
WASHINGTON (AFPN) -- Defense Department officials are launching a new preventive health-care program called "Healthy Choices for Life," the department's senior medical adviser said here Jan. 26.

The month of January drew more than 1.65 million visitors to as a global audience came to Airbus’ corporate website for its unveiling of the 555-seat A380.

Traffic peaked on January 18, when the official A380 Reveal ceremonies were held at the final assembly facility in Toulouse, France, with more than 640,000 unique visits logged during the day.
Members support GA-based tsunami relief See what else is new on AOPA Online.
Generous AOPA members are supporting general aviation while aiding the victims of the tsunami in Southeast Asia. Through Thursday morning, AOPA and its members had donated more than $84,000 to Air Serv International. To learn more or make a donation,

FSS outsourcing announcement expected next week  AOPA works to ensure that pilots continue to get quality services without user fees

Congressional policy weekend sparks pop-up TFRTFRs for public figures should not become the norm

Microtext is a security feature on new, improved pilot certificates

What do a $20 bill and a new plastic pilot certificate have in common?   

Microtext. And both have it for the same reasons — to prevent counterfeiting. On the FAA's new pilot certificate, microtext forms the struts of the Wright Flyer on the front, and on the back you can find microtext on the Wright brothers' collars and the Flyer's leading edges. (It's hidden in two places on the $20.)

New AOPA's Airport Directory coming soon

2005-2006 edition to be mailed January 27

What would you rather take to the sky than a proven, trusted companion? Soon you will be able to take AOPA's Airport Directory 2005-2006 edition along on every flight, whether it's for a $100 hamburger stop or business trip. The directory, published every two years, will be mailed January 27.

AOPA aircraft tax guide, updated for 2005, available online

The W-2s are in the mail, and you're about ready to schedule that painful visit with your tax preparation professional. AOPA can't lessen that pain, but it can give you and your tax advisor information that may help you with tax issues concerning your aircraft.

County commissioners weigh benefits of keeping Georgia airport open

AOPA heads off future threat to Pearson Field in Vancouver, Washington

AOPA fights Leesburg, Virginia, 'land swap'

Proposal would put 4,000 homes next to busy GA airport


AOPA members aid tsunami victims (1/27/05)

First sport pilot examiners ready to give checkrides (1/26/05)

The perfect weekend flying destination (1/24/05)

AOPA challenges proposals to close Rialto, California, Airport (1/21/05)

AOPA works with TSA to resolve security training certificate printing problems (1/21/05)

AOPA opposes Virginia subsidizing airline service with GA airport funds (1/21/05)

AOPA's Pilot Information Center can help with security awareness training problems (1/21/05)

AOPA works to keep aging aircraft safe, affordable (1/20/05)


Keep a stiff backbone, support your planning commission, and protect Pearson Field airport (VUO). That's the message AOPA has sent to Mayor Royce Pollard of Vancouver, Washington.

AOPA is making sure that Harris County, Georgia, officials see the value of keeping Callaway Gardens-Harris County Airport (PIM) open.

February 2005 issue

Stuck On Top
Here’s one VFR-only pilot’s true story about getting caught on top of a solid cloud deck. How he survived, and how you will, too.

Flap Secrets
What could be simpler than wing flaps? But not all designs work the same and each has it quirks. Here’s how to get the most out of the type you’re flying.

Defensive IFR
Sure, controllers work for the the FAA. But that doesn't mean all clearances and directives have to be followed. Here's how to refuse a bad clearance.

Fix It Now, Or Later?
When your airplane breaks during a trip, you have a dilemma: fix it or defer it for the trip home. Here are some commonsense guidelines.

How You Judge Risk
We asked readers to tell us what they consider risky and what they don’t. The numbers include some surprising revelations.

Sparks Or Bumps?
A lot of devices detect thunderstorms, but can any of them find clear air turbulence? The answer may surprise you.


Feature Story
Republic Building War Chest With New Stock Offering
With a cash infusion of more than $60 million, could a major acquisition be in Republic Airways Holdings' [RJET] future, or will it just buy more airplanes? Full Story

27 Jan 2005 - Boeing Reduces 737 Airplane's Final-Assembly Time by 50 Percent.

26 Jan 2005 - First 737 rolled out without eyebrow windows.

- Boeing Reduces 737 Airplane's Final-Assembly Time by 50 Percent

The Boeing Next-Generation 737 airplane is making history again as the application of lean manufacturing techniques gives it the shortest final-assembly time of any large commercial jet.

The 737, the world's most popular commercial airplane model, is now assembled in 11 days at the company's Renton , Wash. , facility. That's a 50 percent reduction since lean techniques were introduced there in late 1999.

First 737 rolled out without eyebrow windows

Boeing this week rolled out its first 737 without eyebrow windows, the four small windows above the front windshield. In the past the eyebrow windows helped provide better crew visibility, but today's advanced navigation systems have made those windows obsolete.

27 Jan   EuroSystems Transaction Agreement Reached

Corporate Responsibility Reports






Bombardier sells 20 more Q400 airliners to FlyBE

  Bombardier Launches Skyjet International
Elections Represent Historic Moment
WASHINGTON, Jan. 28, 2005 – Iraq's Jan. 30 elections mark "the beginning of the end of the miseries and difficulties that the people of Iraq have endured for so many decades," Iraq's interim deputy prime minister told Pentagon reporters today during a videoconference from Baghdad. Story
U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Predicts Big Voter Turnout
Iraqis in U.S. Cast Votes in Historic Election
President Bush: 'Freedom Is on the March'
WASHINGTON, Jan. 28, 2005 – "Freedom is on the march, and the world is better for it," President Bush said here today, referring to Jan. 30 elections in Iraq and recent successful, peaceful elections in Afghanistan, Ukraine and the Palestinian territories. Story
President Sees Progress in Promoting Liberty
Helo Crash Hits Marine Unit 'Like Beirut'
WASHINGTON, Jan. 28, 2005 – A spokesman for the Marine unit that lost 26 Marines and one sailor from the Jan. 26 helicopter crash that killed 31 troops in Iraq says the incident has impacted Marines like the 1983 Beirut bombing. Story
Forces Capture Suspected Insurgents
WASHINGTON, Jan. 28, 2005 – Multinational forces from the 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade Combat Team) and Iraqi regular army soldiers captured seven insurgents in the Mosul area Jan. 27 during efforts to ensure security for national Jan. 30. Story
Washington ADIZ Off Limits For GA During State of the Union Address
January 28, 2005 - The President's State of the Union Address on February 2 will restrict aircraft operations just as it did for his Inauguration. Additional temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) will be in place in the Washington, D.C. area from 7 p.m. through 11 p.m. local time ... (read more)

Reminder: EAA Sport Pilot Briefing Live on EAA Website Tonight
January 28, 2005 - Tonight's presentation on sport pilot/light-sport aircraft rule will be webcast live on the EAA Members Only site, The presentation by Charlie Becker comes to EAA members live from the EAA Aviation Center beginning at 6 p.m. (Central Standard Time) ... (read more)  

EAA Sweepstakes Cherokee Arrives Back in Oshkosh
'Whoever wins this airplane is going to love it!'
January 28, 2005 - EAA's 2005 Sweepstakes Airplane, a completely refurbished Piper PA-140 Cherokee, was ferried back to Oshkosh this week after final custom interior work was completed at Air Mod in Batavia, Ohio. Enter and you can have the opportunity to win this gorgeous, rebuilt to better-than-new airplane ... (read more)

EAA Accepts Special Donation to AirVenture Museum
January 27, 2005 - More than 100 people gathered in the EAA's Vette Theater Wednesday night for a special program about a significant donation made to the EAA AirVenture Museum. George Rarey, a talented commercial artist before being drafted into the Army Air Corps, produced an incredible body of work while serving his country as a P-47 pilot during World War II ... (read more)

EAA Files Comments Favoring Ultralight Weight Exemptions
January 26, 2005 - EAA has filed its comments supporting a petition currently before the FAA requesting an exemption (Docket No. FAA-2004-19350) to study the value of added safety equipment (and, consequently, more weight) for FAR Part 103 single-seat ultralights ... (read more)

EAA Staff, Chapter Leaders Meet in Michigan
January 26, 2005 - Several EAA staff members met with representative leaders from nine local EAA and IAC chapters and an Indiana Warbird Squadron on January 22 in Lansing, Michigan. The Chapter Leaders Gathering, held in conjunction with the 5th annual Great Lakes International Aviation Conference , gave six EAA staff people an opportunity to give a first-hand update on the Association and to discuss various key issues and challenges from EAA chapter movers and shakers ... (read more)

EAA Alerts Montana Members on Ethanol Legislation
January 26, 2005 - EAA Government Services e-mailed an e-Alert to its Montana members this week asking for their help to amend legislation that mandates all gasoline sold to consumers for use in motor vehicles contain 10 percent denatured ethanol. EAA is concerned because there are many aircraft that cannot operate safely on fuel blended with ethanol products ... (read more)

Skiplanes to Try Again This Weekend

January 25, 2005 - Last weekend’s snowstorm brought more than enough of the needed white stuff for the annual EAA Skiplane Fly-in, but it also created unfavorable flying conditions that prevented aircraft from participating. So organizers have decided to give it another go this Saturday, January 29, at the EAA AirVenture Museum’s Pioneer Airport in Oshkosh ... (read more)

First Group Certificated as Sport Pilots, Examiners and Flight Instructor Examiners
Appointments Conclude Busy Week at Sebring
January 24, 2005 - The FAA’s Light Sport Aviation Branch (LSAB) completed the crucial step of appointing the first sport pilot examiners (SPEs) and sport pilot flight instructor examiners (SFIEs) on Saturday, January 22, in Sebring, Florida, following the first SPE/SFIE course held there last week ... (read more)

January, 2005
Event to be held Feb 9-13 at the Air Force Station Yelahanka

Advanced Range versions provide further flexibility to airlines worldwide

Firm orders now stand at 39, with carrier holding 61 options

Release Schedule - - We have to change some of Release shedule - We expect next package to be Released to be Greece Waters and Landclass - British Waters - during the First Weeks of Feb. We'll than let you know what next - very likely we are Looking into producing Roads and Waters scenery for Finland - to complete the Scandinavia set and Ex Jugoslavia - before moving back again to the American Continent with the Release of Canada Roads / Waters - Usa Wates 1.1 - and finally we can take a look at the Caribbean islands - roads and waters - Complete Russia Roads and Waters !
FSfreeware - United States Roads and Railways Scenery - Win - Monthly Contest - We are happy to announce that United States Roads and Railways Scenery - Has been Voted the Most Popular Scenery for the Month of December - in the monthly contest. We wish to Thanks Nels Anderson for Hosting the Roads Package at and for being a very popular and Impartial Webmaster -  of -  - and all those supporters wich are constantly supporting  Roads and Waters scenery Projects -  a big Thanks to all simmers who have voted for us at the monthly contest - and we are looking foward to deliver many more scenery in the near future....  Merit goes also to - Louis Sa of - the creator of Scenery Builder - the program used to design Roads and Waters scenery.
FSfreeware - Usa Waters Version 1.1 - This is now a very much Loved and popular Title - and we are continuosly expanding the scenery to further improving its quality - - To be Released during the second part of February - will Include numerous changes - Completely redraw of Alaska Streams - Draw of Shorelines - further Lwm Revisions Country wide - Will improve the general quality of the scenery - and we'll also fix issues reported by Usa Waters Supporters also -  Version 1.1 - is Free to all Who have registered for Version 1 - and ofcourse - fully compatible with FSfreeware Free Roads scenery to match Usa Waters. First image of Version 1.1 - click image above - Buy this scenery now - at the Lower price - as it will not last for much longer - and a price increase is inevitable in the near future.

K-Series Weekend
January 26 2005
Norfolk Gliding Club (UK) invites K-Series and other vintage gliders to a Bank Holiday bash. . .[ More ]

Tapio Savolainen
January 26 2005
Former IGC Vice President Tapio Savolainen dies[ More ]'s.htm
01/27/05 Jet Aviation receives prestigious International Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences

China to order 60 Boeing 787s Jan 28
Air China orders 5 A380s Jan 28
Thai is unidentified 777 customer Jan 28
FlyBE signs for 20 more Q400s Jan 28
UPS to add 11 MD11s Jan 28
First 767 in Austrian livery Jan 28
Vasp suspends all routes Jan 28
ATA pulls plug on Chicago Express Jan 28
SkyLink gets tentative nod Jan 28
Darwin to add London City route Jan 28
AtlasJet adds A320 Jan 28
Southwest stops Intercontinental service Jan 28
Air Europa confirms China service Jan 28
China Airlines Cargo to Nagoya Jan 28
Angola 747 released Jan 28
Farnair L-410 crash Jan 28
Montenegro Fk100 goes off runway Jan 28
Air China orders A330s Jan 27
Northwest orders A330s Jan 27
Flugleidir orders 737-800s Jan 27
GWA suspends operations Jan 27

New this month: the “Seapower Forum"

In early January, Seapower invited three of the nation’s leading shipbuilding experts to participate in a “Seapower Forum” on vital defense issues. Participants were Michael Petters, president of Northrop Grumman Newport News; Michael W. Toner, executive vice president of General Dynamics’ Marine Systems Group; and Ronald O'Rourke, a senior analyst for the Congressional Research Service.

Read the full article.

Eurocontrol Pushes Back Mode S Deadline
Updated January 20, 2005
Eurocontrol is postponing its timetable requiring Mode S Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance of IFR flights in European airspace. Among other modifications, the deadline for aircraft to be equipped with Mode S Elementary Surveillance (ELS) has been extended by 24 months from the original March 31, 2005 date to a March 31, 2007 deadline.. More.

Corporate Angel Network Celebrates 20,000th Flight
On January 24, 2005, Corporate Angel Network (CAN) celebrated its 20,000th flight for cancer patients. CAN, a national public charity based in White Plains, NY, partners with corporations to ease the emotional stress, physical discomfort and financial burden of travel for cancer patients by arranging free flights to treatment centers empty seats on corporate and fractional jets. visit

Special Traffic Management Program in Effect for Super Bowl XXXIX
A Special Traffic Management Program will be in effect for Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville, FL, from Wednesday, February 2 – Monday, February 7, 2005.. View the STMP NOTAM.

Applications for NBAA International Operators Scholarship Due Jan. 31
The deadline for submitting applications for the NBAA International Operators Scholarship is January 31, 2005. With financial support from ExxonMobil Aviation and Field Based Operator Avitats, the International Operators Committee offers $5,000 scholarships each year for individuals considering careers in business aviation. Last year, 63 people received scholarships or training awards in various aviation professional areas. More.


Call for Papers - 2005 AHS International Safety Symposium


The American Helicopter Society (AHS) International and the AHS Montréal/Ottawa Chapter invite participants to the First International Helicopter Safety Symposium (IHSS 2005), to be held in Montréal, Canada, from September 26 to 29, 2005. 

Click here for details.

Cessna on a high
Last year was very successful for Cessna with 897 aircraft being delivered.
6,000th King Air
Raytheon Aircraft Company has delivered its 6,000th Beechcraft King Air, a B200.
GA8 Airvans to Indonesia
Australian manufacturer Gippsland Aeronautics has sent a GA8 Airvan to Indonesia to help with the tsunami disaster relief efforts.
Phoenix arises again
Hot on the heels of The Aviator, another movie starring aviation is about to go on release, a re-make of the classic James Stewart film, Flight Of The Phoenix.
1/2 RAeS Conference: UAV Systems
  4 Hamilton Place, London W1
2/2 Lecture: Concorde
  MBNA Theatre. MBNA Building, Chester Business Park
7/2 CAA Safety Evening, Isle of Man
  01624 821604 , Isle of Man
8/2 IPEC & LARA 2005
  Novotel, London
8/2 Lecture: Glider crashes
  Boscombe Down

January 26, 2005      Time: 01:20    
Location: Rutbah, Iraq
Operator: Military - U.S. Marine Corps
AC Type: CH53E Sea Stallion
Reg: ?
Route: Ferrying troops
Aboard: 31     Fatalities: 31      Ground: 0
The helicopter crashed in rain and a sandstorm.

BRI - This & That WARNING
pilots for Iraq
The Mil and their use of QFE
Etihad, Australian C/C recruitment
Atc Clearance At Leeds Bradford
Titan Airways
Interesting Boeing Patent
Pilot's sex discrimination case.
Traffic through COA
Anyone had a jetstar interview?
Cross wind limits - definitions please?
Puzzled Pilot
Air Atlanta Icelandic


Russian general avaiation to be regulated

It may seem incredible, but - according to Avia Russia - in Russia it appears that one can build and fly a light aircraft with no technical or piloting ...more

BAA reports good business

UK's main airports operator, BAA, has released results for the 9 months to 31 December 2004. ..more

Cargo aircraft lands short in snow

On the morning of 27 January, a Hungarian Let 410 twin-turboprop mail aircraft was approaching Iasi Airport, Romania. Visibility was 2 km in snow, with a temperature of -4 deg C. The first attempt to land was ...more

Fatal helicopter accident in south-west

At 1300Z on 22 January search action was initiated after a Jetranger 206B helicopter, which had taken off from Gloucester Airport, failed to arrive in Devon. Police and RAF helicopters searched through the night but it was ...more

Aircraft flew into foggy mountainside

On 21 January in daylight, a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan I large single turboprop utility aircraft crash-landed in thick fog in hilly terrain on the slope of Mount Huaricollo, Bolivia. The aircraft was written off but ...more

Air ambulance crashed on instrument approach

On 11 January at 2145 local, a Beech BE-90 twin-engine turboprop air ambulance was destroyed when it impacted terrain while flying a VOR/GPS approach to Rawlins Municipal Airport, Wyoming. The airline transport pilot and two crew ...more

FAA Increases Airspace Capacity at High Altitudes

The US Department of Transportation's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today, 20 January, issued a press release which announced a doubling of high-altitude airspace routes between 29,000 feet and 41,000 feet, an action that ...more

Airbus rolls out the A-380

This week has seen the rolling out of the Airbus A-380. It is certainly a triumph of engineering and has impressive credentials, but will it affect the navigation infrastructure? Probably ...more

EC introduces vehicle anti-crash radars

Short-range radars that can detect collision dangers and automatically apply cars' brakes should be available by mid-2005, according to the European Commission. The decision to allocate a specific RF band to short-range radar ...more

Rockwell Collins reports first quarter fiscal year 2005 earnings per share of 50 cents; a  year-over-year increase of 32% on sales growth of 21% 

Rockwell Collins, Inc. (NYSE: COL) today reported net income for the first quarter of fiscal year 2005 ended December 31, 2004 of $90 million, or 50 cents per share, a 32% increase over fiscal year 2004 first quarter net income of $68 million, or 38 cents per share.  Total segment operating margins for the current year first quarter improved 190 basis points to a level of 18.6% as compared to 16.7% reported last year.

Thanks to your support, we’ve somehow kept our aircraft going for 30 years!

I know you appreciate just how very special Sally B is. The last airworthy B-17 Flying Fortress in this country, she represents thousands of these aircraft and their crews who flew out of this country during the Second World War, and flies as a memorial to those who gave their lives. It’s vital to keep their memory alive - that’s why keeping Sally B flying is the main goal for us all. But if we are to achieve this, we simply must raise more money to keep up with the ever-increasing costs involved.

So, I am writing to ask you to support our special Sally B APPEAL, to secure our aircraft’s future in this country for generations to come.

AND HERE’S SOME GREAT NEWS! If you give £20 or more to the appeal, as our way of saying “thank you”, we’ll send you an exclusive print, Sally B Over Bassingbourn, specially commissioned for this.

PLUS, if you are able to give £360 or more, we will add your name (or another name of your choice) to the prestigious Roll of Honour on the outside of Sally B’s fuselage for two whole years. What’s more, we will invite you to see your name unveiled at our members’ party normally held in September at Duxford at The Imperial War Museums’.

Appointments Conclude Busy Week at Sebring
January 24, 2005 - The FAA's Light Sport Aviation Branch (LSAB) completed the crucial step of appointing the first sport pilot examiners (SPEs) and sport pilot flight instructor examiners (SFIEs) on Saturday, January 22, in Sebring, Florida, following the first SPE/SFIE course held there last week ... (read more)

January 24, 2005 - An update on the new sport pilot/light-sport aircraft rule and the progress on the infrastructure to make it a success will be held at the EAA Aviation Center on Friday, January 28, beginning at 6 p.m. (Central Standard Time). The briefing will also be available live on the EAA members website, ... (read more)


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