Mr. Van Etten indicates that he is making some changes in the Flight Times and that these changes should go into effect within the next few weeks.

The FlightTimes
today starts off with an unusual source and story that I consider a must read.

February 6, 2005


Please be sure to read the whole story, I know it has political slant, you can extract what you wish to believe, but remember where to is smoke there is fire. Enjoy

The Sun Chaser
The latest product I have received from JUST FLIGHT for testing is the 

Concorde Professional Limited Edition

This is certainly an impressive simulation package and destined to become a collector’s item. An instructional film accompanies the software on DVD that is well worth the cost complete package by itself..

The film is an instructional walk around with the Concorde Flight crew. You will receive instruction as to pre-flight check on the ground, before take-off and during the flight. This is fascinating stuff for seasoned pilots as well as beginners. All levels will enjoy this. I also suggest watching the film BEFORE installing anything. This is certainly not a simulation to just jump in, thump the throttle and take-off. The results will not be satisfactory; I suggest for once a more serious approach.

The Concorde is known by everybody and will be for many years to come. It was and still is a symbol of what human engineering can achieve. It was the only supersonic passenger aircraft in the world. It had the ability to fly twice the speed of sound at 60,000 feet crossing from London to New York in about three and a half-hours.

Strangely enough it was a joint effort between France and Britain, two cultures often at odds with each other. The inaugural flight was made on January 21, 1976 with BA flying from London Heathrow to Bahrain.

Only 16 aircraft have been manufactured.

More details can be found in the 160-page manual that is delivered with this exceptional product. This manual is an engineer’s delight as it is stuffed full of details not normally found in your library. I suggest careful reading of this booklet before attempting a take-off at all.

The level of realism is exceptional. Should you succeed in taking-off you will have your hands full till you reach cruising altitude. If you don't familiarise yourself with the multitude of switches you will soon find yourself in panic as bells and whistles and gongs go off every few minutes informing you of procedures, dangers etc. The virtual cockpit is extremely accurate.

This is truly a simulation that will keep you busy for the rest of the year.

Runs only Windows 2000 or XP and will insist that you have at least 512mb of RAM and processor of 2 Ghz. Attempting to run this on lower spec will be devastating. WARNING! This is serious software and highly addictive. If you open this Saturday morning you’ll be gone for the weekend.
We are thrilled to announce that Trailfinders have donated £10,000 to 'Flying Scholarships for the Disabled' through the 'Mike Gooley Trailfinders Charity'. This has been invested in the endowment fund and will be used to fund 'Trailfinders' Mini Scholarships'. We are all very grateful for this generous donation. Please look at:

Northrop AT-38B

The US Air Force originally ordered the T-38A Talon in the 1950s as an advanced, supersonic flight trainer. The Talon’s maneuverability also made it useful as a trainer, fighter lead-in, and as the first in a series of aggressor aircraft. more................

WSDOT Aviation Awards $502,577 in Third Round of Local Airport Aid Grants

NEW STUFF FOR X-Plane 8.06 SINCE 8.05:

The total-energy variometer is now based on INDICATED airspeed, not true groundspeed.
this is the way real total-energy varios work.

The visual flight model ('/' key a few times to see it in different levels)
now shows the PROPELLER forces per element... it's cool to see the varying lift distributions
on helicopters and VTOLS when they are moving forwards rapidly, creating all sorts of strange
asymmetric effects!

Control systems with artificial stability can "flutter" at low frame-rates.
While this can never be totally avoided (you need some speed to run a flight-control computer!)
the worst-case flutter condition has been considerably reduced, improving low-frame-rate artificial stability,
of course with no detriment to the high-frame-rate cases.

New joystick buttons options: speedbrakes retract 1 notch, speedbrakes extend one notch...
as well, if you hit the retract button when the brakes are already retracted, the brakes go the "auto-deploy" mode.

Set the initial THROTTLE now in the map view when placing aircraft by clicking on the various maps. Kind of nice.

Elec system: The battery voltage indicators now indicate the bus voltage, as in the real airplane...
Turning on the generators will show a higher voltage if the generators are able to turn out more voltage than the battery...
this is dependant on whether the generators are on, the engine they are connected to is turning fast enough, and they have not broken!

Mods to the GPS NMEA output should allow altitude display on more receivers.

bug-fix: ADF 1/2 really does show both ADG-1 and ADF-2!
bug-fix: sim could crash in certain weather conditions... fixed now
bug fix: if you select the "get lost" menu item when on mars, then (you guessed it) you get lost on Mars
bug-fix: fewer (if any) "bumpy runways"

February 2 -- Latest Air & Space, International Air Power Review
        and Journal AAHS indexed here

Military organizations work together to form 'CSI' teams
LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE, Texas. (AFPN) -- Television today is inundated with shows on forensic science. Programs like “CSI” and “Dr. G., Medical Examiner” have piqued the public’s interest in how forensic experts find answers to questions surrounding a death.

Plan reduces risk for truck drivers in Iraq
SOUTHWEST ASIA (AFPN) -- Recently 250 additional U.S. truck drivers per week were removed from the dangerous roads of Iraq because of expanded air operations that deliver cargo directly from the United States to airfields in Iraq. This, combined with existing air operations, now removes about 1,280 convoy drivers per week from Iraqi roads.

Super Bowl commercial spotlights Airman
LOS ANGELES AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AFPN) -- A month ago, 1st Lt. Jeff McGowan would have laughed at the very idea that his face would be used to market thanks and gratitude on national television in front of 100 million viewers. But it is amazing what a few weeks and an opportunity of a lifetime can make.

Flight service stations of the future

Lockheed briefs AOPA on modernization plans
"After spending 90 minutes getting an advance look at a 21st century flight service station and asking hard questions, all I can say is, Wow!" said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "On the basis of what Lockheed Martin will deliver under the contract, pilots are going to be much better served and much safer."

Just two days after the FAA announced that Lockheed Martin had won the contract to run the flight service system, company officials were in AOPA's headquarters to brief the association on what the flight service station of the future is going to look like.
Super Bowl TFR shuts out GA
Boaters, others have greater access...

AOPA's Airport Directory is in the mail
More than 440 tons of books delivered to the post office and now on the way to you...

AOPA Air Safety Foundation "Hot Spot"
Winter flying safety information just a click away...

Congress continues focus on security
Aviation is not alone in the spotlight during Chertoff confirmation hearing...

AOPA reaches out to Virginia decision makers
AOPA's Boyer keynote speaker at the Virginia Aviation Day...

AOPA concerned about New Mexico SUA expansion plan
The 27th Fighter Wing at Cannon AFB has initiated a proposal to expand Melrose Air Force Range...

Breaking News

Chicago Express Going Out Of Business

Chicago Express will close down on March 28, unless a new buyer is found.

Full Story

Bush Plan Gives Airlines More Time To Fund Pensions -- But Not Much

The Conundrum Of American Airlines Flight 587

Boeing's Cancellation of B717 Hits Values Hard
05 Feb 2005 - Kam Air 737-200 wreckage found, CFIT suspected, no survivors.
News: Effective January 1st of 2005 SENEAM regulations have changed

SENEAM will no longer be based on the navigation services provided in Mexican air space, it will now be a flat fee for the use of the Mexican air space. The Seneam fee will be calculated based on the wingspan of the aircraft.




Challenger 600 Accident Statement
February 02, 2005
Government of Macedonia Takes Delivery of New Special Edition Bombardier Learjet 60 Business Jet
Memoirs of S/Ldr Harry Forbes

Jan 30   President Bob Reiss undergoing surgery. Details in Hangar Talk
  Airspeed Instrument Calibration in Members' Section
Super Bowl to Feature Troops
WASHINGTON, Feb. 4, 2005 – America's servicemembers of yesterday, today and tomorrow will be featured during the pre-game show for the NFL's Super Bowl XXXIX, a championship game between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles Feb. 6 in Jacksonville, Fla. Story
EAA Plays Key Role in ELSA, SLSA Airworthiness Certification Discussion
February 3, 2005 - EAA's Earl Lawrence was in Kansas City, Missouri, last week to provide EAA expertise in the review and revision of FAA policy governing issuance of special light-sport aircraft (SLSA) and experimental light-sport aircraft (ELSA) airworthiness certificates ... (read more)

Flight Restrictions Announced For Super Sunday
February 2, 2005 - A 30-mile temporary flight restriction (TFR) centered on Jacksonville, Florida's Alltel Stadium will be in effect for Super Bowl XXXIX on Sunday, February 6, from 1:30-11 p.m. local time. During that time, access to airspace in the Jacksonville area, including a part of Southern Georgia, will be limited. General aviation fixed-wing operations are limited to aircraft arriving or departing local airfields, however Craig Field (CRG) and Herlong Airport (23J) will be closed while the TFR is in place. Scheduled commercial and cargo flights will be allowed to operate into and out of Jacksonville International (JAX) ... (read more)

Pitcairn PCA-2 Autogiro Miss Champion Donated to EAA AirVenture Museum
Historic aircraft to perform flight demos at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005
February 2, 2005 - An aircraft considered revolutionary in its time will soon be in the EAA AirVenture Museum's permanent collection in Oshkosh. Stephen Pitcairn has informed EAA that he will donate his airworthy Pitcairn PCA-2 autogiro Miss Champion (NC 11609), to take its place alongside EAA's restored and airworthy Pitcairn Mailwing and PA-39 autogiro in the Pitcairn Aviation Hangar at historic Pioneer Airport.

Miss Champion will also be on display during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005 (July 25-31). Plus visitors get the added treat of seeing this aircraft fly; the PCA-2 will perform flight demonstrations during the week ... (read more)

EAA Skiplane Fly-In Goes on as (Re) Scheduled
February 2, 2005 - Numerous aircraft ranging from an ultralight Quick Sprint on a monopod float to a Maule M-4-210C on wheel skis appeared at EAA's rescheduled Skiplane Fly-in Saturday at Pioneer Airport. The event was made possible by the previous weekend's snowfall, which ironically postponed the event due to adverse flying conditions. Slightly overcast skies kept the plane count down to about a dozen of the 39 originally registered, but many people from the area were drawn to the hangar to enjoy piping hot chili, chicken soup, and of course, loads of hangar talk ... (read more)

Lockheed Martin Wins FAA Automated Flight Service Stations Contract
February 2, 2005 - The FAA has awarded a $1.9 billion contract to a team headed by Lockheed Martin to run its 58 automated flight service stations (AFSS) located throughout the country beginning in October this year. The five-year contract, plus an optional five additional years, represents estimated savings of $2.2 billion over the next ten years ... (read more)

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005 Welcomes CAF'S B-29 and LB-30 to World's Greatest Aviation Celebration
February 1, 2005 - Two of the greatest airplanes from the World War II era, the Boeing B-29 and Consolidated LB-30 (B-24), will be present at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005 as the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration takes place July 25-31 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh ... (read more)

NAFI: TSA Wants Flight School Workers to be Security Trained
February 1, 2005 - Transportation Security Administration (TSA) aviation security branch officials recently assured Rusty Sachs, Executive Director of the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) that it's not looking to pull anyone's instructors ticket. But it does insist that people who deal personally with flight students-that means all flight school employees and individual flight instructors-complete a security awareness training program. Sachs visited TSA headquarters in Washington, D.C., on January 26 ... (read more)
NAFI Working to Change Alien Flight Student Training Rules

Eclipse Jet Plane Is Closer to Reality

Business & Commercial Aviation
Production Conforming Eclipse Takes Flight

Aviation International News
Eclipse 500 Makes First Flight With P&W Engines

Aviation International News
Avionics Update

EAA Sport Aviation
First Pratt Powered Eclipse 500 Begins Flight Testing

DG Newsletter
February 3 2005
DG Flugzeugbau GmbH has issued a new Newsletter that includes a wealth of information about DG and LS gliders, a list of representatives, notes on training, photos, etc.[ More ]

Recent Federal Aviation Administration Supplemental Type Certificate Enables Immediate Installations on In-Service G200 Aircraft

Gulfstream Aerospace, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), now offers high-speed Internet and e-mail capability for its large-cabin, mid-range Gulfstream G200 business jet...

[ Read the full article... ]

31 January 2005
Air Traffic Rebounds in 2004 - Cost Efficiency; The Challenge for 2005
31 January 2005
'ANSP Harmonisation—An Airline Perspective', CANSO Meeting, Maastricht
IATA International Traffic  statistics, latest release 31 January 2005
01/10/05 Jet Aviation Palm Beach to Host La Bella Macchina, an Annual Ferrari and Aircraft Show

04 Feb 2005

Spitfire is airborne

The definitive Spitfire package for Flight Simulator 2004/2002 and Combat Flight Simulator 3/2 is in the air. After many months of hard work we're extremely proud to see Spitfire take to the skies. Developed by the Merlin maestros over at Aeroplane Heaven, Spitfire comes with 39 different aircraft spanning 14 variants of Supermarine's finest creation. Read the full details here and get a copy today!

Scenic savings
03 Feb 2005

VFR is back!

After a brief sojourn in the 'not available' category, we're pleased to tell you that all four volumes of VFR Photographic scenery are now back on sale and at a very special price while stocks last! Each volume is just £12.99/E20.95/£20.99 - with free postage to the UK and USA. East & South-East England, Central & Southern England, Wales & South-West England and Northern England all bring you the same jaw-dropping level of detail based on Getmapping PLC's aerial Millennium Map". VFR Photographic Scenery shows every detail including roads, fields, towns, villages, hills, valleys and airport approaches exactly as you would see them from a real aircraft. Fly over your street, school, office, local football ground or any other visible landmarks. Get visual now!

Northern approach
01 Feb 2005

News for our friends in the north!

The latest volume in the British Airports series is on its way and now airfields in northern England will be getting a makeover from airports ace Gary Summons. The British Airports series has been extremely popular and we're now up to Volume 6. British Airports - Northern England (Part 1) covers the lower half of the north of England and includes Barrow-in-Furness and the Isle of Man. In all there are 35 airports that range from small fields to large international destinations as well as RAF bases. This great scenery expansion for FS2004/FS2002 will be changing the face of Britain on 11th February - read the full spec and order a copy here.
JAL picks the 737NG Feb 4
Japan Airlines has picked the Boeing 737 Next Generation and will place an order for 30 aircraft to include the 737-700, 737-800 and 737-900 versions. JAL will also take options on 10 additional aircraft. Delivery is expected to begin in April 2006.
Thai working on new livery? Feb 4
A look at what will likely become the new Thai Airways International colorscheme.

(Foto by French Frogs AirSlides)
GOL commits to more 737NGs Feb 4
Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes has added an option on 20 additional Boeing 737-800s. These aircraft are to be delivered between 2006 and 2010 and are in additon to an order for 43 B737s placed in May of last year.

Lybian airline to order 737NGs Feb 4
Boeing has a preliminary agreement to sell up to 6 737-800s to Buraq Air of Lybia. The deal, expected to be signed soon, calls for 3 firm aircraft and 3 options for the airline based in Tripoli.
Alaska takes 1st 737-800 Feb 4
The first of 3 Boeing 737-800 for Alaska Airlines roled out of the hangar at Boeing Field yesterday according to a press release from the company. A picture of the aircraft was already shown in our news last week. The aircraft will go into commercial service on Sunday. Alaska will take delivery of the 2 other 737-800s later this year.
SN Brussels to start Glasgow route Feb 4
SN Brissels announced they will start service from Brussels to Glasgow this coming summer. By June 2nd the airline plans to operate 9 weekly flights, 2 on weekdays and 1 on Sundays, with its fleet of Avros.

Southwest increases HOU-LAX Feb 4
Southwest will double the number of flights from Houston Hobby to Los Angeles from 2 to 4 a day on April 3rd. All flights are operated with Boeing 737s.
CanJet goes coast to coast Feb 4
CanJet will inaugurate nonstop service from Toronto to Calgary on Monday May16th. Nonstop service to Vancouver begins on June 27th. Each of the routes will be served by a Boeing 737-500.
Tiger receives Vietnam routes Feb 4
Tiger Airways has received rights to fly to Vietnam and plans to start service from Singapore to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The airline is starting service to Chiang Mai on February 18th. All flights are operated with Airbus A320s.
Jetstar Asia receives Vietnam route Feb 4
Jetstar Asia has also received clearance to begin service to Vietnam and plans to fly to Hanoi.
Helios jet struck by lightning Feb 4
A Helios Airways Boeing 737 en route from Larnaca to London's Luton Airport was struck by lightning yesterday as it was approaching Paphos Airport where it was scheduled to make a stopover to pick up more passengers. The aircraft was slightly damaged and unable to continue its journey to London.
Jet & Sahara going to Singapore Feb 4
Only days after receiving permission to start London service, Jet Airways and Air Sahara have now been cleared to service Singapore. The airlines are also working on routes to Bangkok, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.
Kam Air 737 missing Feb 4
A Kam Air Boeing 737 on a domestic flight in Afghanistan has gone missing. The aircraft was en rouite from Herat to Kabul but was unable to land at Kabul due to heavy snowstorms. There have been reports the aircraft had contacted Peshawar Airport in Pakistan and was diverting there but it never made the airport.
Ilyushin 76 runs out of fuel Feb 4
A Ilyushin 76 operated by Air West and belonging to Tayaran Al-Gharb, en route from Sharjah to Khartoum with a cargo of humanitarian aid for Darfur, apparently ran out of fuel and crashed near the village of Aad Babaker, about 15 kilometres west of Khartoum just after 0800 local time yesterday morning.
Westjet to discontinue Gander service Feb 4
Westjet announced it will withdraw service from Gander, Newfoundland effective April 7. The airline will be redeployingits capacity from Gander to St. John's and offering daily non-stop service between St. John's and Halifax.
MedAire Releases Fourth Quarter Activities and Cash Flow Report
MedAire has lodged its fourth quarter activity and cash flow report with the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).  For the quarter, MedAire had an increase in net operating cash flow of $973,000, which is a $674,000 increase from the same quarter last year.  (view full report)

MedAire Provides a Wide Range of Medical Support to
Victims of Tidal Wave Disaster
MedAire continues providing assistance to victims of the earthquake and resulting tsunamis that hit coastal regions of Asia on December 27, 2004.
(see full news release)

MedAire Expanding Beyond Medical Expertise for Travelers

(Aviation International News) 1/1/05

MSNBC Interviews NBAA on TEB Accident and Business Aviation's Safety Record

February 4, 2005

Since the February 2 Challenger CL-600 incident at Teterboro Airport, NBAA has given interviews with several newspaper and broadcast organizations in the New York region and across the country. While recognizing the tragic nature of the incident in each interview, NBAA staff have also sought to educate reporters about the overall safety record of our industry. Yesterday, MSNBC interviewed NBAA Senior Vice President, Operations, Steve Brown. The interview focused on Wednesday’s incident and the historical safety record of the industry. Review the transcript.
NBAA Welcomes FAA Regulation Change Allowing Private Aircraft Operators to Carry Candidates for State and Local Offices
February 1, 2005
NBAA today applauded the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for revising a regulation to clarify that private aircraft operators can transport candidates on campaign travel for state and local elective offices and accept payment for the flight in accordance with state and local election laws. NBAA has been instrumental in drafting the language for the regulatory revision, and in working to secure its adoption. More.
Senate Committee Report Examines Personal Use of Business Aircraft
On January 27, 2005, at the request of the Senate Finance Committee Chairman and Ranking Member, the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation published a study entitled, "Options to Improve Tax Compliance and Reform Tax Expenditures." (1.3 MB, PDF)
Special Operating Guidelines in Effect Super Bowl XXXIX
NBAA Flight Operations Manual Workshop: Feb. 21-22 in Miami
Management Fundamentals for Flight Departments Workshop: Feb. 23-24 in Miami

Final words before crash
The final conversation between a pilot disorientated in cloud and   ATC before he crashed and was killed has been released by accident investigators.
EASA certification for AT-3
The Polish designed and built Aero AT-3 R100 has received its EASA Type Certification.
High for Ultimate pair
Two instructors from Ultimate High took part in the World Aerobatic Grand Prix at the Al Ain air base.
Seaplane flying under threat
Seaplane flying on the lochs of Scotland is under threat. Support of UK pilots is urgently required.
Shoreham Airport for sale
A private sector owner or partner is being sought by the two local councils that own Shoreham Airport.

Mar 22 - 23 2005 Aviation Safety Symposium Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor Contact George Mahurin
by Email: or by Phone: 562-420-1755 ext 136

Date: February 3, 2005      Time: c 17:00    
Location: Near Kabul, Afghanstan
Operator: Kam Air      Flight: 904
AC Type: Boeing B-737-200
Reg: EX-037      cn: 22075/630
Route: Herat - Kabul
Aboard: 104    Fatalities: 104      Ground: 0
Unable to land at Kabul because of a blizzard, the crew tried to reach Peshawar, Pakistan but crashed into mountains surrounding the city of Kabul.
Date: February 3, 2005      Time: 08:07    
Location: Near Khartoum, Sudan
Operator: Air West
AC Type: Ilyushin 76
Reg: ?
Route: Sharjah - Khartoum
Aboard: 7     Fatalities: 7      Ground: 0
The cargo plane, carrying humanitarian aid, ran out of fuel and crashed 10 miles from its destination of Khartoum.

Date: February 2, 2005      Time: 07:20    
Location: Teterboro, New Jersey
Operator: Charter - DDH Aviation
AC Type: Canadair CL-600 Challenger
Reg: N370V      cn: 1014
Route: Teterboro, N.J. - Chicago, IL
Aboard: 11     Fatalities: 0      Ground: 0
While attempting to takeoff from Teterboro Airport, Runway 6, the plane did not become airborne, skidded off the runway, went through a perimeter fence, crossed a highway striking a car and crashed into a warehouse. None of the 8 passengers or crew of 3 were killed but 15 people were injured.
The Demise of the Professional Pilot
- by TDF380

PIA divert into MAN???
- by G-SP0T

EEG off the JAR class one medical in UK
- by gareth08

Do drivers fly?
- by Lackof747

A330 wing
- by Freddy Fudpucker

QF to REMOVE Crew Rest for FA's
- by Chicken or Fish?

HK MD-11 Accident InquiryReview published.
- by mr Q

IL76 down near Khartoum
- by ORAC

Removing 747 Engines
- by Sky Wave

Bombardier Accident at Teterboro
- by atplfunda

Lionair incident UPG
- by Flying Fokker

Finally they are gone!!!
- by Touch'n'oops

Just some info please
- by rubberball

Qantas PER LH Base being slashed
- by luvflyin

The UNDELETABLE Qantas LHR interview thread
- by flyblue
January 30,  2005 #309
United Airlines Has Lost $10 BILLION Dollars Since 2000!!!                                                                                                                     As Bill Sees It: (Editorial): A Busy Week For The Aviation Cabal

UK and Irish airspace to merge?

A study into the issues associated with establishing a Functional Airspace Block (FAB) in UK-Ireland airspace areas is underway. The project will pave the way for one of the first FABs in Europe.

The announcement ...more

BA sees increased traffic

BA has seen a rise in traffic in January 2005 compared with January 2004. Passenger traffic, measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres, was higher by 8.1%. Passenger capacity, measured in Available Seat Kilometres, ...more

Aircraft hit mountain after go-around

At 1515 local on 3 February, a Boeing 737-242 flew into mountainous terrain at 11,000 ft near Kabul, Afghanistan. All 96 pasengers and 8 crew were killed.

The Kam Air domestic scheduled flight had departed from ...more

Aid aircraft ran out of fuel?

On the morning of 3 February, an Ilyushin 76 4-jet cargo aircraft reportedly ran out of fuel on approach to Khartoum airport and crashed 15 km short; the aircraft was written off and all 7 on board (6 Russians and a Sudanese) ...more

High winds thwart balloon record

Shropshire balloonist Lindsay Muir hoped to break the 33,669 ft world female balloon record on 2 February, but her bid ended in failure over the Italian Alps. She was hoping to raise money for Oxfam.

The four-times ...more

Mail aircraft crashed after take-off

On the evening of 31 January, a Cessna 208B Caravan I Super Cargomaster single-engined utility aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Finland. It came down within the airport perimeter; the ...more

Plane skids off runway into warehouse

A Canadair CL-600 private jet has skidded off the runway across a road and slammed into a warehouse at Teterboro Airport, New Jersey, USA. It hit 2 cars as it careered from the runway into the building; 11 on board and 4 people ...more

Flt Lt Pat O'Hara dies aged 91

Fl Lt Pat O'Hara, a wartime navigator, has died aged 91. O'Hara was awarded the DFM and DFC and DFC bar for his wartime bravery. He served on 214 Squadron flying 10 operations including the first 1000-bomber raid on Cologne. He ...more

Air traffic rebounded in 2004

In the full year of 2004, international scheduled passenger traffic increased 15.3% and cargo traffic 13.4% over 2003 levels, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). All regions reported double-digit ...more

EUROCONTROL launches Single European Sky

EUROCONTROL has taken a significant step in the implementation of the Single European Sky by launching the call for tenders for a study for the definition phase of a Single European Sky Implementation Programme ...more

RAF Hurcules accident

-- UPDATED -- A RAF C-130 Hercules crashed at around 1725 local time on 30 January some 30 km NW of Baghdad. The cause is still subject to speculation in the press but it seems that that there was an ...more

Russian general aviation to be regulated

It may seem incredible, but - according to Avia Russia - in Russia it appears that one can build and fly a light aircraft with no technical or piloting ...more

BAA reports good business

UK's main airports operator, BAA, has released results for the 9 months to 31 December 2004.

Passenger traffic revenue was up 6.5% to £110.6 million - up 9.7% in first, 5.7% in second and 4.3% in third ...more

Cargo aircraft lands short in snow

On the morning of 27 January, a Hungarian Let 410 twin-turboprop mail aircraft was approaching Iasi Airport, Romania. Visibility was 2 km in snow, with a temperature of -4 deg C.

The first attempt to land was ...more
Rockwell Collins delivers eFlightTM information management solution to easyJet

Rockwell Collins declares regular quarterly dividend on common stock

Rockwell Collins to present at SG Cowen Aerospace & Defense Investor Conference

Electronic Warfare 2005
25-27 May 2005, London, UK

Afghan 737 Missing in Freak Storm, 100 Onboard - No sightings, no radio contact with Kam Air plane

2006 FAA Budget Expected to be LEAN - about the same as 2005 with no growth

"Why I Won't Invest in Airlines" - This writer makes some points but there is little wealth in aviation

  • An old saying in our business - "If you want to get out of aviation with a million dollars, get in with two million"

1.4 Million US Flights Were Late in 2004 - That's about 20%

Amazing - Nobody Died in Yesterday's NJ Crash - What a photo!




Seven Dead in Sudanese Cargo Crash - Plane was Russian Ilushin 76 looks a bit like a US C-141 

Private Jet Skids Off Runway, Crosses Highway & Hits Building 14 people hurt but no fatalities

FAA Outsources Automated Flight Service Stations to Lockheed - 38 of 58 will close

Boeing Earnings Down But Outlook is Bright as they see upsurge in deliveries on the horizon

Feds Take Over Some US Airways Pension Funds affecting about 51,000 employees



Around the World.  Solo.  Non-stop. - if successful, an amazing feat for Rutan & Fossett

US Airways Troubles Not Over Yet - Last quarter 2004 was especially tough

Air Canada is Moving to Profitability and the rest of the world may follow, this article says



Delta Kicks Off Major Schedule Revamp - Biggest overhaul "in recent history"

United Pilots & Flight Attendants Accept Lower Pay to help keep airline afloat

Congress Wants to Boot TSA Security Screeners - Privatize, privatize

US Airways Loses US $236M in 4th Quarter 2004 - They had hoped for less 



US $554M Loss for United in 4th Quarter and $1.6 Billion for 2004

Atlanta Airport Back Online After Ice Storm - They were down to 1 of 4 runways for awhile
View the archived webcast of the Sport Pilot Briefing held at EAA HQ on Jan. 28, 2005