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Sun Aug 08 2004
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AOPA Online - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association home page
Keeping flight training affordable
    AOPA tells FAA to lay off flight training device regulatory efforts
AOPA files comments telling FAA to deny Navy request for prohibited airspace
In comments filed today , AOPA officially opposed a proposed prohibited area over the Hood Canal in Washington State. In the latest skirmish in the ongoing fight over unnecessary airspace restrictions, AOPA told the FAA that establishing a prohibited area over the Navy submarine base in Bangor, Washington, will create operational problems without enhancing safety. The new prohibited area, to be called P-51, would turn a temporary flight restriction (TFR) established following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks into a permanent one.
"This is a national concern, and AOPA members all over this country should be alarmed at the Navy's push to make this airspace prohibited," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "In addition to this Bangor prohibited area request, the Navy last month requested prohibited airspace in St. Mary's, Georgia , and if they succeed, there is no telling where they will go to next."
Pilots can add their voices to AOPA's by going to the Document Management System and filing comments objecting to this airspace grab. (Click on "Simple Search," and enter docket number 17178.)
In commenting, pilots should tell the FAA that the existing TFR has outlived its purpose and should be eliminated, not made permanent. Bolstering this argument is the fact that since September 11, 2001, the federal government has taken an active role in ensuring the security of general aviation with a multilayered system of security procedures to identify and thwart an act of terror before it occurs. More on prohibited airspace
Graphic: Image from AOPA's Real-Time Flight Planner shows the TFR that would become P-51 if the FAA proposal is approved.
(August 6)
TSA issues reminder for pilots to be security conscious
In light of the Code Orange terrorist alert level over financial districts in New York, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C., the Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration late Friday issued a security advisory reminding pilots to be especially security conscious. The agencies reminded pilots to review AOPA's Airport Watch program guidelines , because "we remain concerned about Al-Qa'ida's continued efforts to plan multiple attacks against the United States." Read the DHS/TSA Security Advisory
(August 6)
Congress makes sure FSS service levels continue
AOPA advocacy has led to a congressional directive to the FAA, ensuring pilots continue to get the best possible flight briefing and en route information services without user fees. Congress is telling the FAA to develop comprehensive customer service standards for pilot briefings.
"This guidance from Congress is a very pointed reminder to the agency that pilots should get a high level of service no matter who ultimately provides the briefing," said Phil Boyer, AOPA president. "Just like commercial inbound call centers, flight service stations must have metrics for on-hold times, abandon rates, and time to answer calls from pilots. Flight service station functions are safety-of-flight issues, and pilot service can't be shortchanged."
The issue is important because the FAA is currently studying whether it should contract out some FSS functions, much as it does already with the DUAT service. (See AOPA President Phil Boyer's editorial, "
Air Force Link
New procedures will ensure absentee ballots count
LANGLEY AIR FORCE BASE, Va. (AFPN) With the 2004 elections fast approaching, the handling of absentee ballots from overseas servicemembers is undergoing intense scrutiny. Air Combat Command's 82nd Communications Support Squadron postal flight is among the many organizations working to make sure these ballots arrive in the hands of election officials in time to be counted.
Air Force officials announce E-5 promotion rates
RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas (AFPN) The Air Force has selected 13,625 of 33,306 eligible senior airmen for promotion to staff sergeant, a 40.91 percent selection rate.
2005 NCO retraining program under way
WASHINGTON Air Force officials want more than 1,000 noncommissioned officers to pick a new job during the voluntary phase of the fiscal 2005 NCO retraining program that began Aug. 3.
Reservists helping forest service fight fires
HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah (AFPN) As the sun sets, a C-130 Hercules rolls in, covered in a thin misty layer of reddish orange liquid fire retardant. The retardant coats everything it has touched, serving as a reminder to the Airmen from the 302nd Airlift Wing of the heroic adventure they have just completed.
Center professionals helping fight terrorism
MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. (AFPN) A well-trained terrorist looks for ways to exploit his target's vulnerabilities; however, through training and vigilance, the malicious deeds of America's enemies can be foiled.
Recruiting school marks 50 years at Lackland
LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE, Texas (AFPN) More than 4.3 million people have joined the Air Force in the past 50 years through the efforts of enthusiastic recruiters trained at the Air Force Recruiting School here.
Professional wrestler visits former base school, home
RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas (AFPN) Walking into the center of the high school gymnasium, the illuminated stage grabs the professional wrestler's attention. "This is the very spot (my friend) Kenny and I did that skit -- my first wrestling match!" he says, pointing to the stage....
WSDOT Aviation Home Page
Wreckage of Missing Plane Found Near Port Angeles...
September 25-26, 2004 – Mountain Flying Clinic at Wings of Wenatchee, Wenatchee WA...
Updated TFR Information for Seafair...
Time to Register to Avoid  Penalties for Late Registrations
Table of Contents
TSA Alerts GA Pilots of Security Advisory...
August 6, 2004 - The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) alerted EAA to a General Aviation Security Advisory released today, which states that the security level has been raised from yellow to orange in the New York City, New Jersey, Washington, D.C. areas due to potential terrorist threats. EAA would like to take this opportunity to remind you to report any suspicious aviation activity and to take extra precautions securing your aircraft as noted in this TSA Alert . Reports may be made to either local law enforcement or to TSA General Aviation Hotline at 866/GASECUR (866/427-3287)...
Potential Light Sport Aircraft List Updated ...
August 6, 2004 - An updated “Likely Candidates for Light-Sport Aircraft” list is now available on EAA’s sport pilot website, . Click on that title under the “Light Sport Aircraft” tab to access the list. EAA staff has spent the past week updating the list based on the latest information obtained from manufacturers, dealers, and distributors during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004.
The combined list includes fixed-wing aircraft, weight-shift trikes, and powered parachutes. The three aircraft categories are listed separately, and divided by those manufactured in the United States and those manufactured in Canada or overseas. It includes aircraft that are sold as plans, kits, or anticipated to be sold as ready-to-fly aircraft. (A listing for gliders and gyroplanes will be prepared at a later date.) ... ...
EAA Launches The Next Century Of Flight With Safe, Successful Seven-Day Event...
August 5, 2004 - Preliminary figures from the Experimental Aircraft Association's 52nd annual EAA AirVenture fly-in convention indicate that the world-renowned event launched the "Next Century of Flight" with great success, as hundreds of thousands of EAA members and aviation enthusiasts enjoyed a week filled with glimpses of the future of flight along with celebrations of aviation's past and present. Although total estimated attendance figures show a 10- to 12-percent decrease from the enormous 770,000 figure from 2003, due to weather, economic factors and other reasons, EAA President Tom Poberezny found little over which to be disappointed following this year's event ... ...
EAA Advocacy Results in Drivers License Medical; Now Check Your Eligibility...
August 5, 2005 - EAA work on sport pilot/light-sport aircraft cleared the way for many pilots to use their valid state driver's license to satisfy the medical requirements. According to the final rule published on July 27 in the Federal Register, only pilots whose most recent medical application was not denied, revoked, or suspended are allowed to use their driver's license as proof of medical certification. The effective date of the rule is September 1, 2004.
Those who wish to verify what the FAA has on record regarding their medicals can contact their Regional Medical Office of the Aerospace Medical Certification Division. Pilot name, Social Security number, and date of birth are required to run the check. View a listing of the FAA regional offices ... ...
Poberezny Discusses Eventful 52nd EAA AirVenture Week...
August 2, 2004 - Compared to previous years, when much of the AirVenture's focus was on the past, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004 was focused on looking forward, launching the next century of flight .... ...
Big Bangs for the Buck...
August 2, 2004 - Each year Rich Gibson of Rich’s Incredible Pyro tries to come up with new ways of making more smoke, more fire, and more noise for air show audiences all over the country .... ...
AirVenture Attendees Can’t Get Enough of Sport Pilot/Light-Sport Aircraft Rule...
August 2, 2004 - On the opening day of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2004, the FAA published its final rule implementing the long-awaited sport pilot/light-sport aircraft (SP/LSA) certification standards. The new rule—which goes into effect September 1, 2004—generated an enormous amount of interest among EAA members and attendees ...
Toronto Airport Inefficiency Hits Passengers With 25% Hike in Airport Improvement Fee
FLYER Air Portal - FLYER Diary
12: Kemble Airfield Open Day and Fly-in , Kemble. Kemble opens its doors to enable everyone to come and see the aircraft and talk to the myriad of aviation companies based on the airfield. Kemble Air Services offering free landings for all visiting aircraft on the day
2-3: Kemble Airfield Microlight Fly-in , Kemble. Aimed specifically at the microlight community, free landings for any visiting microlight on the Saturday, when beer, BBQ and music will be laid on in the evening, and everyone is welcome to camp. Manufacturers are being encouraged to attend and make their aircraft available for demo flights
31: Bristol Aviation Enthusiasts' Fair , BAWA Leisure Centre, Filton, Bristol. 1000-1600 hors. Admission £1.50. Buy, sell, exchange or just browse. 01278 760448
1/8... Summer SLA & Microlight Week...
Northrepps, Cromer, Norfolk ...
6/8... 2004 British Open Helicopter Championships...
Heythrop Park, Oxon. ...
6/8... Fly-in...
Coonagh, Co Limerick, Ireland. , Ireland ...
6/8... Manx Air Festival & Handicap Race: Bill Entress Challenge & Manx Air Derby Trophies...
Jurby, Isle of Man. , Isle of Man ...
Fsimzone - FS2004 & FS2002 Downloads, Aircraft Panels etc.
The Fastest Graphics Cards for FS2004...
on Friday, August 06 @ 06:49:00 PDT (12 reads)...
Xbit Laboratories, a technical website, has published a huge benchmarking comparison article of 13 of the currently fastest graphic cards on the market. One of their benchmark tests was made using FS2004: " The Summer is here and it is time to buy new graphics cards and play the newest games. Since the market is flooded with offerings, it is pretty hard to decide which one is better for you. We have taken 13 high-end and mainstream graphics cards and benchmarked them in 35 gaming benchmarks to find out which are worth their money" This link goes to the beginning of their article and because it is a full 54 pages here is the direct link to the FS2004 benchmarks. ...
New AI addons at
on Friday, August 06 @ 06:48:18 PDT (2 reads)...
AI General Aviation and AI Military aircraft seem to have been given a low priority by developers in the past, and as real world pilots and ATCs, we have decided to create as many of the most popular General Aviation and Military aircraft for AI use. Now you can experience a more realistic environment on your flight simulator when flying into or out of general aviation or military airfields. Thanks to the developers at AI Design, there are six AI aircraft in each volume (2 are available), complete with two sets of textures and there is no restriction on re-paints. Please feel free to modify the textures to suit yourself. Find out more at ...
Air France-KLM July Passenger Traffic Climbs...
on Friday, August 06 @ 06:46:44 PDT (3 reads)...
Europe's biggest airline, Air France-KLM, reported a solid rise in July passenger traffic on Friday on strong demand for flights to the Caribbean and Indian Ocean. The airline, created this year when Air France took over smaller Dutch rival KLM, said passenger traffic rose 9.5 percent in July on an 8 percent increase in capacity. Air France-KLM carried more than 6 million passengers last month, helping lift its load factor by 1.1 point to 82.0 percent, with long-haul routes showing load factors of above 80 percent. "The European medium-haul network, including the French domestic market, posted a satisfactory performance with traffic growth matching capacity," the airline said in a statement.
Air France-KLM also reported strong cargo activity with a 12.2 percent increase in traffic, which sent the cargo load factor up 0.7 point to 67.3 percent. Major carriers like Air France-KLM have benefited in recent months from a rebound in long-haul operations after last year's war in Iraq and SARS virus, despite continued concerns about global security and record high oil prices. British Airways reported an 8.3 percent rise in July passenger traffic earlier this week, helped by a pick-up in long-haul travel to Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific....
Alitalia To Expand Fleet From 2007...
on Friday, August 06 @ 06:46:03 PDT (1 reads)...
Italy's loss-making Alitalia plans to boost its fleet of long and medium-range aircraft starting in 2007, company and union sources said on Thursday. As part of its 2005-2008 recovery plan announced Friday, the state-controlled airline would increase its medium-range fleet to 162 planes from a current 153, while long-range planes would rise to 34 from 27, a company source said. "In the two-year emergency, to the end of 2006, the fleet will be maintained in terms of the number of planes and will then increase in the following two years," a union source added after talks between company executives and union leaders.
The restructuring plan introduced last Friday was Alitalia's third in the past 12 months. The plan failed to deliver concrete details on how the airline will pull out of its financial crisis, but is expected to include job cuts. Alitalia has a mixed fleet that includes both Airbus and Boeing aircraft. The sources did not specify what planes the company might acquire, and Alitalia officials were not immediately available for comment.
Imperial War Museum - Home
imageImperial War Museum - Home...
As bombs rained down on London in 1940, Winston Churchill and his War Cabinet met in The Cabinet War Rooms. Today visitors can see it just as it looked during the war years. The Churchill Museum, an exciting new project, will be the first national museum dedicated to Sir Winston Churchill....Duxford's Military Vehicle Show Plays Host to a Unique Gathering of 200 Classic Rolls-Royce Cars... Duxford's Military Vehicle Show Plays Host to a Unique Gathering of 200 Classic Rolls-Royce Cars
Fsfreeware - Flight Simulation Files - Distribution System
FSfreeware  -Orlando and Cape Canaveral Lvm Vtp Scenery Version 1.2 - Orlando and Cape Canaveral Lwm Vtp scenery Version 1.2 - All customers simply download from your original locations - this is a free upgrade -   - Version 1.2 fix the autogen objects found on some of the airports around Cape Canaveral coasts. If you need help to download Version 1.2 - let us know - please provide your registration details if you purchased this scenery from any shop. Mapserver members will also find version 1.2 full package ready to be downloaded at Mapserver.
X-Plane v7 - Laminar Research
More accurate propwash modelling to handle a wider variety of possible cases.
More robust modelling code: You can now run planes without linked props that still have more props
than engines without confusing the sim. This configuration is not officially supported, so the extra props
will just windmill (as with an autogyro), but the physics will be right for that case.
Sunglassess on/off feature in the View menu...
Use the key (control-`) or a joystick button to put them on... aim right at the sun
and then put on your sunglasses... this darkens things a bit and reduces glare as well!
Pretty cool!
Turn on the 3-d flightpath ('o' key, hit it up to 6 times to cycle through the 6 modes)
during an ILS with an ILS that you are close to tuned in and switch to an external view...
and see the ILS! Pretty cool!
Weapons can now have clear or partially-clear textures. .. use PNG files to get the full range of clarity.
Instrument Panel Upgrades:
New instrument: Avidyne PFD! Just like in my Ciurrus! Cool! Detailed Avidyne MFD to follow soon!
You can now resize the INSTRUMENT FONT layers for the instrument panel to any size you like,
with no restrictions. If you want fonts that are 50 pixels tall that is fine... just resize the PNG files to give any size
font, and X-Plane will figure out how big the fonts should be based on the size of the layer-3 or layer-4 PNG file.
Smarter default EFIS VVI range, faster HITS display.
2 inverters (each with failure capability) as well as pitot-tube and static-port blockage!
Both of the failure items above have caused many accidents, including an inverter failure
taking down a King-Air a few years ago (all aboard dead) and a pitot-tube blockage knocking
out all the speed systems in a Cirrus (pilot parachuted the whole plane down, not a scratch)
and an airliner taking off with some tape over the static port (for washing) and causing
countless systems in the plane to indicate wrongly and set off countless alarms in the cockpit,
causing the paniced pilots to land the plane immediately with half their instruments not working
or agreeing, and many alarms and bells and warnings all going off at once, the airplane thinking
it was too high, too low, too fast, too slow, and underground all at once.
More JOYSTICKS allowed, and more BUTTONS allowed!
Even the new 6-axis CH-Producs throttle quadrant is now supported!
Better (faster, smaller) communication between networked copies of X-Plane.
A few new paramters for the flight data recorder inputs, including WAV-file warnings,
speech synthesis warnings, text-markers, and warning-period events drawn as red tubes
over the flight-path. This stuff is good for people doing 3-D FDR replays.
A few new parameters in Plane-Maker engine screen... turn on the "auto-set prop RPM with throttle"
and then you can enter the prop RPM linkage to the throttle, as the Cirrus does.
Check out a few new options in the VIEWPOINT screen in Plane-Maker... specify when the
fuselage is drawn from INTERNAL views... though it will only work if you made clear windows!
New layer for the weapons-guidance camera instrument.
Easier bank-angle control on the heavy metal heading selectors.
Autopilot now further tuned... It is now smarter in all pitch modes (pitch-for-speed, vertical speed, altitude, and ILS)
And, on a similar note, smarter, smoother, safer AI pilot when flying with AI mode on.
You can turn on and off the nav and strobe lites independantly.
The hot-air balloners quit ballooning at night.
Smarter carrier approach, etc speeds. Now based on the Vs you enter in Plane-Maker.
Aviation Safety the monthly journal of risk management and accident prevention.
Oshkosh recap available now at
Plane Crash
The NTSB has adopted a probable cause of the August 10, 2001 crash of a helicopter operated by Papillon Airways as a Grand Canyon air tour:
The pilot's decision to maneuver the helicopter in a flight regime and in a high density altitude environment which significantly decreased the helicopter's performance capabilities, resulting in a high rate of descent from which recovery was not possible. Factors contributing to the accident were high density altitude and the pilot's decision to maneuver the helicopter in proximity to precipitous terrain, which effectively limited remedial options available....
Five Killed in NJ Small Plane Mid-air - Nobody injured on the ground, one person alive, trapped in plane
Virgin Atlantic to Double Size with BIG Airbus order worth $5.5B
Delta Pilots Say Airline $1B Savings Plan Too Much - Well, most of the savings will be from pilot salaries
Pakistan May Have Helped Thwart Heathrow Attack
Russian Helicopter Crash Kills 15 - It appears they were looking for forest fires
Swissair Shares Take a Dive after business plan fails & costs keep rising
FAA Threatens to Cut O'Hare Traffic unless operators fix problems.  O'Hare delays can back up system
NTSB Renews Child Restraint Recommendation - FAA says babies on laps is fine, separate seats not needed
Korean Air 747 Diverted to Alaska by Bomb Hoax - Seoul to New York flight cut short by phone call
United Hopes to Win Revenue With Premium Service but providing service low cost carriers can't
NTSB Pushes for Child Seats - FAA pushes back, saying safety is not compromised with babies on laps
Plane Crashes Into Texas Home, All six On Board Killed - nobody in house injured
Airlines Given 4 More Years to Fix Fuel Tank Problems after the say that can't do it by December 2004
American Backs Away from Fuel Surcharge after other airlines didn't do the same 
60 Year Old English Student Detained After Writing "Suicide Bomb" but it was all a misunderstanding
Boeing CEO "Bullish" on Future - Oh, the next 5 years will tell quite a tale....
Computer Glitch Grounds 2 Airlines - American & US Airways flights grounded for a few hours Sunday 
Oil Prices Haunt Airlines - Times are still hard
Delta Asks for $1B in Pilot Concessions in order to survive
The first page says: " Runway altitude at the French Savoy ski resort of Courchevel ranges from 1941m to 2006m.  Slope reaches 18.5% at the steepest part of the 535 meter long runway. - Used Aircraft and New Aircraft for Sale by Brokers and Dealers
1980 Cessna R172K Hawk XP for sale
1980 Cessna R172K Hawk XP... 1982 Hawker Siddeley HS125-700A for sale
1982 Hawker Siddeley HS125-700A...
1988 ASTRA for sale
1972 Piper Cherokee PA28-140E for sale
1972 Piper Cherokee PA28-140E...
1971 Piper Cherokee Six 300 for sale
1971 Piper Cherokee Six 300...
Lockheed Martin leads “All Industry” team for next-generation airborne battlefield surveillance system
Eclipse Aviation | Articles 2004
AirVenture Today
How Eclipse Measures Success...
Eclipse is hiring!!!...

Staniel Cay Yacht Club, Exumas

Friday September 3 to Monday September 6, 2004
The Exumas, a Bahamas destination full of surprises, beauty, uniqueness and friendship.

Join Air Journey on this close of the summer destination end enjoy one of the most blessed destination in the Bahamas.

We will leave from Lantana (KLNA) south of Palm Beach International for this quiet week-end.

We will be staying at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club and enjoy the surrounding cays of the lower Exumas.

Unique colors of the Exumas.
   The island of Staniel Cay is nestled in the magnificent chain of Bahamian Islands called The Exuma Cays (a.k.a. “Exumas”). Staniel Cay lies approximately 75 miles south of Nassau and 250 miles of southeast of Florida. The island itself is less than 2 square miles in area. A small Bahamian village lies on the western shore, just a short walk south from the Staniel Cay Yacht Club.

Cost is $ 395.00 per person, double occupancy.

Registration is $ 225.00 per plane.
  It is not too late to register.

Call 888 554-3774 or +1 561 841-1551
Air Journey LLC
4411 Beacon Circle
Suite 2B
West Palm Beach FL  33407
Phone: 561 841-1551   Fax: 954 252-3935
Email:   URL:
Airbus - About - index
Airbus was the focus of attention at this year’s Farnborough air show, making announcements for more than $10 billion in orders and adding a new airline to its growing list of A380 customers.
Held at Farnborough airport outside of London, the biennial event is Europe’s major professional air show gathering for 2004, drawing aerospace industry executives from around the world. In addition to announcing customer commitments for 84 more aircraft – including options – Airbus held briefings on topics that included new technology applications, A380 manufacturing and the A340-500/600 airliner family.
Welcome to
172 Skyhawks Now Have All Glass Avionics
ALPA Portal
ALPA Seeks Summit with Canada's New Minister of Transport
August 6 -- ALPA President Capt. Duane Woerth and ALPA Canada Board President Capt. Kent Hardisty congratulate new Canadian Minister of Transport Jean-C. Lapierre on his appointment and seek a fall 2004 summit to share pilots' views on Canadian air transport issues and the critical role that the airline industry plays in the Canadian economy.   ...
ALPA Applauds Arrest in Missile Sting
August 5 -- The following statement was issued today by Capt. Dennis Dolan, first vice president of the Air Line Pilots Association, in response to the arrests in connection with an attempted purchase of a MANPAD missile:  
This page is optimised for 800 x 600 pixels



FORT WORTH, Texas, (Aug. 3, 2004) – The Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) F-35 Joint Strike Fighter team is expanding leadership responsibility to focus on the program’s two major elements: program-requirements integration and contract execution.

With the completion of the first 1,000 days of the program at the end of July, the JSF management team is repositioning to address the challenges of the next 1,000 days. Tom Burbage will lead a new organization as F-35 JSF executive vice president and general manager of Program Integration, responsible for the fulfillment of program requirements. Concurrent with Burbage’s focused role on domestic and international customer requirements, Bob Elrod, formerly executive vice president for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Programs, joins the team as F-35 JSF executive vice president and general manager. In this role, Elrod will be responsible for contract execution. Elrod and Burbage assumed their new duties on Aug. 2.

“The JSF program is always looking to strengthen the team with the addition of ‘best athletes’. The addition of Bob, with very senior management skills, brings the opportunity to markedly improve the vertical and horizontal integration at the Air System level,” said Rear Admiral Steven Enewold, JSF Program Director. “Because of its size and complexity, the JSF program needs the organizational agility to keep pace as the program transitions from one phase to the next. Bob clearly brings new insights and deep understanding of aircraft development which will be invaluable as we build and fly our first F-35 and transition to low-rate production.”

Elrod is charged with successful execution of the program’s current System Development and Demonstration phase, and the transition to production and operational service. He also will be responsible for the program’s financial and technical health, as well as schedule performance. Elrod will serve as the contractor team’s principal point of contact for the Joint Strike Fighter Program Office and government-acquisition customers.

In his new role, Burbage will ensure that all F-35 customer requirements are defined and fulfilled. He will serve as the contractor team’s primary point of contact for senior U.S. government leaders, partner countries and worldwide industry as the program moves forward to production, and to the ultimate purchase of F-35s by an array of global customers.

In a joint letter issued to the F-35 JSF international program team today, Elrod and Burbage wrote, “We think this decision depicts the unqualified priority that the Lockheed Martin-led team places on this historic and long-term program and its successful execution in all areas. Collectively, we will represent a duality of leadership and will be inseparable in program coordination and execution.”

Elrod most recently served as Lockheed Martin’s executive vice president for programs, was president of the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works from 1999 to 2000, and before that led the world-renowned F-16 program.

Burbage joined the F-35 JSF program in 2000 as executive vice president and general manager, after serving as vice president and general manager of the F-22 program. He was also president of Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems Co. in Marietta, Ga., from 1999 to 2000.

The F-35 is a next-generation, supersonic, stealth strike fighter designed to replace current-generation fighters that are nearing the end of their service lives.

Lockheed Martin is developing the F-35 in conjunction with Northrop Grumman and BAE SYSTEMS. Companies worldwide are participating in the F-35’s development. Two propulsion teams, led by Pratt & Whitney and General Electric, are developing separate interchangeable engines for the F-35.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co., a business area of Lockheed Martin, is a leader in the design, research and development, systems integration, production and support of advanced military aircraft and related technologies. Its customers include the military services of the United States and allied countries throughout the world. Products include the F-16, F/A-22, F-35 JSF, F-117, C-5, C-130, C-130J, P-3, S-3 and U-2. The company produces major components for the F-2 fighter, and is a co-developer of the C-27J tactical transport and T-50 advanced jet trainer.

Headquartered in Bethesda, Md., Lockheed Martin employs about 130,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture and integration of advanced technology systems, products and services. The corporation reported 2003 sales of $31.8 billion.

#   #   #

Media Contacts: 

John R. Kent, 817-763-3980; e-mail

John A. Smith, 817-763-4084; e-mail

For additional information, visit our Web sites:

Gliding Magazine | News
August 7 2004
Russell Cheetham (ASW-22BL) of Gt Britain built on his promising start to the European Championships at Pociunai, Lithuania, by winning the Open Class today with 8711pts after ten contest days. Holger Karow (Nimbus 4M) from Germany was 2nd, 8671pts, and Frenchman Gerand Lherm (Nimbus 4T) was 3rd with 8422pts.
August 6 2004
Steve Fossett (photographed), the USA record hunter, and former NASA test pilot Einar Enevoldson, are having a long wait at Omarama, New Zealand, for the right conditions for their 62 000ft attempt using stratospheric mountain wave. While they will be wearing pressurised suits, the DG-505M has an unpressurised cockpit.[
Soaring In Extreme Climates
August 5 2004
Jim Skydell gives advice on staying comfortable and healthy when gliding in the heat.
US Twister Flies
August 4 2004
The first Twister kit to be imported to the USA has been flown in Seattle by the owner, Michael Friend, who is enthusiastic about its flight characteristics. No doubt its potential as a tow plane will be evaluated. For the full story go to this website. The photo is by Eng Photos, Seattle.
August’s Magazine
August 3 2004
Denise Layton, Managing Editor of , the Soaring Society of America’s monthly magazine, has sent us a list of the main articles going in the current issue.[
Goleta Air and Space Museum, Home Page
wUpcoming events: Hawthorne Air Faire, August 14
Hawthorne Air Faire, August 14 On August 14 the Western Museum of Flight in conjunction with the City of Hawthorne and Hawthorne Municipal Airport, Jack Northrop Field, will stage a magnificent Air Faire featuring an exotic selection of Northrop-designed aircraft including the amazing Northrop N9M flying wing and the Super Hornet, latest version of the Northrop Grumman F/A-18 series of U.S. Navy Fighters.
2003 Hawthorne Air and Auto Power Show See some pictures of the airplanes that appeared at last year's Hawthorne Air Faire Camarillo Air Show, August 28 - 29
Camarillo Airshow, August 28 - 29 It will be a terrific aviation weekend, as the gates of the popular Camarillo Air Show open at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday, August 28-29. Celebrating its 24th year, the 2004 show pays tribute to more than 60 years of history and growth of the Camarillo Airport. Point Mugu Air Show, September 18 - 19
Camarillo Airshow, August 28 - 29 2004 Point Mugu Air Show will be held Saturday and Sunday Sept. 18-19. Gates will open at 8 a.m., both days. Admission to the base and parking are free.
ufoAugust 8 - 1709 -- First successful demonstration of a model balloon: in the drawing
        room of the Casa de India, Lisbon, Portugal, by Father Bartolemeu de Gumao to
August 9 - 1896  -- Otto Lilienthal when his hang glider stalled and he instinctively
        shifted his weight back to compenstate, furthur aggrivating the stall and
        guaranteeing his untimely demise.
August 10 - 1949 -- The Avro Canada C-102 Jetliner, the first jet powered transport
         in North America to fly, flew for the first time at Malton, Ontario. 
August 11 - 1956 -- Trivia question: ONLY four-engine bird built by Cessna? . . . .
         Okay, it was the Cessna 620, and it flew for the first time this day. About the size
        of a Navajo Chieftain without the good looks, the 620 was not mass produced.
        It was  more airplane than the market would support.
August 12 -  1941 -- First rocket-assisted takeoff of an airplane. Though most readers
        of this column may believe the appropriate term should be JET-assisted takeoff, I 
           earnest moderator will gladly adjust my lexicon, so to speak when a reader
            explains where I can find the air intakes used to support the turbines used for
            "jet-assisted takeoff." It's more than likely the first jet-assisted take off took
            place during testing of the first Convair B-36D, don' you think?  
August 13 -  1962 -- The first business jet designed from the start to be a business
        jet flew for the first time. Known initially as the DeHavilland 125 and later as the
         Hawker Siddeley 125, prototype G-ARYA was flown by Chris Capper from Hatfield.
August 14 - 1990 -- The McDonnell RF-4B flew its last operational sortie: with VMFP-3.
Sunday, 08 August 2004   ...
10 September 2004 - 12 September 2004 ...
 Duxford - Southport -- 10 September 2004 - 00:00 ...
 Southport - Duxford -- 12 September 2004 - 23:59 ...
Royal Institute of Navigation : HOME
July flights break 200,000 barrier say NATS...
July Flights Break 200,000 barrier say NATS National Air Traffic Services (NATS) report that they handled 204,868 flights in July, breaking the 200,000 barrier for the first time and beating by 4.7 per cent the ...
Another 'CFIT' accident?...
Another 'CFIT' accident? A de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 departed Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, on its weekly cargo flight to Ononge, an airstrip at an elevation of 5,880 ft in the rugged Goilala region ...
BA traffic and capacity stats for July...
BA traffic and capacity stats for July In July 2004, passenger capacity, measured in Available Seat Kilometres, was 3.7 per cent above July 2003 and traffic, measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres, was higher by ...
East Midlands Airspace Changes...
East Midlands Airspace Changes Airspace changes to improve air traffic management in the East Midlands area have been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
Following the continued growth in ...
Ryanair report record profits...
Ryanair report record profits On 3 August the low-fares airline Ryanair announced record profits for Q1 ended 30 June 2004 of E53.1m. Passenger volumes grew by a record 28% to 6.6m passengers whilst yields ...
British explorers recreate 19th century expedition...
British explorers recreate 19th century expedition British explorer and adventurer Dom Mee has returned to the Arctic leading a joint team of personnel from the Royal Navy and Royal Marines on a historical and ...
Galileo: Call for Evidence...
Galileo: Call for Evidence The UK Parliamentary Transport Committee is calling for evidence on the Galileo programme, which is intended to establish a new satellite navigation constellation with appropriate ...
BAA reports growth for last quarter...
BAA reports growth for last quarter BAA, the international airports group, today (2 August) reported strong passenger, revenue and profit growth during the April to June period. This performance reflected significant
Flying Scholarships for the Disabled - Latest News
Four airfields are raising funds for FSD in Flyers free landing promotion this October
Every pilot making use of Flyer's free landing voucher at Goodwood Flying Club, Sherburn Aero Club, West London Aero Club and Gloucester Airport in October will be invited to donate at least £1 to FSD.
"These promotions are always very successful" said Darran Ward, sales and advertising manager of Flyer magazine, and he hopes this added dimension will prove of considerable benefit to FSD.
So do we and we are most grateful to Flyer magazine and the four airfields for their magnificent cooperation.
The thousands of people who will gather at Biggin Hill for the Battle of Britain Weekend Air Show on September 18 and 19 will be helping commemorate one of the greatest achievements in Britain's wartime history.
The aerial displays by wartime vintage Spitfires and Hurricanes, living history demonstrations and the participation of Battle of Britain veterans themselves will pay tribute to the pivotal role played by the Kentish airfield and the gallant men and women who were based there.
Biggin Hill sat firmly on the front line in the summer of 1940, as Britain faced the threat of Nazi invasion.   More than any other location, it came to represent our country's defiant stand against the might of Hitler.
The history of flying at Biggin Hill goes back to World War I when an open area of land high on the North Downs near Bromley - to become fondly known as "The Bump" - was identified as a prime site for the Royal Flying Corps' development of wireless communications.
The site was also on the direct route taken by the first enemy bombers to attack London and in 1917, 141 Squadron became the first operational squadron to be based there, well positioned to intercept the German forces.
Between the wars Biggin Hill grew rapidly as a centre for home defence and as base for two fighter squadrons.   As war loomed again in the 1930s the airfield took on a strategic role as a sector station in No 11 Group of Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding's Fighter Command.   With its technological heritage, it also played a pioneering role in the development of radar systems.   By September 1939 it was ready for the battle:   camouflaged, reinforced with ground defence units and home to three fighter squadrons.
At the helm was Wing Commander - later Group Captain - Richard 'Groupie' Grice, the man who was to serve as an inspirational station commander throughout the Battle of Britain.
The first 'kill' recorded by a Biggin Hill airman came in November 1939.   It was the first of more than 1,600 enemy aircraft to be brought down in the first four years of the war, a record unsurpassed by any other station.
Following the Dunkirk evacuation of may-June 1940, Hitler's forces stood just across the Channel.   As a prelude to invasion, the might of the Luftwaffe was tasked with wiping out Britain's air defences, targeting radar installations and airfields.
Biggin Hill was a prime target and by the end of August was enduring a series of twice daily raids that wreaked devastation.   One attack left 39 dead, many killed in a direct hit on an airfield shelter.   In the unrelenting onslaught, even the funeral service for the deceased was interrupted by another raid and the airfield was gradually reduced to rubble.
But it was the spirit and determination not to surrender among all those who worked at Biggin Hill - the airmen, the ground crews and the women of the WAAF - that saw operations continue, no matter how harsh the conditions.   In the air the bravery and skill of the young Spitfire and Hurricane pilots saw them keep the upper hand against the enemy.   In the course of the war more than 450 Biggin Hill airmen lost their lives.
In early September the focus of the German onslaught shifted to London and the Blitz began.   At Biggin Hill the fabled 92 Squadron arrived and, side by side with the men of 72 Squadron, ripped into the German attack.   September 15 - now Battle of Britain Day - can be pinpointed as the moment when the RAF prevailed and Hitler's plans for invasion were postponed, never to be realised.
Aviation Today - First Choice of Aviation Insiders Worldwide
Inadvertent Switch Selection Prompts Changes at BA
Aircraft Values Follow Rentals on Road to Recovery
FAA: Carriers Need To Cut O'Hare Flights Or It Will
Bombardier Aerospace
Bombardier Global 5000 Wins European EASA Type Approval
Whats New
.... Steenbergen War Grave Photo's Added
Farnborough 2004 report by Pete van der Spek
Although this was my first trip to Farnborough, I was both impressed and disappointed by the occasion. Impressed at the sheer size of the exhibition (and that’s all it really is) and disappointed by the flying displays. Having come from RIAT the previous week and having seen some really good displays, the displays at Farnborough were pretty tame with a minimum height of 600 feet. 
However, the exhibition made up for the displays and the 4 huge halls were jam-packed with hardware (and software) to keep any aircraft bof happy. Very impressive were the flight simulator (software) stands. One had the most amazing graphics: the pilot sat in front of a very large screen and showed the world slipping by while behind him a curved wall of graphics showed the actual aircraft he was flying from an ‘outside’ view. Quite amazing software and graphics representation. Boeing, Airbus, GE, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce all had huge engines displayed and mighty impressive they were. 
The chalets are always the focal point of any of the non-public days. Frans Dely and I were treated like royalty at the Gripen chalet. We had lunch Swedish style – and delicious it was! We attended the Gripen Cobra Helmet Mounted Display press conference and were very impressed by the progress on this obviously very complicated design. The helmet has had a fair amount of input by the South African contingent of pilots at Gripen. The other press conference we attended was at BAE Systems, which was extremely enlightening for me. One thing that came out of the news conferences was the way the presenters praised South Africa in both the way the arms treaty was set up and also the level of expertise shown by our technical guys and the pilot’s skills. 
I also had a chance to ‘fly’ the Gripen simulator, which was most interesting and apparently very close to the real thing. 
All in all, one very big exhibition.  If you are into the hardware bits and pieces, then this airshow is for you.
Jet Aviation | 2004 Press Releases
... Jet Aviation Palm Beach Performs Major Interior Refurbishment on a Gulfstream IV Aircraft...
07/29/04... Jet Aviation Welcomes Niki as New Handling Customer
Flight Training Europe is pleased to announce a new offer by which you will be able to recover the cost of the Integrated Ab initio pre entry selection
FREE Airline Pilot Training Seminars
Further to the successful seminars run last May, Flight Training Europe will be running more FREE Airline Pilot Training Seminars.   During these FREE seminars, we will ...
Gulfstream : News and Events
General Dynamics Board of Directors Elects Raynor B. Reavis a Vice President of the Corporation
Aug 6, 2004
The board of directors of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) today elected Raynor B. Reavis, 63, a vice president of the corporation. Reavis has been senior vice president of marketing and sales for Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics, since July 2002 and will continue to hold that position....
Raynor B. Reavis...
07/27/2004... Gulfstream Appoints Frank DeFelice General Manager of Company's London-Luton Service Center
Important Reader Request

we are looking after a liste containing the addresse (email addresses would be better) of english private airfields.

As you know perhaps, we have a private airfield behind our château la Chassagne and we intend to do a mailing to our friends in England.


Perhaps you can help us? It would be great.

Thanking you in advance for your kind answer (positive or negative)


We send you our best regards from Burgundy

Christa Cros

Chateau la Chassagne

An Answer to Christa:
Unfortunately I dont't have a list of all UK private airfields. However I feel that many of my readers would be willing to help you individually. So I am appealing to all my readers to get in contact with Christa, I am sure it will be beneficial to us all.

Lancair Columbia 350 and 400 Company News
Join us for the Annual Lancair Certified Southwest Open House!
First Lancair Columbia 400 Delivered to Lancair Certified Southwest
Matsushita Avionics Systems
.eX2: Our newest wide-bodied system , is one of the first systems to be designed with the full travel experience in mind. By researching passenger habits and consumer trends worldwide, we have created a system that allows the airline to provide a truly personalized experience, including many features the passenger already uses in his or her daily life
MedAire Pressroom, providing information on health and security assistance around the world.
MedAire Flying High With Clinics 8 /2/04...
MedAire Provider Network Proves Useful for Injured Worker in Iraq
Recently, an Iraqi national working for a U.S. contractor sustained severe burns to his face, upper limbs and back after a bridge explosion at a checkpoint in Iraq MedAire was asked to evaluate and identify medical facilities in Iraq
Rockwell Collins selected by U.S. Army for MCAP III program
Rockwell Collins awarded USAF contract for Crypto Modernization development
Roke Manor Research Limited: Technology Solutions for Communications and Electronic Sensors
VMAD Our scene analysis product VMAD (Video Motion Anomaly Detection) can help reduce your security costs whilst increasing the efficiency of CCTV systems....
Medical Engineering - Our unique blend of sensors, image-processing, robotics and communications technologies allows us to tackle a wide variety of electronic medical engineering problems. (195 KB)
Reno Air Racing Association - National Championship Air Races and Air Show 2004
...4 August 2004: Race and Air Show schedules for 2004 have been posted. It is hoped that these schedules will be useful in planning your attendance at the event; however please note that the schedules are preliminary and subject to significant change between now and Race Week. They will be updated as often as practicable.
, first held last year in Austria and Hungary, will hold its final event for 2004 as part of this September's National Championship Air Races and Air Show. The Red Bull Air Race is a single-plane "race against the clock" consisting of a prescribed series of aerobatic maneuvers executed on a course defined by inflatable pylons. The racers include some of the best aerobatic pilots from the USA and Europe, most of whom will be appearing at Reno for the first time....
format. Race pilots requiring the latest official version should contact their Racing Class President or the Reno Air Racing Association for a copy....
Did you know that on 1998-09-18, Steve Deckard flew the course at Reno during a Heat 1B race at 163.446 mph in 'Magnum' a(n) Pitts S-1-SM? Find other ...
05 August 2004.
U.S. Department of Defense Official Website
AT THE READY – U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. William Moore helps secure a landing zone as part of a training extraction at Kadena Air Base, Japan, Aug. 5, 2004. Moore is a pararescueman with the 31st Rescue Squadron. U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Richard Freeland ...
Bush: Government Working to Protect Nation ...
WASHINGTON, Aug. 7, 2004 – The nation is in danger, President Bush said this morning during his weekly Saturday radio address, and he vowed that the government is doing everything in its power to confront the danger. "We're making good progress in protecting our people and bringing our enemies to account," he said. ...
Multinational Forces Help Rebuild Iraq...
WASHINGTON, Aug. 7, 2004 – News releases from Multinational Force Iraq today detailed continuing progress in the Iraq rebuilding effort. ...
'Innocent People' Real Victims in Attacks...
WASHINGTON, Aug. 7, 2004 – Militiamen loyal to radical Shiia cleric Muqtada al- Sadr are hurting innocent Iraqis the most with their attacks on civilian targets, a U.S. military commander in eastern Baghdad's Sadr City district said. ...
Fear, Not Acts, Define Terrorism...
WASHINGTON, Aug. 6, 2004 – Events don't define terrorism, but the fear created by terrorist acts does, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said today in Chicago. ...
Rumsfeld: Extremism Blocks Progress...
WASHINGTON, Aug. 6, 2004 – Ideological extremists can't be appeased, so they have to be confronted, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld wrote in a guest column published in today's Chicago Tribune. ...
Military Bolsters
Team USA for Athens ...
WASHINGTON, Aug. 7, 2004 – Twenty-four military competitors will represent Team USA in the Summer Olympic Games at Athens, Greece, Aug. 13 through 29. ...
Exhibit Honors Troops
Who Battled on Gridiron...
CANTON, Ohio, Aug. 7, 2004 – "Football in America: The NFL Responds During National Crisis" is the Pro Football Hall of Fame's tribute to those who fought both on the gridiron and the battlefield. The exhibit opened this month. ... - News about the War on Terror (click to visit
Coalition Soldiers Wounded, Cache Found in Afghanistan...
WASHINGTON, Aug. 6, 2004 – Eight coalition soldiers were wounded today in two separate incidents in Zabul province, according to a release from Combined Forces Command Afghanistan. ...
Rapid Equipping Force
Speeds Technology ...
KHANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan, Aug. 6, 2004 – Located in a modest workshop on Kandahar Airfield, a unique group of individuals is bringing modern technology directly to battlefield commanders.
AFHRA: What's New
Aerial Victory Credits Search Page added [3 Aug 04]
Best Aviation Sites
Inflight Crew Connections...
Specializes in corporate flight attendant services by offering supplemental labor, permanent placement search, etiquette training and various aircraft related services, i.e. aircraft provisioning/stocking, galley & cabin organization. ...
Sell Aviation Classifieds...
Sell Aviation maintains a database of private and corporate aircraft for sale by aircraft brokers and individuals. Create and manage your FREE listing right from your web browser. is your leading edge resource for Aviation Classifieds. ...
Andrew Riolo Aviation Attorney...
An Aviation Law Firm that focuses is on assisting clients in the operation and maintenance of aircraft, aviation equipment and aviation facilities. Our clients include manufacturers, pilots, airlines, flight schools, fixed base operators and corporations. ...
Ken's Aviation Photography... 34 ...
Over 1000 original photos of hundreds of different aircraft types. Info on aircraft, engines, museums, airshows and airlines. New stuff being added all the time! ...
-= Jetzone 2000 =-...
Military Aviation Photography, Maple Flag, Tiger Meet, Russian AF in the DDR, Airshows, Wallpapers and more... ...
Rosebud's WWI and Early Aviation Image Archive
The collection currently contains 2888 images
— Last @rchive upload or correction made: 08.08.04 —
This list is a 460 kb download - Please be patient and thank you for visiting....
All information provided on these pages is given without any guarantee and without any obligation to the provider.
If you have copyrights to any image, please email me and I will promptly respond....
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News and Press Releases Index: Bell/Agusta Aerospace Company
AB139 Achives 2,000 Flight Hours
AB139 Farnborough 2004
Bell/Agusta 609 Civil Tiltrotor Prepares for Next Phase of Flight Test Program
The Lost Squadron Museum - Official site of Glacier Girl, the World War II P-38 rescued from the Greenland Ice Cap

The Lost Squadron Museum - Official site of Glacier Girl, the World War II P-38 rescued from the Greenland Ice Cap...
Contact the Project Manager Contact the Webmaster...
   This site is still under construction. Our Story sections will link back to the equivalent sections of our old site until we can bring the new content online. The Airshows section is fully functional and lists all shows that Glacier Girl is currently scheduled to attend. The News , FAQs and Gift Shop sections are also up and running. Please check back soon.
Copyright © 2004, The Lost Squadron Museum...
Raffle Status:
As of 7/13/2004 all tickets have been sold. See the article for details.
September Airshow Schedule of Events:
A schedule of events has been published for our September Airshow.
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Prop-Liners of America is a volunteer, non-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization incorporated under Connecticut laws as a non-stock, non-profit corporation to promote the restoration, exhibition and flying display of propeller driven airliners at airshows and open houses throughout the continental United States....

Hats off to Trans-Florida Airlines for all their hard work in helping us to bring this Convair back to flying condition. She has been saved from the chopping block! Thanks again to Bob, Dan and Tom Willman. We still have a lot of work yet to go but we are well on our way to gracing our skys with another Convair!...


The nearest thing to flying without leaving the ground

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